Rehna hai tere dil mein ( Episode 1)


Hii guys.. well im Gayathri,this is my first fan fiction hope you guys would like it.First of all i would give you the introduction of the main characters and the main content. the story revolver around 2 persond mainly who are none other than shantanu and vrushika as swayam shekhawat and sharon raiprakash respectively.

swayam is a well grown up and a sanskaari boy who has a soft corner for everyone in his life.He is average at studies and is studying at university of Delhi where as sharon also studies in the same university and in the same class.Swayam is the lover boy where every girl in the college wants to date him but he never thought of doing so whereas sharon is very good at studies but short tempered.She always used to sit alone and never used to talk and interact with anyone,always used to be angry and sad.well this is the intro of the characters.

The episode begins with the ringing of alarm and the time is 7 in the morning.swayam sees the time and rushes towards the bathroom to get ready as he got up late.meanwhile everyone in the house his mother(Nandini) and father(shivam) and his sister( Namitha) are in the pooja room about to atart pooja.Suddenly swayam rushes there and says sorry for the late arrival everyone laugh and his mother starts doing pooja and om jai jagdish hare plays……..his mother distributes prasad and swayam and his sis take blessings of their parents.his mother asks swayam for break fast and he says he cant have breakfast becuse he is getting late for the college , says bye to her and runs.his father comes in his way and gives him lunch box and says him to eat well and bye.His mother and father look at each other and they laugh saying this boy will never change.

Next, swayam goes to the college on his bike and on the other side sharon goes to the college in auto.At the college swayam comes to the class with the ball in his hand and it fells from his hand and stops in fron of sharon.She sees him angrily and takes her seat.Swayam friends murmer that ‘oh god! this hitler again.. only god knows why he created such a ill short tempered woman’.Swayam sees them and they stop saying it.swayam looks at sharon.

precap:Swayam’s friends give a challenging task to him related to sharon.

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  1. Superb pa. Plz continue.

    1. thank u…

  2. It’s really good so i appereciates to u. Don’t say thank u. Do u accept me as a frd.

  3. Hmmmmm….nice start gayathri…it’s really interesting dear, plzzzz continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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