Regretted Revenge (SwaSan) Shot 9 by Marsuu

Regretted Revenge (SwaSan)
Shot 9:
Recap: swara get to know about kamini’s truth. Sanskar give divorce papers to swara and lied that he has girlfriend, kavita.

After few days:
Swara is in the kitchen preparing for dinner. She has lost all hopes from life. She don’t remember the past for which sanskar is punishing her. She don’t want to live with sanskar when already he has girlfriend. Swara tried many times to sign divorce papers and leave but then she don’t want to stress her mother who think she is happy with his so called husband.
” swara” sanskar shouted as he enter inside the house. This is his daily routine, hardly he come to house then start shouting at her like if she is his servant. Swara didn’t answered and continue to work. Sanskar came to kitchen as he know she must be there.
” you are coming with me for a party” sanskar ordered. Swara ignored him.

” i said you something ” sanskar held her arm making her wince in pain.
” I’m not coming ” swara said. She don’t want to show herself weak infront of him though she is totally broken.
” you have to ” sanskar said and went. Swara signed as she has no other option. Moreover she just don’t want to talk to sanskar and agrue with him.

At night:
Swara is standing infront of mirror getting ready for party. She is wearing royal blue saree with silver border. She has tied her hairs in messy bun. She is wearing earings when sanskar enter inside the room. For a second he got mesmerized seeing her, she is looking simple yet elegent. He move towards her and stood at her back. Swara’s back stiffened as she felt his breath hitting her bare back. She lifted her gaze and look at him in mirror. She noticed something, his eyes are soft and loving contrast to those harsh and hatred filled.
” may i say one thing??” Sanskar whisper in her ear surprising her. He is asking her instead of ordering.

” hmm” swara look in his eyes.
” you look beautiful in open hairs ” he remove her clutcher allowing her long hairs falling till her waist. Swara was staring him like why he is behaving so different.
Sanskar move back and went near bed. Swara got busy in her work ignoring him. Sanskar saw some tablets are present on the table. He picked and read they are painkillers.
” swara these are yours??” He asked pointing towards them.
” yes” she went close to him to take them.

” why you are taking these??” Sanskar asked.
” my head was paining” she told truth. Since morning her head is paining like hell. And she has taken so many tablets still its not cured properly.
Sanskar’s phone rings and he gave tablets to swara and left saying
” come soon I’m waiting”
Swara nodded and kept medicine in drawer. She give last look to herself in the mirror and went downstairs.
Sanskar is standing near the car. Swara came and he gesture her to sit. Sanskar sit on the driver seat and they left.

Party Hall:
Sanskar stop the car, it was some business party.
” behave normal media will be there” sanskar said to swara. Swara nodded.
They came out. There were so many camera’s clicking their pics but sanskar held swara’s hand and took her inside ignoring media.
Swasan enter in the hall. Swara was not that comfortable for all these parties but she has to be there as per her dear husband’s order.
Sanskar look around and gesture something to one girl standing in one piece. She nodded in assurance and nervously came near them. Swara is looking around unique faces she is seeing for the very first time.

” hey sanskar” that girl came near and said.
” hello kavita nice to see you here” sanskar side hug her. Swara who saw the scene was all blank.
” well swara, she is my girlfriend kavita i told you about her” sanskar shamelessly introduce kavita to swara. Kavita give her a nervous smile.
” great!!! Nice to meet you future Mrs Maheshwari ” swara cheerfully said. Sanskar was shock to see her changed behaviour. He thought she will be hurt but no she doesn’t seems to be affected.
” yeah very soon” sanskar came out of the shock and continued his acting not letting swara know.
” btw sanskar is really difficult to handle so all the best kavita ” another words from swara give mini attack to sanskar. Is he getting trapped in his own plan??
There was silence for few minutes as sanskar lacked words to say.

” won’t you introduce your wife sanskar to your girlfriend ??” Swara sarcastically said.
” she is swara, kavita” sanskar pointed to swara giving a fake smile. Swara smile at them or actually smirk at them.
” i think i need a drink ” sanskar escape saying this and went to bar counter.
Kavita was about to leave but swara held her wrist.
” ye..s” fear was clear in kavita’s eyes.
” you are his girlfriend??” Swara asked sternly.

“No mam I’m his employee and sir has given me money to do acting” kavita explained.
” are you sure??” Swara raised her eyebrow.
” yes even I’m marrying with my fiance next month trust me” kavita hastily show her engagement pic in mobile.
” okay continue your acting ” swara smile and said.

” I’m sorry mam it’s just i can’t deny sir’s order” kavita apologised feeling guilty.
” it’s okay” swara casually said. Kavita left from there. Swara look at sanskar who is busy in gulping one after the other glass of wine.
She stare him without blinking her eyes, what all he did to her in past one month. The love she has stored for him in her heart, all vanished. There is not even a little soft corner for him in her heart.

” you really did wrong sanskar, very wrong” swara mumble gulping her tears. All the while she was pretending to be strong bcoz she don’t want to show them her weakness.
The painkillers she took before coming here are now worthless as her head is sharply paining. Her breath is getting uneven and she feel suffocating standing in the crowd of people. She look around and sanskar is indulge with his friends.

” excuse me where is washroom ??” she asked from a lady in middle fifties.
” on first floor ” she politely replied.
” thank you ” swara smile and move towards staircase. Her vision is getting blur and head is spinning with each step she is taking upstairs. When she reached at the top, her foot stumble and all went black.

Swara fall down from the stairs and her head hit with the edge of the sharp table leading to bleeding.
When sanskar is with his friends, he heard someone shouted
” one girl has fallen from stairs”

Sanskar has consumed so much of alcohol but still he has little senses. He look for swara but she is not there.
” sir swara mam has fallen” kavita said breathing heavily.
” swara” sanskar mumble. He rushed towards the stairs and saw swara lying on the floor and her head is bleeding profusely. Sanskar skipped his heart beat seeing her in that condition.

To be continued…

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