Regretted Revenge (SwaSan) Shot 3 by Marsuu

Regretted Revenge (SwaSan)
Shot 3:
Recap: sanskar intensionally give job to swara in his company.

Sanskar enter inside Maheshwari house only to see his father Rakesh Maheshwari waiting in the bar.
” hey dad” Sanskar went near him and pour drink in his glass.
” hello my dear son where are you now a days??” Rakesh asked
” here only” Sanskar chuckles sipping the drink.
” huh!! That blo*dy girl is back in your life” rakesh said with venom and Sanskar get to know he is talking about swara.

” yeah but this time game is different I will destroy her not she” Sanskar’s voice laced with hatred.
” good she deserve that only” rakesh smirk which was not noticed by sanskar.
” what you will do??” He further asked.
” just wait and watch” sanskar said.

Rakesh was disappointed when he didn’t revealed but remain calm.

” sanskar” laksh came with papers in hand.
” yeah” he turn towards him.
” we got these medical reports of swara” laksh said. Rakesh got attentive but didn’t pretended.
” what are these?” Sanskar asked.
” these reports show swara has lost her memory from last three years and still didn’t regained” laksh told her.
Sanskar’s heart twisted and eyes softened which rakesh saw.
” no way I can’t let that girl came near sanskar again” rakesh thought and said.
” may be these are fake” rakesh said.
” but why anyone will make fake reports” laksh questioned.
” so that she can act as an innocent in front of me” sanskar said.
” still will meet the doctor who has his signatures on the reports” sanskar further said.
” who is the doctor?” Rakesh asked.

” Dr Avasti from health care hospital” laksh read from the papers.
” laksh we will go tomorrow” Sanskar said.
Laksh nodded and then later left from there.

Swara is lying on the bed closing her eyes.
” like or love??” She remember when sanskar asked. Omg his expressions, she just lost her heart to him.

” do you think he likes you swara that’s why he was so polite with me as far as I know he don’t give damm to girls. Stop dreaming swara he is rockstar and you, no one. Be happy that you will work in sanskar sir’s company” swara was thinking all this and later slept.
Next morning, swara came down ready to go office. She is wearing Royal blue suit looking gorgeous with long black hairs left open.
” looking beautiful” shomi complimented.
” thanks ma” swara smile.

” swara how was Sanskar with you?” Shomi asked.
” means??” Swara was in dilemma.
” I mean how is his nature??” Shomi tried to cover up.
” ohh he is very sweet and humble” swara blushes.

” ohh” shomi smile.
” means Sanskar still loves swara I have to talk to him about swara and I wish they can be together again” shomi prayed silently.
” okay bye ma I’m getting late” Swara got up and picked her bag.
Swara ran out of the house.

Life Care Hospital:
Sanskar and laksh enter inside Dr Avasti’s cabin and sit in front of him.
” how can I help you?” Dr asked.
” are these reports signed by you??” Sanskar asked when laksh gave reports to doctor.
He read the reports and said.
” yes I had signed them”
” how she lost her memory?” Sanskar asked further.
” to be honest these reports are fake and the girl whose name is swara is absolutely fine” dr avasti said shocking sanlak.

” but who asked to make these reports??” Laksh asked bcoz Sanskar was still shocked.
” her mother there is some problem in their family so they need these reports and even offered me enough money” doctor explained.
” means swara is fine?” Sanskar asked for confirmity.

” yes” doctor nodded.
” let’s go laksh” Sanskar went out of the cabin followed by laksh.
When they left, Doctor called someone
” your work is done I lied to them that reports are fake and said what you asked” getting response from other side he cut the call.
Sanlak came out when laksh asked

” why swara is doing all this??” Laksh rub his forehead.
” its her plan she tried her best to kill me that day but I got saved now again she has to trap me by her innocence so doing this drama that she don’t remember anything” Sanskar hit his fist at the top of the car.
” I can’t believe that swara is such type of girl” laksh said.
Sanskar didn’t said anything just took deep breathe cooking something in his head.

Sanskar came back to his company and while going through corridor he saw swara.
” huh!! Royal blue!! again trying to impress me ,good try Miss swara but will not work now” he thought and smirk.

” good morning sir” swara wished coming near.
” very good morning looking pretty in royal blue” sanskar said kissing at the back of her hand.
” thank you” she looks down as her cheeks turn pink.
” it’s my favourite colour” sanskar said continuing with his flirting.
” I know” swara said.
” how??” Sanskar smirk.
” I had read your interview where you said” she said with a smile.
” how much you will lie swara” he thought.
” great” he gave fake smile and went to his cabin.

Swara went to canteen as it’s lunch time. She took the food and sit on one table alone. She don’t have any friend as its her first day.
Sanskar saw her alone and came near.

“May I have the pleasure to sit with the beautiful girl??” He asked.
” sure sir” she tried to smile but her heart beat increase rapidly bcoz of his proximity.
” plz have it” swara offered him food and he didn’t mind taking from her plate.
” swara are you single??”sanskar suddenly asked startling swara.

” yes sir” she said slowly.
” okay do you believe in love at first sight” sanskar asked.
” yeah it can be” swara said. She is not knowing why he is talking about love and all.
” I think I love you swara” sanskar suddenly blurted.
” sir” swara was beyond shock.
” okay fine leave all this how is my company” Sanskar diverted the topic.
” I think he was joking” swara thought.

” it’s very nice Sir” swara smile.
” not sir call me sanskar” sanskar ordered.
“But how can I?” Swara asked nervously.
” okay say sir and I will kiss you” Sanskar shrugs her shoulder.
Swara instantly place hand on her lips and widen her eyes. Sanskar looked around trying to avoid the feelings which evolve looking at her.
Later they silently had food and get back to their work.

In the evening, Shomi is coming from temple when a car stops nearby. Sanskar came out and took her blessings.
” how are you sanskar??” Shomi asked with a smile.
” just busy with career” he said smiling back.
” I hope you and swara met again??” She asked.
” yeah she is quite changed what happened to her??” Sanskar pretended to be normal.
” yeah she lost her memory don’t know what happened that night which destroyed everything” shomi said sadly.

Sanskar fisted his hand as flashes of that night came in his mind.
” that’s past but I want swara fine I mean we were in relation then suddenly nothing was left” Sanskar tried to explain.
” do you still love swara??” Shomi asked hopefully .
” yes and that’s why I want to marry her and start everything from beginning” sanskar said.
” then I’m so happy for you both. Swara is your huge fan and being with you she will remember everything” shomi said happily.
” yes but firstly I want to take swara’s permission then will think further” sanskar said.
” sure as you wish” shomi said.

Taking for little more time, they left to their respective place.

Swara is sleeping alone in her room. It’s all dark and she is dreaming something.
[” I love you swara” a boy said and kiss her lips softly.
Then an old man warn her ” stay away from him otherwise you will face the consequences”.
Then a boy lying in the pool of blood in front of her.]
Swara got scared and got up. She is all sweating badly and breathing heavily.
” again same flashes why its happening with me” she said clutching her head.
She drink water then again lie back on the bed. It’s almost every night she get some flashes of things she forgot.

She closed her eyes and soon fall asleep due to stress.

To be continued…

Precap: Sanskar propose Swara

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