~Regrets decisions revenge love and many more~ ( Two shot by nixi_18 ) Part 1

Hey guys nixi here with a two shot on shraman….!!!! hope u guys love this one too…!!

First part :

We see a person standing and waiting for someone eagerly…..!! he was looking at the watch again and again…!! looks like someone ‘s wedding was going to be eagerly the bride family was nervous and waiting for them like hell….!!! hours passed but they didn’t showed up……!! now everyone left from there the bride was crying badly……….!! the family was consoling her…..in the mean time a car horn came…..!! they all got eager……!! shravan malhotra the groom came….!! he gone to his sumo…!!

Shr: sumo haha see your face and condition I too wanted this only remember the first day u came to college u slapped me this is the worst mistake of ur life this is the punishment for u I hate u suman tiwari this is was all my plan and u were trapped so easily like a fish trapped in a net….!!
Sumo slaps him two three times…..tears continuously fall down her eyes….pain sadness guilt helplessness betrayal every emotion was running deep down her…!!

Sumo: u b*****y cheapo shravan malhotra how dare u to play with my emotions my feelings ha tell me dammit how dare u cheat ill treat me shame on u chi even a street dog is better than u r not called to be human even animal is better on than me I shame on myself for loving a horrible person like u I hate u 100000 times more than u hate me never ever show ur face nor come to this house otherwise u will see the worst of me…!! for god sake leave from my life…!!
Shravan angrily leaves from there…!! sumo falls down on the floor with a thud….!! and kept crying she remembers all the moments they spent together and now shravan ‘s word was kept ringing her ears….!! life played a bad game with her and her destiny itself too…!! she hated being the thought of loving shravan…!! she hated his name too now…!! she finally took a bold decision….!! she will move on in her life she will become more bold stronger and hardworking independent self respected girl like always…!! she stopped crying and put on a determined face……!! many ups and downs more on the way to come for her but she will face them with a smile and self confidence…..!!
Sumo ( thought ): now it’s payback time shravan malhotra u have to pay for u r deeds sooner than ever u will fall in my legs and beg me u will regret for ur decision soon for sure tat’s suman tiwari’ s promise to u…..!!!

Precap: decisions and many more..!! final part…..!!
So guys how was it hope it was up to the mark I know I know it was small one sorry okay well next one a long big wala pakka okay…..!!

Next update: tomorrow ( if possible only)

So it’s a bye from nixi…!! love u all muahhhhhh study hard take care stay blessed….!!

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  1. Angel20

    I loved it!! Filled with so much suspense!!! Please post the next part soon!!
    Love you
    Take care..

    1. Nixi18

      thnxx maria…! love u too next part next week sorry…!

  2. Wow. It’s awesome. ?
    So much suspense. ?
    Really curious to read further. 🙂
    Loads of love ?

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxx zianab loads of love too u also..!

  3. Ariana

    Hi Nixo (um can I call u that or Nixi?) The shot is wonderful. Uhh too much of anger n hunger of revenge. SOunds likes a challenge type. Waiting for next shot. Pls post soon dear.
    Btw I’m Ariana nd u can call me Aru too.
    Take care

    1. Nixi18

      hey aru u can call me nixo nope no problem thnxxxxxxxxx a lot yes hunger of revenge next part next week sorry…..!! take care aru love u lots….!

  4. Anushika

    It was amazing,loved it Full of suspence

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx anushika…!! yup for sure….!!

  5. pretty preeti

    Nixs its was too gud
    Really I loved it
    Post next one soon
    Take care
    Love uuuu

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxx pretty preeti next part next week sorry…! love u too take care….!

  6. WeirdSister

    Hey nixi…
    Too short BT loved it.
    Love u.
    Post soon.

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxxx weirdsister….! love u too…!

  7. Marie

    Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!! Amazing shot yep it’s short but u said na that next one will be Long so egrlyyyyy waiting fr nxt one….!!! Plz plz plz post ASAP
    Thai one was awesome. -!-!!-!-!-!-!-!!-!-!-!-!-
    Love u so much !!!!!!!!!

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxx marie di…!!! next part next week sorry….! love u a lottttttttttttttttt di….!!

  8. Not bad ..
    Kya baar hai nixi…tum tho cha gayi…
    Badi achi thoughts..aa rahey hai tumey..
    Nice one…
    Sumo ka naya roop dekhna hai..jaldi??

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxxx sona di….!!!

  9. hey nixi …m anjali … loved ur concept…its really interesting…waiting for the final part to see sumo’s new avatar n shravu’s guilt.
    . love u yar ..awsm concept…
    please update next part soon 🙂
    byee take care 🙂

    1. Nixi18

      Thnxxxx I m glad u loved the concept new ideas brain working fast rapchik ??? yup sure my exams are going on so next update next week sorry for the incovience I can’t take risk with my xams otherwise no tu ??? love u loads ??????? will surely see sumo new avatar and shravan guilt will tc…!

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey nixi !!!
    Yar this was amazing .. very unique ..
    Awesome awesome awesome ????????????????????
    Waiting eagerly for the next part ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Nixi18

      Thnxxx Fatima di love u loads oh new ideas yup Brain working faster rate than ever like a bullet rain rapchik ???? next week next part sorry for the inconvience caused xams u know wat to do? But next week pakka no more delay..! Love u loads??????? take care xoxo..!

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