Regretful love swasan one shot

Hi guys I am back with another os hope you guys like…

its start when mohini was about to stab swara…

***********Regretful Love***********

Mohini was looking at swara who had closed her eyes in fear, the fear was clearly visible on her face…Mohini smiled evilly seeing the fear on her face she was about to stab her when someone hold the knife in middle preventing her from stabbing swara….she looked up and found sanskar holding the knife, she tried to snatch from him but he tight his grip on knife more….

Feeling some wet drop on her forehead swara opened her eyes and was shocked seeing sanskar who was looking angrily at mohini holding the knife his hand were bleeding but he didn’t showed any sign of pain….
But what shocked her more was that sanskar is not MAD he was ACTING anger rose inside her feeling betrayed….
On the other hand Mohini was still trying to get the knife but before she could sanskar pushed her duet which she stumble back and lost her hold on knife…

San: (looking at her dangerously) go away or else you will regret

Moh: (angrily) you did wrong by messing up with me

San: (moved closer pointing the knife at her) go away and it’s my last warning to you or else (he said looking at the knife than at her which made her scared and run from there)

Sanskar looked at swara who was already looking at him angrily, she was about to say something when he saw someone coming he held her wrist and took her on back side of the house….on the way swara tried to release her hand from his grip which he tight more leaving finger print there….
On reaching the back side of house sanskar stop walking and was also pushed by swara when he left her hand….

San: (compose himself before falling down) swara (and looked at her who was already looking at him)

Sw: (pointing her finger at him) you are not mad (angry now) you were acting the whole time and was playing with everyone feeling han

San: (trying to explain her) listen swara

Sw: (showed him her hand stopping him from speaking) no you listen Mr Maheshwari I won’t listen you, till now you played with everyone emotion but I won’t let you do this more I will tell everyone about your betrayal

Saying this she was about to go but was stopped by sanskar who held her wrist to stop her which angered swara more she turned and tried slap to slap him with other hand which he caught also before she could slap him….

San: (trying to explain) please swara listen me first I had my own reason

Sw: what reason that you had to betray your family han (she looked at him but suddenly something strike in her mind and looked at him with unsaid question) youuu…(pointed her finger at him) you were behind all the incident which happened during mine and laksh wedding ritual na (remembered what all she had to face) mera dance karna pub main being drunk, or hotel main mera milna, than at sangeet dancing infront of everyone…you was behind this na (held him from color angrily and pulled him closer to herself) you did this na (shouting at his face) I AM ASKING YOU SOMETHING YOU DID THIS NA

San: (looked down and accepting his deed) han it was me (looked at her) I DID this with you (she pushed him away from herself) because I wanted to take revenge from Laksh and bade papa for snatching my love from me (he said with venom filled voice)

Sw: (confuse yet angry) revenge

San: han revenge I did all this to take my revenge how can bade papa accept laksh and your marriage when he know you are a Bengali (he looked at her who was looking at him now confusingly) even I loved a Bengali girl but he never accepted our love and killed on our marriage day for his so called respect than how can he now accept your and laksh marriage han when he didn’t accept my love

Sw: (shocked) how you can be sure he killed her

San: He was the only the person who had problem with my love he threw me out of my house he seprated me from my parents my sister what was my fault han only that I that I love a Bengali girl even laksh loves you but why he didn’t this with him because he is his son that’s why, laksh knew about me marrying her and he told bade papa and I know to save his respect he killed her that’s why I wanted to take revenge from them

Sw: (composing herself) you wanted to take your revenge from them fine I understand…(he looked at her in surprise) but what was my mistake han why you ruined my character han (bowed his head down feeling ashamed what she said is true what was her fault why he hurt her) tell na sanskar why you did this with me itna to jane ka haq banta hai na mere (I have that right to know na why you ruined me)

San: I didn’t want to hurt you but I wanted laksh to suffer…I wanted him to feel the pain which I felt after losing kavita

Sw: because you suffered gave you the right to ruin me han because laksh love me han (slaped him hard on his face) just because of your one blo*dy misunderstanding you tried to spoil everyone life mostly mine how dare you

San: (shouted at her) it was not a misunderstanding he killed her

Sw: I don’t care what you think but for me it was what if someone from kavita family did this or your both enemy did this….did you thought this way no you didn’t but came here for revenge and tried to ruin me…han tell me did you thought like this han

He looked down after hearing her and also feeling ashamed with himself…never even in his dream he thought like this because for him it was his bade papa was the person who snatched his love from him….he never tried to investigate about this matter he was sure his bade papa can only do this because he never accept his love….

San: (looked down) I am sorry I know I did wrong with but my hatreds towards them didn’t let me think straight what right or wrong is

Sw: your this sorry mean nothing to me you have done what you wanted now I will tell everyone about you….

San: you don’t have to do this in fact I will confess tomorrow by myself (she was about to protest but he didn’t let her) please swara I don’t want ruin their happiness because of me once again tomorrow after your marriage I will confess

Sw: fine (warning him) if you did anything again I won’t leave you (turn to leave)

San: Swara (she turned) be careful and don’t trust anyone even your family member (he said thinking about ragini making swara confuse and left)

Swara was walking towards her room thinking about sanskar word “don’t trust anyone even your family member” she was so lost in thought that she didn’t saw shomi coming towards her and collide with her in front of her room…

Sw: (came in sense) sorry ma

Sho: its okey (notice blood on her forehead) what is this shona

Sw: what (confuse)

shomi pointed at her forehead swara walked inside her room fowled by shomi she looked at herself in mirror and saw blood drop on her forehead she remembered sanskar saving her from mohini by holding the knife and his hand bleeding….

Sh: (looked at her who was again lost in her own thought) shona will you explain what is this

Sw: (don’t know what to say) ma nothing I was actually doing something with colors I think that this happened

Sho: (nooded) wash away before anyone see and think something wrong only a day is left for your marriage and I don’t want see another drama (swara nodded and left towards washroom)



There was hustle bustly in Gododia house and why not today is the marriage day of their eldest daughter  Swara Gododia with Laksh Maheshwari….Everything was going till now smoothly as per ritual swara left with ragini to temple happily without knowing to what her destiny will lead her today…

As per serial trac Ragini confessed her crime in front of swara shocking her and pushed her into river and left to baadi….
After lot of problems and struggle of ragini Raglak got finally married…sanskar tried to explain everyone but they didn’t hear him he went than to search swara…shomi left gm to her house with dida who came also out of coma….
Sanksar brought swara back fromn hospital to baadi where she got to know what happened behind her back and about ragini plotting against her….

Bose house

It’s been two days since Raglak marriage happened swara tried to talk with laksh but he always insulted her by pointing at her character which broke her and made rethink is this the person whom she loved who is not even trusting her by seeing a fake video of herb than she is lucky that she didn’t married him who doesn’t even trust her…she have enough by having a spineless man as her father and now she doesn’t need more in form of laksh….

Swara came out of her room nad found sanskar there who was apologizing from her dida and am for mangling her character…

Sw: (looked at him while coming down) what are you doing here (walk to him) didn’t you have enough or do you want to do more damage in my life by ruining my character

San: (ashamed and guilty) I am sorry sw…(interrupted by her)

Sw: oh please Mr Sanskar Maheshwari I don’t need your sorry please save your sorry

San: (trying to make her understand) please swara I know I did wrong just give me a chance let me prove you innocent please…I will prove everyone that me and ragini plotted against you please

Sw: I don’t want to be proved innocent…did you hear I don’t care now what they think about me as long I have my dida and ma on my side (joining her hands together) you have already played with my life but now is enough I don’t want to have any relation with you (pointing at the door) get out of my house now

San: swara

Sw: I. said. Get. Outtttttttt…………

Sankar looked at dida and shomi with a hope but even they turn their faces being guilty for hurting swara badly he left from there…Today he is really regretting for playing with an innocent girl character who didn’t even had to do with his revenge but being so blind in revenge he didn’t notice  whom he is hurting….

A week passed but sanskar didn’t gave up day by day he get more determinate to convice to give him a chance to let her prove finally the day came…hearing badi people taunting her mother and grandmother even her dadi and baba supporting badi people angered swara and took vow to prove herself innocent and also to show them their lovely ladoo deeds….they have pointed on her mother upbringing now she will show them….she called sanskar and told him she is ready but on one condition he have to marry her being a girl she can’t live with someone without any relation if she do people will taunt her than whole life….sanskar tried to explain her that he will prove her innocent but swara being strict on her decision didn’t gave him a chance and said…”you wanted my forgiveness now I am giving a chance gain your forgiveness” being helpless sanskar accepted her condition but felt bad thinking he is betraying….

Sw: (to himself) you ruined me now I will ruin you I will snatch every memory of your love from you I will make you regret for destroying me for making my dida and ma in pain now I don’t care about myself but I won’t leave anyone get ready ragini I am coming…..


Next day

At maheshwar mansion everyone were having snacks sitting in the hall woman were serving when suddenly the doorbell rang uttra went to open the door….

Utt: (shouted) maaa papaaa

Hearing uttra shouting everyone went towards her only to get shock of their life manly Raglak who couldn’t believe what they are seeing…
Swasan were standing at the door holding each other hand wearing garland they looked at swara who was wearing mangelsutre and her hairline filled with sindoor….everyone was in shock seeing them while swara smirked seeing their reaction having enough silence sanskar thought to break and bring them out the shock…

San: (looking at everyone) kya hua swagat nahi karo ge humara (what happened want you guys welcome us)

Suj: (shocked) sanskar what have you done (said looking at their joining hand than at swara)

San: I married swara mom simple

Lak: (furious seeing swasan and mostly swara) how could you do this with me (went to swara leaving ragini) I know you both are lying (held swara from shoulder than cupped her face) please tell me swara I know you love me na (he said making everyone shock mostly ragini)

Sw: (angered hearing and jerked his hand and gave tight slap leaving everyone in shock) don’t you dare to touch me mr laksh maheshwari I am not your girlfriend or your lover whom you can touch like this (smirked) I AM YOUR BABHI DEVAR G give me some respect

Rag: (angry for slapping laksh) how dare you to slap him

Sw: I wouldn’t have done this if your dear husband didn’t crossed his limits and by the way instead of showing me your anger why don’t you say anything to your hubby who is declaring to love me I mean his bhabi doesn’t he have any shame

Lak: (angry) swara you…

San: (came in front of swara) don’t laksh or it won’t be good and remember one thing she is MY WIFE now (looked at everyone) I won’t bear if anyone touch my wife or insult her (looked at suju) mom aap gharparvesh nahi kare gi apni bahu ka (mom won’t your dil)

Lak: you can’t enter in this house

Ap: han you have to go

San: don’t forget even I have the right on this house laksh (looking ap) if anyone have problem with me staying here or with my wife than they can deal with my lawyer (held swara hand) come

Saying this he went with swara inside the house leaving everyone in shock…laksh left from there out of house angrily not able to see swasan together….

Swasan room…

On reaching their room swara looked around and sat on bed while sanskar left towards washroom swara was looking here and there when suddenly ragini entered in the room angrily making swara smirk and angry she remembered how she pushed her into river and how she planed everything with sanskar to destroy only to get laksh on hearing ragini swara got up from and went to her….

Sw: what happened ragini

Rag: why did you marry sanskar when you very well know what he did with you?

Sw: (rising eyebrow) who said I married sanskar han

Rag: (confuse) than this mangelsutre sindoor

Sw: (smriking) oh please ragini don’t tell me you don’t watch serial I mean common even the actress wear these thing but it doesn’t mean they are married in real or are they

Rag: (now got the point) why are you doing this?

Sw: good question ragini you know sanskar tried to take revenge from laksh and bade papa for snatching his love who is no more (walking around her) than think if he can do this much for that person who is no more than why can’t I do this han even u did na by pushing in river to get laksh

Rag: (shocked) he is my husband now swara

Sw: (looked at her straight in eyes) than he was my fiancé to be husband whom you snatched…now it’s my turn to get my love didn’t you hear everything is fair in love and war and this a war my dear ladoo get ready…

Rag: swara you…I won’t let you win

Sw: we will see now get out of my room

After ragini left swara turned and found sanskar staring at her ignoring him she moved towards washroom to get fresh…

At night

sanskar was arranging his bed on couch that’s when swara entered in room and saw sanskar placing blanket on couch…

sw: what are you doing

san: nothing you can sleep on bed I will sleep here

sw: may I know why are you doing this if you are trying to show me your kindness than please don’t because I have already seen it…

san: (guilty) I am sorry swara

sw: say as much you want because I won’t forgive you are only reason behind my ma and dida pain please don’t think I am mahaan because that’s I am not

Saying this she laid on bed even sanskar toward his side leaving…

Days were passing like this 3 weeks passed every day there was a new drama to see in Maheshwari Mansion even Gododia family came to know about swasan marriage which also made them furious and blamed sharmista and dida for their bad upbringing….like swara said ahe torture sanskar like hell by throwing kavita thing her each memory which sanskar saved was removed by swara… sanskar never said anything to her because he knew he deserve this more than this in fact….but somewhere swara start feeling bad for him whatever she did was in anger but she had no right to snatch the last memory of his love….being also little in guilt she start behaving normally with him which made sanskar shocked and also admire her….


One day swara got early up after shower she got ready mean while sanskar came out of washroom saw swara getting ready she filled her hairline with sindoor and wore her mangelsutre….
Sanskar was totally mesmerized seeing her looking beautiful this is not the first time he is noticing her, her beauty, her nature everything about her made sanskar lose his sense and fell for her…
Seeing her as his wife made his hearth always feel happy feeling someone gaze swara turned and found sanskar staring at her…

Sw: what (smiled) why are you looking at me

San: (came into sense) no nothing chalen (she nodded)

Swasan came downstairs where everyone were about to have their breakfast seeing swara coming down wearing pink saree laksh was mesmerized because it was his favorite color seeing laksh staring at swara angered ragini….
feeling laksh gaze swara smirked and looked at ragini who was already looking at her angrily and winked at which made her more furious while swara was smirking she didn’t realized sanskar keeping his hand on her bare waist pulling her closer which made her shocked on his sudden and also shiver she looked up at sanskar who was shooting dragger at laksh than looked at her with a sweet smile…

San: having fun without me not fair (saying this pecked her cheek in front everyone shocking whole family)

Suj: (shocked and yet angry on his son behavior) sanskar what is this don’t you have manners

San: mom I don’t think loving your wife is manner less and also showing (he said looking at laksh who left from there without having breakfast) come let’s have breakfast

Both sat beside each other and start having breakfast after breakfast sanskar left for work leaving swara alone who started her mission seeing laksh coming inside the house while ragini was busy in cleaning taking as a chance swara went towards laksh with a glass of water….

Sw: (sweetly) laksh (he looked at her and yet again lost in her) water

Hearing laksh name ragini saw towards swa……..lak who was busy in staring at each other mostly laksh and swara smiling at him forwarding water this angered ragini leaving her work she walk towards them…

Rag: laksh ji you came

Lak: (still looking at swara) han wo

Rag: you didn’t your breakfast laksh ji please come have it

Lak: (remembered morning incident sanskar kissing swara holding her) I am not hungry (he said looking at swara and left)

Rag: (to swara) why are you doing this swara

Sw: aree what did I…I was here only to ask him how I am looking after all I wore his favorite color

Rag: u did what (angrily) he is my husband swara and whatever you are doing you will regret I will prove everyone your and sanskar ji marriage is fake …

Sw: go ahead I am waiting for that day….

Saying this swara left from there to badi to meet her ma and dida…taking as a chance ragini left towards swasan room after taking camera from her room….she hided the video camera in the flower vase and left from their smirking…

Rag: you did wrong by coming here swara I know I will make you regret on decision how dare you try to snatch my laksh ji from me I won’t leave you remember I will prove everyone that your and sanskar ji marriage is fake…enjoy as much you want because today will be the last day here for you…

At night

While everyone was having their dinner ragini went swasan room to switch the video cam on secretly after coming back she smirked at swara who was busy in eating….
after dinner everyone left towards their room….

Swasan room…

Sanskar was sitting on couch and doing something on his laptop mean while swara came out of washroom whipping her face with towel she moved towards commode and was about to remove her jewelry when she felt sanskar cold hand on her bare belly she immediately looked up and saw sanskar back hugging her she got angry few week ago he was being gentleman and today he is he trying to force himself on her she was about break the hug and was about to shout at him….
seeing her expressions he placed his finger on her lips making her quite…

San: (whispers in her ear making her shiver with his closeness) shshh…ragini had put video cam in our room

Sw: (her eyes got wide hearing him she turned while he pulled her closer she held him from his shoulder and whispers) how do you know

She looked up in his eyes which made her lost seeing his brown eyes with long lashes which made his eyes shape more beautiful….today for the 1st time she is seeing him so closely…his every features were only making him look most handsome yet cute with his innocent face…seeing his innocent can anyone think he is devil behind this of innocent mask…

San: because of the red light which is continuously blinking in that flower vase…don’t do anything let’s act

she came back into sense hearing him… saying this he moved his hand on her bareback duet which swara tight her grip on his shoulder tightly and leaned more close to him…feeling each other closeness a new feeling which they knew somewhere start rising in them….maybe they don’t love each other now but this feeling was more than love for them…desire to be with each other this new feeling in form of lust were overpowering their mind which were creating havoc in them…..
sanskar hand were moving on her bare back he was feeling her soft skin being lost in her, her fragrance was working like a drug to him soon his finger start playing with her blouse doori which made swara gaps in shock yet surprise she moaned when sanskar pulled her blouse doosri making it loose …

sw: (moan) Sanskar (her hand moved toward his back and made a fist holding his shirt)

Hearing her moan sanskar immeaditly hugged her tightly their and buried his face in her neck….he closed his eyes smelling her fragrance and opened her hair while buzzing in her neck making her weak in her knee….feeling him so close she couldn’t hold herself to moan she didn’t wanted to think about anything if it is right or wrong but one thing she knew she wanted to feel him….he made her loose her control over herself how much she try she can’t get back her control he is the 1st man in her life who is making her feel like this whatever today night Is going happen she will not regret after all she is also human have her own needs…She isn’t doing with any stranger but with her husband so what is wrong that to fill her own needs….

Sanskar slowly broke hug and looked at swara who was breathing heavily and looking at him…he cupped her face in his hand and leaned towards her lips slowly given her time to move back which she didn’t dis…feeling his hot breath on her lips swara parted her lips her breathing were getting more heavier…not able to control anymore sasnakr finally placed his lips on her and pulled swara more closer holding her waist swara hand moved towards his hair she was also pulling him more closer….

Both were kissing slowly yet passionately sanskar was sucking her lower lip while swara was sucking his uper lip and gave light bite on his upper lip….sanskad knead her waist giving her more pleasure he moved his one hand to her hair….he licked her lips asking for entrance which she gave gladly both roamed their tongue in each other mouth feeling taste of their mouths…getting out of breath they broke their kiss panting heavily sanskar pinned swara on wardrobe and took her once again in long yet passionate kiss… after their long-lasting kiss sanskar dug his face in her and starting giving wet kisses sensually making her moan his name in pleasure which was a turn on for him her each moan was making him desperate to have her in his own way….

Swara turn head other side to give him more access…sanskar gave her love bite feeling the pain she again moaned his name he sucked on bitten area to sooth her pain while sucking her soft skin he unpinned her Saree palu which fell down leaving her only in blouse and skirt feeling herself expose swara closed her eyes while sanskar was looking her from top to bottom leaving her akin for few minutes only to see….he placed his hand on her cheek she opened her eyes slowly and was once again lost in his eyes…sanskar kissed her forehead lovingly than both side of cheek sensually and also making wet with his saliva than the tip of her nose….while his eyes were admiring her his hand start roaming on her each part of body….

Sanskar picked her up in bridal style swara looked at him with the same passion which he has for her…he walk towards bed and made her lay she looked at him who was removing his shirt…after removing his shirt sanskar came above her when his hand touched his bare skin he groan in plasuere which made swara smile seeing her own effect on him….she rolled over him taking him beneath her and start giving him lots of wet kisses making him groan more load in pleasure while swara was busy giving him plasuere the way he did sanskar start removing the barriers between them….he took her beneath him and slowly removed the barriers and kissed like there is no tomorrow he marked each part of her body as his the last step was left to make her as his…

He looked at her while she was totally lost in pleasure slowly she opened her on not feeling his kisses and looked at him who was already looking at her with a question which she answered by kissing him holding him dam close to her getting her sign he made her his in every sense making her cry in pleasure…..

After 2 hours both were laying in single sheet sanskar was playing with her hair while she laid on top of him…

Sw: (looking at him) so this was your acting Han (he smiled hearing her he only asked her to act but they end up with marking each other)

San: swara…(serious) do you reg…

Sw: (placed her hand on his lips) no I don’t

San: so what now

Sw: what do mean what now we have to expose ragini

San: yeah that I know but I am asking about us

Sw: don’t know but I think we should try to give us a chance

San: I Dont know about you but I am ready to give us a chance from now on you are mine (swara closed her eyes being tired but smiled hearing him…..)

Sw: (remembering something she looked at him) what about video cam

San: don’t worry I will handle now sleep…

Next morning

After breakfast everyone was sitting in hall as today is Sunday so no office mean while ragini came down while smirking at swara who serving snack…

Rag: (to dp) papa g I wanted to say something

Dp: Han ragini say

Rag: papa g I think swasan marriage is fake (hearing het everyone were shocked while 2 person smirking who were none other than swasan)

Ap: what are you saying ragini

Rag: Han ma I have seeing them sleeping sepratedly one day I went to meet swara but she was nowhere that time I saw sanskar ji sleeping on couch

Lak: (agree with rag) Han papa even I have seen

Dp: (to swasan) do u have something to say

San: bade papa she is laying

Sw: haan ragini why are you doing this

Rag: I have proof I am sorry papa g I know whatever I did is wrong but to prove myself I pu can in swasan room

Sw: (act shocked) u did what

Rag: please papa let me prove

Lak: Han papa (dp nodded)

Swara was really tens what if sanskar didn’t deleted she looked at him who assured her through eyes which made her relax…soon the video start playing with sanskar coming closer to swara and back hugging her seeing this everyone were shocked but soon got another shock when they saw the broken tv everyone looked at sanskar who threw a vase at tv breaking it….and went to angrily to ragibi making her Sceard and slapped her tightly shocking once again everyone meanwhile shekhar and dadi entered they were also shocked…

Ap: (shocked yet shouting) sanskar

San: what badi ma Han (looking at ragini) how dare you to enter in my room and put camera Han how dare you

Dp: sanskar

San: no bade papa I won’t  listen anything today it’s enough (looking at everyone) you guys pointed your finger on my wife character now look at your sanskari bahu who put camera in my room how dare she to show mine n swara private moment in front everyone (looked at shekhar and dadi) is this your upbringing to put in other couple room camera to see their private moment chii what kind of upbringing is that…(To his family) instead of stopping her you guys aloud her to play that video chiii…(looked at ragini) since you have started with this even I will show everyone something (to uttra) Uttra go and bring my laptop here

Ut: ok bhei

Saying this she left to sanskar room and brought his laptop taking his laptop from Uttra sanskar connected his usb stick with laptop and played a video…it was video of swaragini when ragini pushed swara in river no one knew about cctv camara in temple because they have recently place them….

Seeing this everyone were shocked mostly swara who was finally proved innocents she couldn’t believe it was like a dream….she finally looked at sanskar who was already looking at her with concern in his eyes tears out of happiness were start rolling down from her eyes she immeaditly went to him and hugged him tightly in front everyone and cried out of happiness….

Sw: thank you thank you….(broke the hug) I am so happy sanskar it’s just feel like I am still dreaming

San: (whipped her tears) no you aren’t dreaming I told you na i will prove your innocents see (kissing her forehead) and there is no need for thank you whatever I did was for my wife…

She smiled at him but soon her smile faded away hearing slapping sound she turned and found shekhar slapped ragini who was already in tears and asking for forgiveness from them soon their attention went to swara laksh was 1st who approached towards her….

Lak: swara I am sorry please forgive me (she didn’t said anything) I am really sorry swara for believing ragini and not you can you please forgive me (didn’t said anything) swara please say na

Sw: (finally speaking) sorry I can’t laksh

Lak: (felt hurted) why I know I did wrong but please forgive me (looked at sanskar) even you forgave sanskar who did so much to u by breaking our marriage even he was involve with ragini

Sw: (angry) I forgave him because he had his own reason and now he is my husband so please kindly don’t interfere in our personal matter coming to you I was your finance laksh and yet you couldn’t trust me seeing your trust on me na i am feeling the most happiest got that I didn’t married you in fact married sanskar who knows the important of trust in a relationship which you didn’t knew that’s why he took advantage of the situation in which you failed  and by the way he deserve my forgiveness because he gained…

Saying this she left from there to her room without hearing anyone sanskar went behind all the way smiling…he came inside the room and found swara standing near window he went towards and kept his hand on her shoulder….

San: what happened why you came like this here

Sw: because I don’t want to hear anything I have enough of this sanskar now I want peace in my life (she looked at him) I don’t want their apologies I am happy in my life i don’t want them u know seeing the hatred for in me in their eyes hurted me always and made thought why didn’t trusted me why just because open minded girl or from other cast…

San: hmmm what do you want swara just tell me

Sw: (looking straight in his eyes) I can’t live here I….

San: ahhh even I can’t and you know why (gave him confuse look) because I can’t see someone eyeing my wife which is my right fully from yesterday (saying this he pulled from waist) you are mine only mine in every sense…and no one has right on you even to keep his eye on you….

Sw: (shocked) sanskar…

San: (caressing her cheek) I have my own small house will you live there with me

Sw: I will….


6 months leap

Swasan left maheshwari mansion same day after proving swara innocent everyone tried to ask forgiveness but swara didn’t gave them chance how much she try to forgive them but seeing them everything moving in her mind duet which she is unable to forgive them….
Sharmishta broke every relation with gododia shekhar try to apologies but she didny geared him and asked him to get out of her life…raglak applied for divorce but they have to live together for a year after that they can decide whatever they want…

Swasan mansion

Swasan were sitting in balcony feeling the fresh air while drinking tea since that night of their union they started spending lot’s of time together sanskar had already fallen for her but swara kept her feeling hidden he knew she also has start feeling him but he never tried to force her for saying those word but he made sure he will make her feel loved by him in everything…he will fullfill her every needs which she has every night before sleeping he will like always confess his love to her which swara knew…she never sleep before hearing his confession which made her feel happy and lucky girl having as him as her life partner who is understanding…

She looked at him who was drinking his coffee she leaned onto his shoulder making him looked at her she gave him his beautiful smile which made him also smile holding her close to himself he kissed her forehead lovingly…..

*************The End ***************

Sometime a confession is not needed because action speaks more than word a trust is only a part of love…because you can only trust your love ones blindly…

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