Regretful love – Part 1

hey guys after so many month i had time to write really missed all of you guys mainly saranya and maya.ok i am not a professional writer though bear my grammatical mistake.

i am a die heart fan of abhigya so characters in this story are also abhigya>…………………..
a girl voice is hearerd..
girl,Wounds,pain,heartbreak,hatered,guiltness.What are they?Are they the words made from vowels and consonent letter.NO but it is that word that change your world,its our feelings.everybody in this world knows everything here works according to time.It is said that time covers up everything,Time heals your every wound and guilt.Then why isnt it healing mine.Then why didnt it covered up my henious guilt is killing me from inside im regreting.a drop of tears falls on the hand of that girl

NEXT scene
another girl is seen.the girl is in a park.a boy is kneeled down infront of that girl
Girl,again you came
boy,listen i really love you
girl,love love love ahh.ok you love right?so what can you do for me?
boy,i can do anything you want me to do.look i really love you and i wont even hurt you i will even die for you
girl,ohk so you really can die for me na
girl,come with
girl,i said just come with me
girl takes the boy with her near the cliff
girl,jump from here if you really love me
boy sweats and says baby i would die
girl,SHUTUP,How dare you to call me baby?did i said i love you no na all boys are same.first you say i love you i will die for you i will marry blah blah blah and then what you do?you just ahh you break that girl heart into so many pieces that she can never ever fix that heart.she broke her trust such a way that she wouldnt ever be able to believe anyone.

Another scene is shown
another boy is shown in a bar
boy2,listen plz dont drink this much it not gud for you,you will die
boy(slightly side smiling)huh how can a person who died year back can die again
boy2,bhai plz if not for my sake then plz for the sake of d…
boy cuts the statement before completing.Boy,gives death glare
boy,what did you want to say chote dii your di right.i really hate girls they say the love you the trust you but at the end they left you for others they leave you when you are britling in pain.and coming to your di dont even dare to take her name infront of me i will not consider you my bhai
boy2,but bhai
boy,not buts and ifs ok.
boy starts to drink heavily
boy2,bhai stop.ok you hate her right yes bhai she deserves it but bhai you vcan start your life with other heart breaks to see you in this state
boy angrily leave

to be continue

who was the first girl and who was the second girl whey the boy hated girls
Ok guys if you like this then only i will continue otherwise it will remain like this comment if you want me to continue this story
i loved all your ff and os samyusam great job dear and saranya congrats on completing ur ff and best of luck for ur exmas darlu take care and maya ur fabulous..

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  1. B_Ani

    nyc shot dear…keep writing ??

  2. Maya

    Thank u so much?? and glad that u got time to be back in writing! Keep writing ?? It was nice and interesting to read!

  3. this one is so interesting !
    waiting for your next update !

  4. SamyuSam

    Thank you fr mentioning my name friend…. Nd ua back with an intredtng track dear….. Keep writing… Will be waiting fr next part…..???

  5. Please continue this and update fastly can’t wait to know the boys and girls please update fastly I can understand the situation but with whom alone I can’t understand

  6. Saranya24

    Ohh darling so happy to see u writing ff loved it waiting fr it pps continue love u????till tmrw iam busy wit exams so oly iam cmntng late see u soon bye love u????

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