refreshing the memories (OS)

“guys thankuu soo much for liking my previous os (SWARA: heart wonds cn easily be filled?) i know guys many of u though in that ff that swara should not forgave her family i also thought the same but i don’t know why i changed the end but i also thought that ff/os/ss are the thing where we can change anything easliy without any problem because in real life it is very difficult to heal the heart wounds because once it is given very few person were able to survive many do suicides after getting such wounds or live a lifeless life soo i gave that os a happy end because her family is living in guilt from past many years but thanks alot who gave me the suggestion or their reviews it helps me alot in future while writing such os thankuu soo much oncee again luv u allll”

now please also read my this os 🙂

One boy is sitting on the cliff and he is in a deep thought after half an hr he saw that a girl is sitting next to him with few distance but she is sitting towards him by showing her back…. Boy hesitates first but after few minutes he said helloo… misss… the girl who is also in a deep thought looks around and search from where the voice is coming.. boy after seeing this again hello miss im sitting behind youuu.. girl turn around and see the boy… boy passed a smile towards her…she also smiled back…

Boy: so mam what r u doing here alone at this time??

Girl: I can ask the same question to u to??

Boy: but u r a girl na that’s why it’s risky to sit alone at this cliff..

Girl with a pout and fake anger what u thought of girls?? Are all girls only darpook??

Boy: no no nothing like that aap tou mind he kr gai..Said with a innocent face..

Girl: okayyy koi nai I forgave u said with a wink so tell me what r u doing here??

Boy: I thinking about my childhood frnd said with a sad face..

Girl: ooo so where is your childhood frnd??

Boy: I don’t know I didn’t saw her from many years

Girl: oooo soo sad u know I also thinking about my childhood frnd

Boy: oo wow same pinch by saying this he pinched her 😀

Girl owwww and she also pinched him how dare u to pinch me??

Boy screams in pain and said softly Jhansi ki ranii…

Girl gave him a death glare… boy gulps and said achaaa sorry… soo tell me about your childhood frndd..

Girl: you know he was very fat when he was young


Girl: ya I know he also eats sand and his mom always beat him

Boy : hawwwwww

Girl: haaannn u know he used to put water buckets on the bed of his parents whenever he is angry with is mom

Boy: haw very bad boyy..

Girl: he is a a very bad and fatty boy but I like him soo much… now u tell me about your childhood frnd??

Boy: yaa okay u know she is very thin in her childhood like a match stick

Girl: whattt??

Boy: yaa seriously and u know she always irritates mee by saying that im not able to even get the kit of karate :’(

Girl: hawww chchchch poor you

Boy: haan naa u know she always said to me that I will do your homework but she always cheated me by doing me to complete her homework and run away..

Girl: ooo myyy godddd

Boy : haaannn sachiii u know she is such a bhukkar in her childhood that she always eat lunch from my plateee… she always ate my chocoss..

Girl: you fattyyy its u who always stole my chocos my saying this that this is your chocoss..

Boy: no no that were mine chocos but forget it what about the lunch u always ate from my plate??

Girl: u fatty I ate because u were eating third plate of lunch said by fully red in anger…

Girl: why u said me match stick?? I am not a match stick in childhood actually u were very fat that time..

Boy: then why were u say that I ate sand it is actually u who always serve me sand in plate with spoon and mom beats me for that :@

Boy: it is only u who convinced me for putting water bucket on the bed by saying that mom has told us to do soo :@

Girl: whatever and why u said that I irritate u when u r not able to get the kit of karate?? Don’t forget u don’t got that because you were very fat that time that u r unable to even pick up your leg… i always going to do your homework but u always sleep while doing my home work thats why i didn’t done your home work :@

Girl: don’t forget u also cut my braid in childhood

Boy: u also don’t forget that u put glue in my shampoooo

Girl: u also don’t forget that u put red ink in my burger instead of ketchup :@

Boy: uuuuuuuuuu match stickkkk

Girl: uuu fattttyyyyyyy

Boy : match stick

Girl: fatttyyyy

Like this they both starts fighting but suddenly stops and stares eachother for few minutes and giving each other death glare after some time they both start laughing by holding their stomachs and hug each other tightly and said I luv u lakshh… I luv u too raginiii…. ( yes both are laksh and ragini)

After breaking the hug..

Laksh: what a fun we did in our childhood I must say that days were awesome…

Ragini: yes laksh our childhood is mind-blowing with full of fun and naughtiness

Laksh: now let’s goo mrs. Mehahswari our son must be waiting for us

Ragini: chaloo and thankuu soo much for bringing mee here for refreshing our childhood memoriesss before going back to usa I luv u soooooo muchhh..

Laksh: I luv u tooo darling….

Laksh and ragini were childhood frnds and when they become young their parents got them married they both are living in usa with their 6 yrs old son ansh and they came india for spending their vacations and before going back they came to cliff for refreshing their childhood memories…

The end….

please tell me wether u like it or not and i will update my SS passion after few days thankuu 🙂 take care all Allah Hafiz


  1. Chanu

    Wow.. Lv dis os. Sweet lv story.It is a super cute like ur niece & nephew. Gv them lots f hugs & kisses 4m me.. 😀
    And hey i like ur last os bz swara forgive them.. Evry1 need a 2nd chance.. It will be difficult bt we shd try 2 4gv evry1..
    Be happy always

  2. Rabia



    thankuuuu soo much guyss for liking it alsoo divya,Spp,simple,shana,chandu,sindhura,ammu,muskan,jwala,nitu,megha,lovelyy thankuuu sooo muchh guys and chanu i will give them hugs n kisses from your side for sure <3 luv u all guys :* :*

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