Reel SWASAN to Real VAHE OS by Chaitu

Hii guys this was written long back but pened it now since so many things are going on on still in this circumstances i have written this finger crossed I hope u will like this if not please spare me

In this os varun is unmarried rather than that nothing is changed in the plot

Helly was already in the show so varun gave his look test and director was testing their chemistry doing random scenes then said perfect chemistry ( why not they are perfect match in physics chemistry biology) there they didn’t talk much
Every one were happy as show is going good. Vahe and temish was also happy as the audience were liking their show
Varun and namish were chatting where as helly and teja was checking their social sites
Helly : see this varun nice na
Varun : yes I never thought that they will be crazy about us this much Yarr
Teja : fan’s are like that only they will be crazy about small things also which they adour us
Namish : abbé yaar chall tujhe na yeh sab nahi pata chalega tu social media pe aajo tab u will get to know how crazy the fans are
Heltej : yes
Since swaragini became a popular show swasan became popular jodi everyone were appreciating there work liking their chemistry they got many fan followers varun and helly were happy with the response they are getting for their hard work since swasan was a popular pair everywhere in social media their was only one gossips or discussion that heva were dating each other they are real couple fans were going crazy about these gossips but they didn’t give any heeds for there gossips they use to enjoy shooting all four of them I.e, vahe temish bonded very well they use to prank on each other go for outings shopping long drives they never cared about gossips or bashings anymore but somewhere varun started thinking about on going things he started to think about helly the way she handles the things her chirpy nature her cuteness the way she reports everything to her mamma he started to like her nature he likes to spend time with her

When helly got dengue fever (in real also she got) at that time he started to miss her for a quite long time he used to call her but still he missed her physically after her comeback he was happy to see her chirping everywhere meeting everyone (Iam frequently using chirping word because in radio interview varun said he like her chirping nature so)
As days passed his liking also increased which is turning to love when they were doing confession scene in mandir their helly got hurt (real) and started crying but it pained him to see her like that their he came to know that he love her he was so happy to know that he started loving helly
Here comes the dream sequence for all swasan fans that is their proposing scene there he started to ask her dream proposal to know about what type of proposal she wants
Varun : so helly even u expect grand proposal from your boyfriend
Helly : no I don’t want like filmy proposal I want sweet and simple proposal
Varun liked her simplicity
Varun(monologue) : arrey yaar iam falling for her again and again one day he proposed her even she accepted him in set everyone came to know about their relationship but they didn’t disclosed infront of media

Varun came to helly vanity and back hugged her kissing her cheeks
Helly : varun what are you doing someone will come
Varun : common Yarr we have done these type of scenes in front of everyone now you are saying anyone will see
Helly : at that time we were swara and sanskar we have to do that not varun and helly
Varun (frowning) : then I want to be sanskar only so that I can’t romance with swara everywhere saying this he pecked her lips and ran away
Helly : pagal
Varun : peeing in door but you love this pagal
There was helly birthday she was so excited that the smile never left her lips their interview was going on varun and teja was with her
Reporter : so tejaswi this time what gift you want to give her
Teja : it’s a surprise I can’t reveal here but she likes it saying this she hugged helly
Reporter asked varun
Varun : haann. Yesterday I gave na one minni toy
Teja : what u say that as a gift he always do that last time also you did like that only
Reporter : what he gifted last time
Helly : actually last time he was doing outdoor shooting so he came late to party then he gifted me corriender leaves bunch Saying as a bocke she bet on his shoulder I never taught in my dream that I get something like this as a gift
Varun : what to do at midnight there was no shop to buy gift while coming from market area I found that as bocke seeing it as plain I added some rose flowers to that and gave her after giving only I came to know that it is not a bocke bunch it is a corriender used for cooking
What I know about cooking
Reporter : agli bar kya gift dogge app
Varun (instantly) : baby cradle
Varun rocked heltej shocked
After IV
Helly : what was that
Varun : your future gift helly blushed teja started to tease her

In set while doing suhagraat scene vahe was sitting behind them director was explaining the scene
Varun : helly hum bhi haise suhagraat terrace pe hi kartte hein
Director : (while explaining heard him ) isse pehele shaadi toh kar uske baad only u will get license to do this in terrace heva blushed
Varun : swara please license do na
Helly : pehele driving see
Varun : I’m good in that holding her through waist come near her ear he said huskily that is why my one touch drives you crazy she blushed and hit on his chest

During memory loss scene helly got three days off she enjoyed a lot with family friends she never met him but talked through phone
In varun house they were sitting on couch varun was back hugging her preparing for next day shoot where as helly was watching the serial in voot wearing headphones suddenly she hugged him tightly and started to cry he became worried
Varun : (cupping her face)What happened Jaan why are you crying
Helly : I don’t want to go away from from you I always want to be with you varun I LOVE U
Varun got confused when he saw her mobile he got why she is saying these stupid things
(Helly was watching the cliff scene with rajat how everyone missed her)
Varun : taking her in his embrace jaan it’s just a scene relax no body will separate us OK tum meri ho aur mein tumhara hamesha hamesha keliye
Helly : promise
Varun : promise
To change her mood
Varun : how was your holidays
Helly : awesome she said what all she did
Varun : I was missing you here but you was enjoying your holidays u didn’t even missed me he asked with a pout
Helly : I missed you so much saying this he kept her lips on his and started to suck it varun was shocked later he also started to kiss her they kissed passionately showing there love towards eachother

Then 6 months separation track started they use to enjoy this tashan wala track in scene they disguised themselves as a worker and came to abhimanyu house everyone were liked their costume varun came to helly vanity and back hugged her and started to kiss her nape
Varun : you are looking beautiful
Helly : varun leave me your mooch is pricking me
Varun : outside everyone licked my mooch so i taught to grow moustache what say
Helly : dare you do that I don’t want you to be like a daadi baba if you grow mooch na then I will send u to Himalaya be their with the saint Baba’s doing japa thapa
Varun : really helly I was planning to build cricket team to become dadaji for there children but you instead of fulfilling my wish you want me to go with babaji’s to do japa tapa in Himalayas instead of dadaji you want me to become babaji this is not done you are so bad
Helly : ohh…my baby want to become father grandfather
Varun : yes let’s get start here only so that I can build next cricket team fast
Helly : shameless
Helly : only for you
Their moment was disturbed by the person who came to call them for shoot

There comes the end of swaragini everyone were crying and missing the set and serial ended

Heva got married
Helly was packing varun’s lunch bag for shooting
Helly : today at what time your packup
Varum : combing his hair at evening
Helly : even mine also so just for a change today I will come to pick you OK
Varun : OK jaan he kissed her forehead and went

At evening
Helly came to varun’s set
Varun : came and hugging her kissed her forehead
Varun : now I will drive he sat on driving seat while helly sat beside him keeping her head on his shoulder both smiled
Varun : today let’s go to beach
Helly : (excitedly pecked his cheek) OK let’s go
She was playing in water like a child varun was admiring her cute wife antics went to her and started to twirl her back hugging both were laughing whole heartedly
Coincidentally reporter was there so they came to them to take there interview
Reporter : so how is life after marriage
Vahe together : COLOURFUL
Varun : now no more my room looks like a haunted room to me thank you for coming in my life he kissed her forehead


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