reel life to real life (Part 13)


Hey guys thanks for reading previous parts. I am happy that you liked them. So lets continue.
Lakshya reaches Kerala. He calls Prince
Lakshya: hey hacky!
Prince: lucky any news?
Lakshya: i have found out something amazing.
Prince: so share with me also…..
Lakshya: ofcourse… i am in the hotel… where are you?
Prince: i am going to board my flight now… so see you soon..
Lakshya: great….then… i will meet you and talk to you.
Prince: yeah sure..

There’s a knock on Swara’s door
Swara opens it and suprised to see someone behind a bunch of carnations. Well…. its lakshya

Swara: wow!
Lakshya: these are for you!
Swara: thanks but… why?
Lakshya: on the way got from some kids… was finding someone to give… but since there was no one… thought of giving them to you.
Swara: thats so sweet of you.. i just love these….
Lakshya: will you talk to me on the door or ….
Swara: please come in…
Lakshya: your room is messed up? Any thing lost?
Swara: ummm…… nothing….sorry for this but.. can’t help it.
Lakshya: i think you are irritated with something
Swara: yes….somewhat…but how do you know this?
Lakshya: well that’s talent…. which i have…

Swara recollects her moment with sanskar.
Swara just gives a faded smile to Lakshya.

Lakshya: well… i think i should take your leave…. bye.
Swara: hmmmk bye.

Lakshya comes out and calls Ragini

Lakshya: hey ragini! Lakshya this side.. remember we met today?
Ragini: yeah… how can i forget so soon?
Lakshya: do you think swara still has feelings for sanskar?
Ragini: can’t say… but why are you asking this?
Lakshya: i tried the same lines which sanskar used…. and she got affected by them..
Ragini: so may be…. are you going to do their patchup?
Lakshya: yeah…. but it will take time
Ragini: good atleast you will help swara
Lakshya: i am not going to do it directly.
Ragini: then how?
Lakshya: indirectly….. some filmy tricks you see..
Ragini: great… if you need my help anytime call me.
Lakshya: yeah sure. Thanks for helping.
Ragini: come on! We are friends now. No need of thanking.
Lakshya: ohhk bye..
Ragini: bye.

Prince reaches Kerala.
Prince on the call
Prince: where are you lucky? I already reached here.
Lakshya: ohh…. i am near poolside.. you freshen up and meet me
Prince: yeah ohhk. Bye.

Pool side
Prince: hii lucky!
Lakshya: hii!
Prince: so what’s the news?
Lakshya: the news is….teri bhabi ane waali hai…
Prince: kya?
Lakshya explains everything to him.
Prince: seriously ? Swara and bhai?
Lakshya: yeah i am serious!
Prince: they will make a good pair. We must sort out their differences.
Lakshya: yeah for that i need your help.
Prince: always ready for that!
Lakshya: so i will put you in some other department… so it will be easy to bring them closer.
Prince: great then….
Lakshya: but i can’t find sanskar… don’t know where he is.
Prince: don’t worry give me few seconds i’ll find him.
Lakshya: how did i forget when hacker is here there can’t be any tension.
Prince: he’s location is near some river.. probably in a houseboat.
Lakshya: ohhk you go to him and tell him about the change. Mind you not to tell him about what we know. Cool?
Prince: cool!

House boat
Prince comes happily and hugs sanskar.
Sanskar: hey ! Kaisa hay?
Prince: awesome bhai! This place is quite cool.
Sanskar: yeah i know….. you know what i have found out that there’s a street fight tommorow night.
Prince: awesome bhai! But i have a sad news.
Sanskar: what?
Prince: i am been sent to different department…. in some photography thing.
Sanskar: why did’nt you say no? I’ll talk to lakshya about this..
Prince: let it be bhai ….. and i think its more intresting than this set making and all..
Sanskar: if you are happy then…
Prince:i had something to say….
Sanskar: why are you hesitating?
Prince: actually… i think you shouldn’t go for these fight.
Sanskar: and why you think that?
Prince: have you seen these men? They are healthy,fat.,tall and you are so… if they hurt you then?
Sanskar: don’t worry. I’ll be alright. I am not that bad fighter also. I mean i get your point but…
Prince: ohhk bhai…i was here to take you… actually you are wanted on the set. Lucky had asked me to call you. He was trying to call you but i think you didn’t pick up.
Sanskar: yeah ohhk! Let’s leave.

On set
Lakshya: hey prince come i’ll show you your new team!
Prince: yeah coming ….
Lakshya: by the way sanskar… you are needed in the room no 34…. first floor.
Sanskar: ohhk…..
Prince: bye bhai.
Sanskar: bye.

Prince: all set?
Lakshya: yeah and i have placed the jammer as you said so that they can’t call us.
Prince: swara in?
Lakshya: yeah she is….
Prince: yeah ohhk.
Lakshya: lets go and lock the room now!
Prince: sure…

In the room Swara is packing something while sanskar enters. Prince and Lakshya lock the room from outside. And give a hi-fi to each other.

Sanskar: tum yaha?
Swara rudely: kyu tumhare papa ka room hay?
Sanskar to himself: she doesn’t even know that its his.
Swara: why are you talking to yourself?
Sanskar: i only meant that why are you packing theze things?
Swara: because there’s a change. We are going the 5 floor.
Sanskar just looks around.
Swara: stop looking around…. pack these things.
Sanskar: stop odering me! You are not my boss.
Swara: do what you want!
Sanskar picks up a box of packed things: 5th floor right?
Swara: yeah..
Sanskar tries to open the door but its locked.
Sanskar: what happened to this crap now?
He keeps the things down and tries to open it again. But it doesn’t.
Sanskar: i hope it’s not any of your trick?
Swara: excuse me! I was here before you! You came and then the door was locked.
Sanskar: i never touched the door. It was open first only! I just entered.
Swara: and when did i go to close it?
Sanskar: you must have told someone.
Swara: that’s what you must have told someone. I don’t even know this people properly.
Sanskar: so what?
Swara: please! I was not even aware that you will be coming here. Instead of fighting with me go and try to open it.

Poor sanskar tries his level best but …. he tries calling also but jammer ….
Sanskar: blo*dy hell! All this should happen today only? No network and this shitty door!
Swara looks at him . Sanskar: what are you looking at me?
Swara: please i am suprised that even my phone has no network. I hope the shoot is not over or packed up! Or else..
Sanskar: keep your negative vibes to yourself only.
Swara gets irritated: she unpacks the things and makes a mess.
Sanskar : why the hell are you unpacking the things?
Swara stands there without any answer.

3 hours later
Swara: its been 3 hours… i am sure they have forgotten about us. .
Sanskar: will you please shut up?
Swara: everytime i wont hear what you say. You don’t listen to me and you expect me to listen to you. Hahaha is’nt this funny? We are locked here and you blame me for this.
Sanskar pins her to the wall in anger: what you want to say? That you ruined my life? Becausr of you i am roaming with this looser tag on me. You think whatever you brother sister did with me was a joke?
Swara inturn pushes him: yeah! Keep your point of view to yourself! Now you will listen.
Sanskar: just shut up!
Swara: i am not going to! Today i will talk and you will listen. You should also know the truth. Not that i need to prove myself but for you to know! Enough i heard and bored your rudeness for what i never did.
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Credit to: alisa

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