reel life to real life (Part 9)


Hey guys i am quite happy about the fact that you guys are liking my fan fiction. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you. This is just because of your support that keeps me writing.
Sanskar is waiting in the parking lot along with his bags. Just then swara comes.
Swara: sanskar! He turns around to see her but looking at her only he turns back.
Swara: listen to me sanskar!
Sanskar: hey listen i am sorry i shouldn’t have pushed you. So please let me go.
Swara: i am sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted at you without knowing the thing. But even you could have clarified it right?
Sanskar: i don’t think i need to clarify something. And your appology isn’t needed. Whatever i did to you that was like tit for tat so please leave me alone now.
A cab comes by then. Sanskar goes to sit in. But his hand is held by swara.
Swara: where are you going?
Sanskar: get a life. And let me live my life.
Swara: you are unwell. You have fever.
Sanskar: that’s not your concern. Leave my hand.
Swara: i won’t. What will you do?
Sanskar just opens the car door and sits inside. Even swara sits with him.
Sanskar: when will you leave me alone? Don’t you have work to do?
Swara: till you don’t accept my appology i won’t.
Sanskar: please swara! Get the hell out of the car. Or else I’ll have to push you and you know very well what will happen?
Swara: you can’t get me out from here.
Sanskar: you can’t count on me. I am capable of that. So please.
Swara unwilling gets out of the car.

Lakshya pov
Ohh god! This girl its been 15 minutes i am sitting here. But this one is not turning up only. I hope she is not playing a prank. I already had 3 coffees but this one. She didn’t even gave me her number. I above all i don’t even know her name.
Just then ragini comes.
Ragini: hey.
Lakshya: hii miss?
Ragini: ragini bose. You?
Lakshya lakshya. Miss bose please have a seat.
Ragini; yeah. Coffee?
Lakshya: no thanks. I think we should talk about what we are here for?
Ragini: yeah sure. First tell me the name of the person atleast.
Lakshya: oops! Sanskar i hope you know him.
Ragini who was drinking water gets chocked and starts coughing.
Lakshya: hey are you okay?
Ragini: yeah i am fine.
Lakshya gets a call.
Lakshya: please excuse me . Its important. I’ll get back to you.

Ragini pov
Now what does he want to know about sanskar? I don’t even know who he is. Should i tell him everything? Or…

Lakshya: hey miss bose! Would you mind talking in the car? Actually my flight is preponed so?
Ragini: yeah sure. But what relation you have with sanskar?
Lakshya: actually its strange you might find it strange but i am his brother. I know you must be wondering how don’t i know about him and all. But its a long story.
They come to the car.
Ragini: ok.
Lakshya: so please whatever you know about him. Please let me know. He relates to his present. First he wasn’t as aggressive as he is now but i don’t know. I hope i get a clue here.
Ragini: I’ll tell you. Don’t worry. By the way its ragini. Stop calling me miss bose.
Lakshya: yeah fine.

( hey guys i forgot to mention in the begining a new character here as swaragini’s elder brother (dada) played by zain or yuvi from tashan -e- ishq)

FLASH BACK in Ragini’s pov
I really had no clue why he had joined college in the begining here. But since he was a fresher my dada DANISH had turned into a warm enemy for him. My over protective brother and the college stud had high egoand could do anything to satisfy it.

Sanskar enters the college premises and sees some students being ragged. But he gets on to his way. Stopped by Danish.

Danish: hey you! Fresher!
Sanskar ignores and walks. Danish walks behind him and stops.
Danish: can’t you hear? I was calling out to you.
Sanskar: firstly my name isn’t fresher and secondly i don’t give a way to dogs.
Danish: you bastard! How dare you call me a dog?
Sanskar: awwww! Dekho toh! Kuta bhok raha hein.

Swaragini comes
Sanskar falls for swara when he just sees her. It was love at first sight for him. Danish noticez that sanskar is eyeing swara.

Danish: hey you! Stop looking at them. Better stay away from them.
Sanskar: kyu teri gf hai?
Danish holds sanskar’s collar
Swara: dada leave him
Principal comes: Danish leave him or I’ll expell you from the college. You know very well i have many reasons for that.
Sanskar: you’re mistaken ma’am. Danish was just helping me out. He was telling his sister to show me the classroom that’s it.
Princi: okay. You may go. And danish you follow me.
Sanskar pulls swara’s hand and goes.
Sanskar: by the way i am sanskar. You?
Swara: i don’t think i need to tell you.
Ragini calls out from behind: swara! Swara! I am going to the canteen. See you later.
Sanskar: so swara won’t you come along with me? Swara looks at him angrily.
Sanskar: to the class. Why are you getting angry?
Swara: i am not angry.
Sanskar: so this is your normal face? Doesn’t look like.
Swara: you need to go to the call right follow me.
Sanskar: ofcourse i am. By the its good i knew swiming.
Swara: huh?
Sanskar: or else i would drown in your eyes. Swara blushes a bit.
Swara: how cheesy! Don’t even try to do what’s going in your mind. You will definetly get pasting from Danish.
Sanskar: is he your boy friend?
Swara: will i call my bf dada?
Sanskar: can’t trust! Now a days what pets names are kept for gf and bf. By the way my class has come. So bye.
Swara: bye.
Sanskar: you look cute when you blush. Keep that happy face like that. Byeeee.
So guys hold on! The flash back hasn’t end. So keep waiting until next. I hope you liked it. So please comment. I’ll be waiting for your views. So please do comment.

Credit to: alisa

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