reel life to real life (Part 8)


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Sanskar: don’t you have a single room here?
Receptionist: no sir. We are extremely sorry.
Sanskar: do you have any lobby here? So that i can spend my rest of the night?
Receptionist: to your left sir. By the sir you can keep your luggage in the locker room. We have recently made it for these kinds of things.
Sanskar: will my things be safe?
Receptionist: yeah sir. Yoy get your key so no tension of that.
Sanskar: great! I’ll go then over there.

Receptionist: ok sir. And sorry for the inconvineince.
Sanskar: its ok now.

Swara’s pov
Idiot! Could not even adjust for sometime. He has changed so much. I wasn’t expecting him to be rude towards me. But swara so stupid of you. You were together and you didn’t even sort out or appologize to him. But now also i can do that. I’ll talk to him right away.

Swara comes out looking for sanskar who is resting on a sun bed along the swimming pool.

Swara: sanskar?!
Sanskar: what’s your problem? Can’t you stay away from me?
Swara: listen to me atleast
Sanskar: you think I’ll listen? Get lost from here. I don’t want to see your face.
Swara: you have to listen to me this time enough of your rudeness.
She holds his collar. While sanskar jerks her away she aparently lands up in the pool.
Sanskar: i had asked you to stay away.

Swara: sanskar?! I can’t swim please save me. I can’t swim sanskar please save me.
Sanskar: this must be some trick to talk to me.
Swara: no sanskar…. she drowns.

Sanskar: swara?!!! He immediately jumps in the pool. He brings her up in his arms.

Sanskar: swara? Please wake up! Utho swara! Swara? He removes the water from her body. Swara?!!
Few people gather around.
Man:lagta hai ki behosh hogayi hay. Use kamre mein leke jao warna use thand lag jayegi.
Sanskar: haan.
Sanskar picks her in his arm and walks upto to the room. Bolna plays in the background( sorry bad at choosing songs)

Receptionist comes there: sir i think you should change her clothes before she gets fever. She’s already unconcious.
Sanskar: please call the doctor.
Receptionist: sir there’s a doctor in the next room. May be she might help you out in this.
Sanskar: why are you waiting here. Call her now.
Receptionist moves out.
Sanskar: i am sorry swara. I should have not pushed you away like this. I should have listened to you and got you out first only.
Doctor: what happened to het? How did she drown?
Sanskar: it was an accident. Please check her.
Doctor: ofcourse i will.
Doctor checks swara.

Doctor: she has fainted due to fear. Don’t worry. I’ll give you some prescribe you some medicines incase if she gets fever you may give her.
Sanskar: when will she get concious?
Doctor: soon but let her rest.
Sanskar: yeah ohhk.
Doctor: if you need anything i am in the next room. Feel free to come.
Sanskar: hmmmk.

Next morning
Swara finds herself in different clothes. And notices sanskar next to the bed dozing.

Swara: you idiot! How dare you changed my clothes? Get out from my room.
Sanskar gets glad seeing her: swara.

Swara: just f**k off from my room.

Sanskar walks out. He meets the doctor.
Doctor: hows she now?
Sanskar: look for yourself. She’s awake.
Doctor: hmmk.

Doctor walks in the room
Doctor: hii! I hope you are feeling better
Swara: hii but who are you?
Doctor: i am sorry i forgot to introduçe my self. I am dr. Dhara malhotra tbe doctor who treated you last night.
Swara: thanks for being there.
Doc: well you must thank your boyfriend for that coz he was the one worried for you.
Swara just nods.
Doc: i must say you indeed very lucky.
Swara: lucky for what?

Doc: that you got a guy like him. He’s such a caring person. And where do we find a guy who gets a chance to see a girl nude but avoids it?
Swara: what do you mean?
Doc: he had asked me your clothes. I mean now a days who will loose a chance like this?
Swara: what?! Yoy changed my clothes?
Doc: ofcourse i did. Well i need to go. Take care of yourself.
Swara: thank you so much.

The doctor leaves.
Swara to herself
That jerk couldn’t open his mouth? Firstly it wasn’t his mistake still he walked out silently. He should have clarified atleast. I should appologize to him about this.

# Delhi
College – Principals office
Lakshya: hii sir i am lakshya gujral. I am here to ask you about a student who was in the year 2010-11 batch in first year.

Princi: i am sorry bit i can’t give you a students personal information.
Lakshya: its important sir. I am his brother.
Princi: you are the students brother and you yourself don’t know about him/ her?
Lakshya: i know irs strange but i need your helf in this.
Princi: its against our rules. You may leave.
Lakshya comes out and bumps onto ragini.
Ragini: dooniya mein hi mili thi takrane?
Lakshya: i am sorry i was in a hurry. Hope you’re hurt.
Ragini; no i am not. By the way who’s info you want?
Lakshya: huh? Why are you intrested?
Ragini: i was also in the same batch may be i can help you that’s why.
Lakshya: were you listening to our talks?
Ragini: no no i was just entering while i heard you speaking. So thought of.
Lakshya: ohhk. Do you want to talk here?

Ragini; no. Not now i am busy. I can meet you in the evening.
Lakshya: ohhk. Text me the adress I’ll be there.
Ragini; good way of asking a girls number but no need. Here you go. Sje writes the adress on a paper and gives him.

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Credit to: alisa

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