reel life to real life (Part 7)


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Next day
Sanskar boards his flight.
He is suprised to see swara on the seat besides him.
Sanskar: what are you doing here?
Swara: i am so sorry. While playing hide and seek i slept here.
Sanskar: huh?
Swara: its a flight and i can go anywhere.
Sanskar: i know that.
Swara: then stop asking me questions.
Sanskar: fine. Will you please excuse me now?
Swara: why would i?
Sanskar: coz that’s my seat in there.
Swara: hmmm

Prince on the call with Lakshya
Prince: lucky i have found out the college.
Lakshya: well done hacky. I’ll come to your place then.
Prince: no need lucky. I have already emailed you. You can check for yourself.
Lakshya: great.
Prince: i found a strange thing but.
Lakshya: what but?
Prince: swara! Even she’s from the same college and same batch. I think they knew each other.
Lakshya: even i had a doubt. The first day itself sanskar was annoyed with her.
Prince: something is really fishy.
Lakshya: we’ll find out.
Prince: great.
Lakshya: I’ll see you for tonights party.
Prince: hmmmk.

@The Gujral
Dp: i hope everything is arranged lakshya.
Lakshya: yeah dad. Only these decorations are remaining. I’ll handle them.
Dp: good.
Lakshya: by the way dad i found out about sanskar’s college. He was in delhi for a couple of months after that no one knows where he was. But i am sure we’ll get a clue.
Dp: i want you to get the information possible personally. Please do it for me.
Lakshya: but dad what about the work here?
Dp: you don’t worry I’ll handle it . You just look for that.
Lakshya: don’t worry dad. I’ll go.
Dp: yeah. Now handle this things here.
Lakshya: yeah dad. I’ll go to delhi today itself then.
Dp: i don’t have issues with that. As long as you don’t have problem.
Lakshya: thanks dad.

Swara falls asleep on sanskar’s shoulder.
Sanskar pov
She looks as beautiful as she was when i first saw her. She looks soo cute and innocent. But she isn’t innocent whatever she did with me. I won’t forget it.
Sanskar: swara!? Swara?! Please remove your head away.
Swara wakes up: i am sorry.
Sanskar: i don’t understand the fact why always i get into this.
Swara: huh?
Sanskar: why did you come early. Your tickets were booked for tommorow right?
Swara: yeah but sir asked me to go early. So i am here. What about you?
Sanskar: none of your business.
Swara: when you ask questions you expect me to answer. But when i ask you ask me to shut up?
Sanskar: why the hell are you shouting? We are in a flight stop disturbing others.
Swara: so i was sleeping peacefully you disturbed me.
Sanskar: because you slept on my shoulder.
Swara starts tearing tissue papers and throwing around.
Sanskar; have you lost it?
Swara: now what i did?
Sanskar: why are you dirting the place?
Swara: are you going to clean? No right why are you bothering?
Sanskar: because half the dirt is on my lap. Clean it.
Swara: i am sorry. I’ll clean it.
Sanskar: you have to.
Swara cleans it and mumurs: how rude of him. Now even i will act rude like him.

Prince: lucky where are you?
Lakshya: i have reached delhi. By the way i forgot to thank you for the Information.
Prince: its ok bro. If you need my help just give me a call.
Lakshya: thanks. Yeah sure I’ll.
Prince: ok bye
Lakshya; bye.

In the hotel
Sanskar: please check properly. There must be two rooms booked.
Receptionist: no sir we have received a single booking and from tommorow there are 2 rooms booked.
Sanskar: ohhk fine. But isn’t there any other room available?
Receptionist: no sir. The hotel is already full. Please adjust for tonight.
Swara: its ok we’ll adjust.

Sanskar: please i am not going to share my room with you.
Swara: ohh hello its my room. Check the booking.
Sanskar: then go. I don’t need your help.
Swara: fine. Sleep on the streets then.
Sanskar: what ever i do. You shouldn’t be bothered.
Swara: i am not also.
Sanskar: leave.
Swara: idiot!
She stamps his foot and leaves.
Sanskar: b*t*h!
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Credit to: alisa

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