reel life to real life (Part 6)


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@Swara’s Apartment
On video call
Ragini: what happened to your face? You look low.
Swara: nothing ragini. Just tired.
Ragini: tired? Or something else is pricking you from inside?
Swara: ragini…. today we were assingned to do a model. And sanskar he gets so annoyed by looking at my face only.
Raagini: why are you getting affected?
Swara: because.. i can’t see him ignoring me.
Ragini: huh? Do you still….
Swara: i don’t know ragini. But i want to sort this as soon as possible.
Ragini: see swara why are you going fast? Give him some time.
Swara: enough of patient i bored. I will talk to him tommorow itself.
Ragini: things might get more complicated.
Swara: no i will sort them.
Ragini: you are getting stubborn now.
Swara: whatever.
Ragini: did you call chacha chachi?
Swara: i had but their phone isn’t reachable.
Ragini: evwn i was trying but it wasn’t reachable. Listen i am getting a call from boss. I’ll catch you later.
Swara: ok bye.

#The Gym
Sanskar: so you guys have done all this.
Prince: bhai i think you are hidding something from me.
Sanskar: huh? Why would i hide something?
Prince: i don’t know. But something is there.
Sanskar: whatever. I’ll do the rest. You send me the picture.
Prince: you know that swara before you met her there?
Sanskar: will you please send the picture?
Prince: i already sent. Why are you hiding something from me and avoiding my questions?
Sanskar: because they are useless.

Next Day
#The Gujral’s
Dp: lakshya have you done the arrangments for tommorows party?
Lakshya: yeah dad.
Dp: where’s sanskar?
Sujhata: he must be busy with his job.
Dp: he has a job too?
Sujhata: yeah he recently joined.
Dp: good atleast he will not be a duplicate for someone.
Lakshya: duplicate?
Dp: he worked as a duplicate stunt man for a movie. I had seen him but forgot to question him.
Lakshya;hmmm. But this time he has a good job dad.
Dp: good if you know. I have not seen his entire childhood and even his teenave life thats why he is always annoyed with me.
Lakshya: he’s always annoyed with everyone.
Dp; you know where he been for 2 years after he came down from boston.
Lakshya: no dad. No one knows.
Dp: his friends?
Lakshya: he has friends?
Dp: what do you mean?
Lakshya: due to his anger he didnt have friends in school. And he wouldn’t like to be social. That’s why.
Dp: what about that guy? He had come that day.
Lakshya: ohh yeah. He’s his only friend. If he knows I’ll let you know.
Dp: find out and tell me.
Lakshya: sure dad.

#The Gym
Prince: wow bhai. You did this in a night? It looks awesome.
Sanskar: thanks even you have worked on it.
Prince: yeah. I think we can give this to that kapoor.
Sanskar: I’ll go. If he needs you I’ll call you.
Prince: ohhk. Bye.

#Kapoor’s Office
Mr. Kapoor: i am impressed with your team sanskar.
Sanskar: thanks sir.
Mr. Kapoor: by the way you guys need to go kerala day after. Your work is going to start now.
Sanskar: sir what we have to do there?
Mr. Kapoor: your work will is to supervise the set there, my crew is alreasy there. You three have to see the requirements there. And that’s it. You’ll get your tickets today evening. And you take a day off today. And be there for the party tommorow .
Sanskar: thanks sir.

Sanskar: prince please inform swara that its a holiday today. And even we have. I’ll meet you in the evening. Bye
Prince: its awesome news. And I’ll inform swara. Bye.

#the gym
Lakshya: hey hacky.
Prince: hii lucky. You here?
Lakshya: had some work with you.
Prince: say. To unlock your phone, hack someones account, trace or something else? I’ll do all for you.
Lakshya: no nothing like that. I wanted to ask something about sanskar.
Prince: bhai? If he comes to know he’ll hamner me badly.
Lakshya: no i won’t leak out.
Prince: ohhk. Whatever i know i can tell.
Lakshya: what he did after he came down from boston or college?
Prince: bhai stayed in boston for few days later i don’t know why he came to india. But he was in delhi for a couple of months and then even i really don’t know what he did and where he was for that entire year.
Lakshya; so even you don’t know. But did he go to college?
Prince: i think but which one?
Lakshya: don’t you think he’s hiding something from us?
Prince: i tried asking but he avoided.
Lakshya: you have to do something for me.
Prince: sure.
Lakshya: just hack all the college records in delhi for that particular year. I am sure we’ll find something about him there.
Prince: I’ll get it done and tell you.
Sanskar: what you want to tell him? And what are you doing here?
Prince: you came early?
Lakshya: i had come to give your tivkets.
Sanskar: thanks but prepone my ticket for tommorow.
Prince: but party?
Sanskar: you can go for the party i don’t have issues with that. And its only a day earlier. I want to be alone.
Prince: ohhk as yiu wish.
Lakshya: I’ll get it done. You collect them from me later.
Sanskar: cool.

At night
Swara calls Sanskar
Sanskar: what you want to say?
Swara: can we meet?
Sanskar: i am not intrested. And i told you 10 times to stay away from me.
Swara: just once please.
Sanskar: please i told you already to keep this relation professional.
Swara: but listen atleast.
Sanskar: i hope you understand what is meant to be professional. Or if you want your life to be miserable… you know what i mean.
Swara: please sanskar….
Sanskar cuts the call
Swara to herself: blo*dy hell. I won’t give up so easily. I will sort this by hook or by crook.
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Credit to: alisa

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