reel life to real life (Part 5)


Hey guys a new episode. Firstly i am sorry for not updating since many days. However i had my reasons for that. Secondly thanks for commenting under previous one i hadn’t time to reply to you so thanking you all in at once.
Kapoor’s office
Swara is aside talking with kapoor while sanskar and prince are inside the cabin.
Prince: why the hell they are calling us so early? I mean if he wanted to talk to her than why us?
Sanskar: good na. We are not given work to do. So chill.
Prince: but still you could have rested at home. Your eye is swollen already.
Sanskar: hmmmmm
Prince: I’ll talk to swara about coffee today .
Sanskar: do whatever you want to with her. Don’t ask me.
Prince: why you get irritated with her? Any old enemy?
Sanskar: shut up!

Prince: bhai….
Swara enters
Prince: what did he say?
Swara: we have to make a model of this set and then present it to the director.
Prince: why do we have to make a model?
Swara: you don’t like to work hard i guess.
Prince: nthing like that. Its just that we must develop woith technology. We can use hologram for this but no.. that sir wants us to to make a model like school kids.
Swara: for next set we can implement your idea. But for now we have to.
Sanskar: I’ll get the things required for this. Just get the list done.
Swara: give me 10 minutes I’ll give you.
Sanskar: i am waiting in the parking lot get it.
Prince: bhai I’ll come with you.

Sanskar: I’ll go. You wait with swara.

Parking lot
Swara:here you go. We have to present it day after so we have to get it done.
Sanskar: hmmmk.
Swara: your eye sanskar. Its swollen. You need medication for it. Looks like someone hammered you badly.
Sanskar: that’s none of your business. Stay away from me.
Swara: listen at least…. sanskar leaves.
Swara to her self: i think ragini is right. I need to talk to him after some days.

Back to office
Mr. Kapoor: hey guys you can work on your project outside office also i don’t have issues with that provided i need them in time.

Prince : great then. Swara come let’s go. I’ll inform sanskar about it on the way.
Swara: but where are we heading? Tell atleast.
Prince: don’t worry you’re safe with me. I know you must be doubting what kind of a person i am but you can count on me.
Swara: hmmmk.
Prince: I’ll call bhai . Just wait for me in the parking lot.
Swara: ohhk.

Prince: bhai we are coming home. We can do our model there so you be there.
Sanskar: what the f**k is wrong with you? Why are you getting swara there?
Prince: bhai… now i already told her. Please for today adjust.
Sanskar: I’ll keep the things there. You do it with swara. I am going home.
Prince: please bhai just once.

Sanskar: i said no. I am going home bye.

@ The Gujral’s
sujhata: hey lakshy hows sanskar working?
Lakhshya: good mom. I had been to his office he had gone out to get somethings.
Sujhata: great hope their differences are sorted.
Lakshya: yeah dad is really looking forward for this movie and thiz will help sanskar also to sort out.
Sujhata: you’re home early. Any work here?
Lakshya: yeah mom. Dad is hosting a party here so i am resposible for arrangements.
Sujhata: what?! At home? Why aren’t you guys arranging it in hotel.
Lakshya: i don’t know that i am just following dad’s order.
Sujhata: hope there isn’t a scene created tommorow. You know sanskar’s habit.
Lakshya: i know. He hates parties.
Sujhata: I think you should talk to him. He will listen to you..
Lakshya: yeah hope so. Anyways you serve food for me. I’ll freshen up. By that time if sanskar comes I’ll talk to him.

Sujhata: ohhk.

#dinner table
Sanskar enters
Sujhata: sanskar beta come. Dinner is ready.
Sanskar: i am not hungry mom.
Lakshya: bro i need to talk to you something important.
Sanskar:you want to talk to me right? I am in my room. Come if you want to.
Lakshya: listen atleast …..sanskar!sanskar!
Sanskar slams his room door.
Lakshyz: looks like he’s in a bad mood.
Sujhat: go talk to him.

Sanskar’s room
He is busy punching the punching bag.
Lakshya: bro i need to speak to you.
Sanskar: so speak … who has stopped you?
Lakshya: we are hosting a party at home.
Sanskar; i don’t want to get involved. Please don’t involve me.
Lakshya: don’t worry i am not.
Sanskar: so what you want me to do?
Lakshya: nothing ..i hope you don’t have any problem in that?
Sanskar: firstly this is not my house and secondly i don’t think you need my permission for that.
Lakshya: why are you always bugged up? What’s your problem? You get irritated with the people you meet.

Sanskar: done with your talk? I have work. So bye.
Sanskar slams the door back and leaves.
Hope you like it. Do comment. I will post the next parttpday itself. Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead.

Credit to: alisa

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