reel life to real life (Part 4)

Hii guys new update here. The current track will be going on swasan. I wasn’t sure about raglak so the story was already writtrn. I would just post here so raglak scenes will be added later on.

The episode starts with
Swara’s faded smile and Sanskar shocked looking at her. The awkard moment is broken by prince.
Prince: bhai kya hua? Isse esay kyun dekh rahe ho?
Sanskar: kuch nahi.
Prince: waise bhai bohot hot hai.
Sanskar: hacky i need some water will you please get it?
Prince: sure bhai. He goes to get it.

Swara: listen sanskar i need to talk to you.
Sanskar: i don’t want to.
Swara: please sanskar i need to clarify something.
Sanskar: cut the crap. I think we should keep this professional.
Swara: all right. Let’s be professional.
Sanskar: good. He leaves.

Lakshya: what was that bro? You know each other.
Sanskar: just stop interfering in my life. You don’t need to know anything.
Lakshya: chill sanskar. Why are you bugged up? She looks like a nice girl to me.
Sanskar: stay out of this and did you have any work with me?
Lakshya: actually i had come to meet mr.kapoor where’s he?
Sanskar: he left saying he had a call to attend. He’ll be back. There isn’t any work here?
Lakshya: huh?
Sanskar; kuch kam nahi hai toh mein jau?
Lakshya: that mr. Kapoor will tell you. Wait for sometime.
Sanskar: ok.

Swara is watching all this from a distance but isn’t getting a thing. Lakshya approaches swara.
Lakshya: hii i am lakshya the ad
Swara: hii swara
Lakshya: so have you worked on sets before or this is your first time?
Swara: i was a part of creative team for sometime in delhi for the team which had come in to shoot there. So i have knowledge of this.
Lakshya: that’s nice. Are you a delhite?
Swara: yeah.
Lakshya: I’ll catch you later. I need to meet someone. Bye.
Swara: bye.

Prince; bhai here you go. Its a great place brother so many girls work here.
Sanskar: you had gone to get water or check out this things?
Prince: woh maine socha ki pani lete lete inko bhi dekh hi leta hoon.
Sanskar: chalo abhi woh kapoor aa gaya.
Prince: did you speak to that swara? And hows she?
Sanskar gives him an irked look: find out for yourself. I don’t think i should talk to her anyways.
They walk upto where swara is standing.
Mr. Kapoor: i hope you know each others names by now.
Prince: of course sir.
Mr. Kapoor; you seem to be very enthusiastic.
Sanskar: do we have any work to do today?
Mr. Kapoor: no today you just come to my office and we’ll discuss about some designs.
Sanskar: shall we?
Mr. Kapoor: i think you have something to do some where else.
Sanskar: yeah i have some work.
Mr. Kapoor: come then lets go. You guys can join me in my car.
Sanskar: thanks but we’ll follow you we have our bike. We’ll be there.
Mr. Kapoor: and you swara? Why are you quite? You also have your own transport?
Swara: no sir.
Mr. Kapoor: then join me. And you guys see you at my office.
Prince: sure sir.

The office
Kapoor shows them some designs.
Prince mumurs: bhai those game designs are much better than these.
Sanskar: shut up! I know but just keep noding at what he says.
Prince: hmmm.
Mr. Kapoor: so what you guys have to say?
Sanskar: they are good sir.
Swara: sir i think there should be some changes made in the that part. It would look good then.
Mr. Kapoor: good point. We can redesign this. What do you have to say prince?
Prince: why don’t we make it more graphical sir? It would be more attractive and catchy.
Mt. Kapoor: prince its a romantic movie not some science fictional. Your idea is good but if we have to do some science that time we’ll use it.
Prince: hmmk sir.
Swara smiles.
Mr. Kapoor: i think that’s it for today. You guys may leave.
Sanskar: finally over with this crap.
Mr. Kapoor: did you say something?
Sanskar: no sir.

The trio leaves.
Prince: swara would you like to have coffee?
Swara: no thanks .
Prince: come on now we are a team. We’ll get to know each other.
Swara was about to say yes. But then sanskar speaks: teri kya coffee ki dukan hai? Jo har ladki ko coffee pe bulata hai. Chal idhar se.
Prince: bhai yaar. Sanskar pulls him away.
Prince: she was about to say yes. Why did you pull me?
Sanskar: aren’t we supposed to go for the fight? Have you seen the time?
Prince: only 30 minutes remaining. After these stupid designs of his i forgot the time only.
Sanskar: go and say no to her and come.
Prince: won’t she find this rude?
Sanskar: you should have thought it before asking.
Prince : I’ll come then.
Sanskar: I’ll wait for you in the parking lot.

Prince: hey swara. I am sorry i have some urgent work. Can we go tommorow?
Swara: yeah sure. Even i got a call from someone.
Prince: great then. Bye see you..
Swara: byee.

Night 12 am
@ swara’s apartment
Ragini; so how’s your first day?
Swara: you won’t believe me who i met today?
Ragini; who hritik roshan?
Swara: come on ragini get a life.
Ragini: then who?
Swara: sanskar.
Ragini: what!?!? “That sanskar”
Swara: yeah that sanskar. Can’t believe he’s the same guy. He’s attitude is so changed towards me.
Ragini: what you expect him to be? After all that dada did to him.
Swara: i needed to speak to him. But he is not willing to.
Ragini: his anger is justified. Just give him sometime. I am sure he’ll understand.
Swara: if he’s not willing to speak how he’ll understand?
Ragini: give him time. After few days when he gets comfortable with you then talk.
Swara: hmmmm. Hope he understands.
Ragini: hmmm. Waise aur kaun kaun tumhare saath?
Swara: sanskar aur uska bhai prince.
Ragini: uska bhai bhi hai?
Swara: i guess prince calls him bhai all the time. So may be.
Ragini: is he cute like him?
Swara: why are you intrested?
Ragini: aise hi.
Swara: dada ko pata chal gaya toh pata hai na kya hogo.
Ragini; haan baba pata hai.
Swara: i need to go early tommorow. I’ll talk to you later. Bye good night.
Ragini; bye.

@ gym
Prince: aaj phir se aank pe lag gayi. Dekho pura sooj gaya hai.
Sanskar: so what? I won the fight na. Aur itne paise bhi mil gaye.
Prince: par ab toh ham kaam kar rahe he na. Toh paiso ka kya karenge?
Sanskar: yeh gym renovate karenge. We csn set up our own franchise of fighting club.
Prince: not a bad idea. By the way why were you bugged up with that swara. Kitni sweet toh hai.
Sanskar: use chod do. Itni sweet lagi toh uske paas hi ja. Mere pas mat aa.
Prince: kya bhai… mein kabhi aapko chod ke jaa sakta hoon?
Sanskar: haan pata hai abhi yeh stupid dialouge mar na bandh kar.

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Credit to: alisa


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