reel life to real life (Part 3)


I am happy to see the support from your part. I need to clarify something here. Its a swasan fiction. And i never thought of raglak but if you guys need me to me to write on them too then i can so please let me know.
@ The Beach
Sanskar: hacky lakshya and mom has offered me to work on set. What do you think of that?
Prince: bhai but you’re not intrested in making films right? So?
Sanskar: ofcourse i am not but lakshya said that the movie will be shot in different parts of the country. So i get a chance to travel.
Prince: so what are you supposed to do there? Just travel or work.
Sanskar: I’ll be given so outdoor work i guess not sure about that but i think mostly. So what do you say?
Prince: if you’re intrested then you go why are you asking me?
Sanskar: because i am not gping alone there. You too are coming with me.
Prince: why me? Lakshya has offered you the job. I don’t think that your dad will allow me to work on sets.
Sanskar: firstly I’ll definetly get bored without you. And secondly you don’t worry about dad i know how to handle him.
Prince: so you’re going?
Sanskar: yeah. Our saving won’t be sufficient to travel. So working there and getting money for what you would want to spend is also saved.
Prince: great then. But i don’t think they will allow me.
Sanskar: you don’t worry if they aren’t taking you then even i won’t go.
Prince: but bhai….
Sanskar: please now. I’ll go home and inform lakshya about this.
Prince: ok. Bye .

@The Gujral’s
Dp gets a call. He completes the conversation and comes to lakshya and sujhata.

Dp: listen lakshya.
Lakshya: yeah dad
Sujhata: i got sweets for you. Its our lakshya’s first movie atleast have some sweets.
Dp: first let me complete then we’ll see about sweets.
Sujhata: what you’re going to say that you don’t need sweets?
Lakshya: mom let him speak atleast.
Sujhata grumbles something.
Dp: listen lakshya the actor who rejected our offer is ready to do it. So….
Lakshya: ofcourse dad i understand he should do it. Its better for the movie.
Sujhata: but what about you lakshya? And you can’t say no to lakshya after all you are his father.
Dp: its my professional life and i think you understand it well for benefit i can change things.
Sujhata: this is not fair my lakshya is not a thing that you can replace him.
Lakshya: mom let it be. I’ll get many opportunites. And i didn’t expect also that i will be selected.
Sujhata: till when you will work under him?
Lakshya: please mom let it be.
Dp: i am sorry beta but i promise that you will work as an actor for my next film for sure.
Lakshya: ypu don’t need to be sorry dad. And i am happy that you are offering me a film.
Dp: i really appreciate your positivity. Please excuse me i need to go.

Dp leaves while sanskar enters. He gives him angry look and goes.

Sanskar: what’s happening? Why are you guys tensed?
Sujhata: pooch apne bhai se.
Sanskar looks at lakshya.
Lakshya: kuch nahi woh mein select hogaya tha par last moment changes occured. Nothing great about that.
Sanskar: hmmm. By the way i say yes to your offer.
Lakshya: great.
Both sujhata and lakshya gets glad and their smile comes back.
Sanskar: but…
Lakshya: but what?
Sanskar: i have two conditions. First prince will work with me and second that no one should know that i am d.p gujral’s son.
Lakshya: ohhk done. You can come tommorow to meet me on set. I’ll show you the person you should work under.
Sanskar: ohhk done. I hope my work is outdoors?
Lakshya: mostly it will be. Chill.
Sujhata: i am happy that you agreed.
Sanskar: hmmm

On the call
Sanskar: you’re in bro
Prince: really?
Sanskar: yeah but we have to start working tommorow onwards.
Prince: you have a fight tommorow night you know that right?
Sanskar: how can i forget that. We’ll get the work done soon and leave for the fight.
Prince: as you say bhai.

Next morning
@ swara’s apartment.
The bed is messed up with all clothes on it.
Swara: ragini i can’t find my black shirt.
Ragini: its in your suitcase only. Check properly.
Swara: i unpacked my entire suitcase ragini its not there.
Ragini: swara yaar its 6 am and i am feeling sleepy here. Please check again.
Swara; what?! Aren’t you awake? You lazy bum. When you will learn to wake up early .
Ragini: swara yaar decide to search your shirt and please stop giving me lectures.
Swara: i am not finding my shirt here and you want to sleep?
Ragini: why you want that black shirt only? Can’t you wear something else?
Swara: its my lucky shirt ragini and i want that one only.
Ragini: i think you kept it in that side zipper of your suitcase. Please check.
Swara : you’re right. I found it. Thank you ragini. I love so much.
Ragini: now please look around yourself. And clean the messed up room.
Swara looks around and finds the room is really messed up: how did you know that it is messed up?
Ragini: because when you get irritated and and restless you do these things. Now please let me sleep will you?
Swara: ok bye good night.

Swara cuts the call and gets ready.

On the sets
Prince: bhai now where to go? Ask lucky na.
Sanskar: I’ll just call him and find out where’s he waiting.
Prince: he’s on the left side of that wall.
Sanskar: how do you know that?
Prince: i traced him. Come let’s go in its your fathers set why are you getting scared?
Sanskar: mute karo. No one should come to know that i am d.p gujral’s son . Get it?
Prince: yeah ok.

Lakshya comes out and takes them inside
Lakshya: mr. Kapoor these are your assistants. Sanskar and Prince.
Mr.Kapoor: but i needed only a single person. Why you got two?
Lakshya: woh actually…..
Sanskar: coz we are a team and we work together sir.
Mr.Kapoor: good then i don’t mind keeping them both.
Lakshya: so i shall leave.
Mr.Kapoor: meet my other assistant miss swara bose.
Swara: hii prince, and her smile fades as she sees sanskar. Sans..kar…
Prince: hii
On the other side sanskar’s smile also fades.
Prince: bhai kya hua?
Mr. Kapoor: I’ll just call up and come. You guys carry on and know each other as now you three our a team.
Prince: sure sir.
He leaves
What could be the reason of their faded smile? Keep thinking until next. Hope you like the plot. I will be waiting for your comments. Thanks for reading. And good night.

Credit to: alisa

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  1. Is this only swasan?? Hoping that RagLak also is der.. Want them tobb paired.. Nd yes its a different story. Good job..

    1. Hey liz thanks for commenting. Actually its a swasan fiction. But if you guys want me to pair up raglak i don’t have any problem.

    1. Thaanx ruhi

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