reel life to real life (Part 2)


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Next morning
Delhi airport

Ragini: take care of your self. And don’t be busy with your work all the time. And i hope you won’t forget me.
Swara: haa meri maa. You also take care. I wish you could come with me.
Ragini: me too. I wish i could. But please take selfies with the stars there. You’re so lucky that now you can meet them.
Swara: yeah yeah. My name is announced i should leave now. Bye take care of your self.
Ragini: bye and give me a call when you reach there.
Swara: ofcourse i will. Bye.
Ragini: bye.

@ The Gujral’s
Breakfast table
Lakshya: mom, yesterday night what drama was created here?
Sujhata: actually your dad was waiting for sanskar and you know sanskar very well he was bugged up with him. That’s why your dad was angry.
Lakshya: i don’t understand when they will sort their differences.
Sujhata: ya. Hope that day will come soon.
Lakshya: i have got an idea. If you can convince sanskar then it might work.
Sujhata: tell atleast what’s the plan?
Lakshya: our new creative director needs assistants. One he already has so we need one more for that if you can convince him then dad might also not have problems with him.
Sujhata: you think he’ll agree to work on your dad’s set?
Lakshya: you know he loves travelling a lot and this movie is going to be shot in various parts of the country so….. you know what i mean.
Sujhata: I’ll see then. What about you?
Lakshya: me? What you want to say?
Sujhata: i know you want to act in movies why don’t you ask your dad about it.
Lakshya; hmmmm. Where’s sanskar?
Sujhata: he left early morning.

Lakshya gets a call.
Lakshya: mr. Desai you should have informed me before about it. You were supposed to handle that thing. From where do i arrange that now. Please look for it yourself.

Prince: what bro early morning we are here. It our own gym we could have come anytime.
Sanskar: i don’t compromise with exercise and i think you should also do some. Instead of sitting with your laptop and hacking something.
Prince: look bhai. Your yesterdays fight video has gone viral on the net.
Sanskar: what?! Who uploaded that?
Prince: of course me . I only recorded the fight yesterday. You got 200k views in one night. Great haan.
Sanskar: pagal nikhal us video ko. Agar police dekhegi toh? Hum dunno ko jail hogi.
Prince: woh toh mene socha hi nahi. Abhi nikalta hun.

Sanskar’s phone rings.
Prince: bhai aunty ka phone hai.
Sanskar: tu hi baat kar le.
Prince: agar app se kuch kaam hua toh?
Sanskar: toh nahi hai bol de.
Prince: thik hai.

Prince: hello aunty
Sujhata: prince?
Prince: haa woh bhai abhi bahar gaye hai. Phone bhool gaye.
Sujhata: ok. Usse bolna ki mujhe ghar pe aa ke mile.
Prince: ok aunty bye.

Prince: bhai aunty ne bola ghar pe aa ke milna.
Sanskar: thik hai. We’ll see later on.
Prince: why don’t you like being at home? I mean you’re so rich and you like to stay in this slum with me?
Sanskar: i am not rich. Its my dad’s money and this slum which you’re calling is so nice and happy. Unlike my house and our lives they are so fake.
Prince: waise woh director ne app ko pehchana nahi?
Sanskar: konse wale ne?
Prince: that one which we had gone to fight as duplicate fighter.
Sanskar: no one knows me apart from few people that i am D.P Gujral’s son. And i am happy about it.
Prince: their life is so fake there. I wonder how these actors live on someone elses hardwork. Don’t they feel guilty?
Sanskar: why are you bothered? Let it be. We should be only bothered about money.
Prince: right. By the way there were so many hot chicks there.
Sanskar; then i am sure you must have flirted with all the possible ones.
Prince: hehe yeah.

@swara’s apartment
Swara: ragini. I reached here. I have such a big apartment.
Ragini: great. Aur mumbai kaisa laga?
Swara: ofcourse its nice. But similar to delhi. Busy streets. But delhi isn’t that crowded.
Ragini: i am missing you here.
Swara: me too. This apartment is so big that i feel like a lonely person left on a island.
Ragini: don’t worry you will adjust with time.
Swara: yeah hope so. I don’t know but i feel like someone from my past is here.
Ragini: may be pichle janam ka rajkumar.
Swara: rajkumar se yaad aya that raj remember that guy?
Ragini: ofcourse woh tumhe rose dene aya aur mohole walo ne use mar ka dose de diya.
Swara: poor guy but. Hows your work going on?
Ragini: what will change in few hours? Same like before.
Swara: ok. Chalo phir apna khayal rakhna. Bye.
Ragini; itni jaaldi? Abhi toh baat shuru ki thi.
Swara: i need to unpack many things. I’ll call you later.
Ragini: ok bye.

The Gujral’s
Sujhata: listen sanskar i think you should accept this offer.
Sanskar: how did you even think I’ll work under him?
Lakshya: not under him but under our creative. Look sanskar you like travelling isn’t it?
Sanskar: travelling aur isse kya lena dena hai?
Lakshya: this movie will be shot in many parts of the country so you have an opportunity to travel and your expenses will be paid by us only.
Sujhata: think of it sanskar and plus you will get money for this also.
Sanskar; i don’t understand you guys. Why do you want me to work? You can hire any one why me?
Lakshya: i thought you will agree for this. That’s why.
Sanskar: I’ll think and tell you.
Lakshya: ok but let me know by evening.
Sujhata: sumjho haa hi hay.
Sanskar: i said I’ll think and tell its not a yes.
Lakshya: why you always make others hate you? You are a very good person but you want people to hate you.
Sanskar: whatever.
Sanskar leaves.

Dp: why are you so happy? What’s the matter?
Sujhata: we don’t need any reason to be happy.
Dp: huh?
Sujhata: kuch nahi.
Dp: lakshya why didn’t you tell me?
Lakshya: what dad?
Dp: that you wanted to act. I saw your screen test.
Lakshya: woh dad mein apni mehnat se karna chahata tha. Isliye screen test de diya.
Dp: well done my son. Ek tum ho aur woh awara sanskar. By the way you are selected for this movie.
Sujhata: wow! I am so happy for you lakshya.
Lakshya: really dad? I can’t believe it.
Dp: yeah really. From now onwards you’re our next star. And i am sure this movie will be a big hit.
Lakshya: I’ll keep up to your expectations dad.

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