reel life to real life (Part 14)

Hey guys a new post. I am sorry for not uploading since many days i had a hectict weekend. So lets not waste time. Lets begin….
Recap: swasan locked in a room…. swara talks to sanskar… lets see what happens next.

Swara gets a tight slap from sanskar. Swara screams and holds her cheek.

Sanskar: why the hell are you screaming? We are locked in here from past 3 hours and you , miss sleeping beauty instead of doing something or trying to look out for a way were sleeping there. And why are you holding your cheek?

Swara looks at him; nothing , i am sorry. Swara realises it was her dream. And sanskar did not slap her. I think i should tell him now only.

Swara: sanskar…. i wanted to say sorry for whatever happened in the past. And that day i really did not have any clue dada would do that with you. I really did not know about his plan. Trust me sanskar.

Sanskar smirks: trust? Really swara?

Swara: i know you won’t believe me but its the truth. I admit i was a part of that alcohol prank but whatever happened after that was all true. I thought that dada also forgot about it…… but i am very sorry for whatever happened. Please believe me..

Sanskar: fine…. i believe you..

Swara: so.. apology accepted? Friends?
Sanskar remains silent and goes to the door and starts banging it again.
A man hears the bang…

Man: anyone in ? Any problem?
Sanskar: yeah actually we are stuck in here… could you please help us out?
Man: the door has a lock….wait for a while i’ll search something to break it.
Sanskar: yeah ok.. finally someone here.

The man breaks the lock and swasan come out.
Sanskar: thanks a lot…
Man: its ok..
Swara: has the shooting done? I mean it was going on 5 th floor..
Man: they have left long back..
Sanskar: thanks a lot for helping us out..

Swasan leave the building. While Lakshya and Prince come to the
Prince: lucky look here… someone broke the lock..
Lakshya: probably someone heard their voice and helped them.
Prince: yeah.. we are so dumb… now how we will come to know if they have sorted their differences or not.
Lakshya: yeah right… we should have set a micro phone atleast…
Prince: good idea but bad timming.. we can’t ask them also.
Lakshya: don’t worry… i have a way.
Prince: and whats that?
Lakshya: umm…. that you leave up to me.
Prince: fine
Lakshya: meet me in the night.. i’ll find out and tell you.
Prince: yeah ok.

Lakshya calls Ragini
Lakshya: hey whats up?
Ragini: um… nothing much… just home from my work..
Lakshya: so late? I mean what work you do?
Ragini:basically anything… i mean which ever work gives me happiness and satisfaction that.
Lakshya: so you don’t have any permanent job?
Ragini: yeah. You say? You called?
Lakshya: yeah… need your help..
Ragini: help?
Lakshya: call up swara and ask if her differences are sorted. I want to know if our plan worked or not.
Ragini: yeah ok… what did you plan but?
Lakshya: swara will tell you… please talk to her and then inform me.
Ragini: yeah ok.. i’ll inform you..

Swaragini on the call

Ragini: hey swara! Kerala ja ke toh mujhe bhool hi gayi…
Swara: aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ki mein tumhe bhool jaungi? Wait a minute how do you know i am in kerala? As far as i know i never told you about this then how?
Ragini: woh… woh… i downloaded a new app through which i came to know.
Swara: yeah ohhk… and hows you?
Ragini: i am fine… you say…..any progress in sorting out difference?
Swara: sort of!
Ragini: meaning?
Swara: i told him everything… but he did not say anything after hearing it.
Ragini: you mean he did not hear or ?
Swara: he heard whatever i said but when i asked him did he accept my apology then he did not say anything…
Ragini: ohh… but don’t worry everything will be alright…
swara: yeah hope so..
Ragini: waise tum usse abhi bhi pyaar karti ho?
Swara: ofcourse not… why are you asking this?
Ragini: i was just cleaning the room today and in your drawer i got yours and his picture.. so…
Swara: what the heck ragini? Why did you go in my drawer?
Ragini: swara… why are you getting angry? I was just….
Swara cuts the call ..

Ragini to herself
Swara.. swara.. i know you still love him. After so many years also you kept

his picture in your favourite book. Hope
everything gets sorted. I wish to see you together.
Ohhh i have to inform that lakshya also.

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