reel life to real life (Part 12)


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Lakshya: i still can’t believe.. that sanskar did all this…
Ragini: whatm? Twisting dada’s hand?
Lakshya: no.. these cheesy lines and dates… i can’t believe. Are you sure you’re talking about Sanskar only?
Ragini: ofcourse i am sure..
Lakshya: I’ll show you his picture wait. Just clarify and tell.
Ragini sees sanskar’s pic and confirms that she’s talking about Sanskar.
Lakshya: then what happened?
Ragini: what’s the hurry?
Lakshya: my flight ……?? I know its awkard to tell in the car but i can’t help it.
Ragini: ok..
Next day
Sanskar calls swara
Sanskar: i hope you remember me?
Swara: how did you get my number?
Sanskar: umm….. woh jaane ke liye aaj college ke baad library mein milna.
Swara: i am not coming anywhere.
Sanskar: i know you will…… I’ll be waiting for you…. bye love….
Swara: love?
Sanskar: see you soon. .. bye….

Swara: ragini … yeh toh chewing gum ki tarah chipak gaya…
Ragini: tumhi badava de rahi ho usse.
Swara: ab meine kya kiya?
Ragini: tumne use haan kyu bola?
Swara: meine naa bola hai..
Ragini; i am sure you’ll land up in the library today
Swara: i won’t

Danish’s friend ties a rope on the stair case to make Sanskar fall while swara is waving to him from down.

Swara: hey sanskar!
Sanskar: i have an important lecture to attend. See you later. Bye.
Friend: this plan also failed
Swara: good he escaped.
Friend: huh? What did you say?
Swara bits her tongue: nothing.
Ragini: i know what you just said.
Swara: aree we supposed to discuss here or attend classes?
Ragini: stop avoiding ok.
Swara: ohhk fine.

Sanskar is busy reading a book. Swara comes by then.
Swara: so were you sure.. that i would come?
Sanskar: actually … no….. i wanted to read something and wanted some notes also…so thought of calling you…..
Swara: so i am your backup?
Sanskar: ummm….. not at all…. books are the backup… you’re my priority.
Swara: anyways if you’re done with flirting…may i know how you got my number?
Sanskar: if you sit then i may…. because if librarian sees us talking…. I’ll loose my entry here..
Swara sits: now tell… i need to go….
Sanskar: you remember yesterday night?
Swara: ofcourse i do….
Sanskar: then you will remember that i had asked for your phone?
Swara remembers and smiles: good trick. Now that you told me… i am out of here..
Sanskar: listen to me…
Swara: what?
Sanskar: i love you!
Swara: huh?
Sanskar: i know you won’t believe me…. but i am not forcing you to accept me…. so don’t mind.. we can be friends…
Swara just leaves.

#Swaragini’s room
Ragini; i had told you that you’ll land up in the library.
Swara: i had gome to issue a book
Ragini; so show me the book…
Swara: i forgot it in the library
Ragini: isn’t this strange? A person goes to get a book from the library and forgets it there?
Swara: ok fine i had gone to meet him.
Ragini: why are you getting angry?
Swara tores some pages from the books: i am not getting angry…. i am irritated.
Ragini: i can see that… stop messing the room.
Swara: how can he even say?
Ragini: what?
Swara: that he loves me
Ragini: what?!!
Swara: i must stay away from him.
Ragini; you know right if you stay with him… you will also love him
Swara: enough ragini… i can’t fall for him..
Ragini: dare accepted?
Swara: accepted!

Swara had accepted the challenge but she just said it in anger. She wanted to be with him. Slowly slowly she started to fall for him. And we completely forgot about dada’s revenge. Swara realised it when ……

Sanskar on the staircase talking to a girl. Swara sees them together and walks away in anger.
Sanskar: swara?! What happened?
Swara: i don’t want to talk to you…
Sanskar stands there: huh? What’s wrong with her? Is she jealous or something?

At night
Swaragini’s room
The room is completey messed
Ragini: now what happened? Your friend ship is going great with sanskar right?
Swara: stop it ok? How dare he spoke to that girl?
Ragini: why are you getting affected?
Swara: he spoke i don’t have any problem .. but he was even holding her hand.
Ragini: swara… swara. It was your decision that you’ll remain friends nothing else. Then why are you crying?
Swara: because i can’t see him with someone else.
Ragini; because you love him.
swara: yeah i love him.
Ragini: why didn’t you tell him?
Swara: i wasn’t sure about it. That’s why. But tommorow I’ll tell him. In the library.
Ragini: i am so happy for you. They hug each other.

Danish over hears them and makes a plan.
Danish pov
How did you even forget my revenge is not yet over? I didn’t forget my insult sanskar. And i won’t let you go so easily. Its been a month since i am waiting for my chance. And finally the day has come.

Next day swasan in the library
Sanskar: you wanted to talk to me?
Swara: yeah…… actually wanted to say something…
Sanskar: isn’t this strange? No one is there in the library?
Swara: forget that… you listen to me..
Sanskar: yeah say..
swara:i……i…….i …….
Sanskar: i ke age bhi toh bolo!
Swara: i love you! Swara hugs him.
Before sanskar says something Danish’s friends hold him and Danish comes along with principal.
Danish: ma’am see! My friends have seen with their own eyes! This sanskar tried to molest my sister.
Principal: leave him!
Sanskar: no ma’am i haven’t done….. danish slaps him.
Principal: stay away from him…. its a serious matter ….. swara what danish is saying is that true?
Swara stands there shocked. Danish: ma’am what you’re asking her? Look at her she’s so scared…
Principal: take swara at home. And i want all of you guys and swara tommorow in my office.
Principal leaves.
Danish slaps and hits him again: what you thought? My sister will love you? It was all a plan. You insulted me infront of the college and i did the same with you. I don’t let go things so easily.
Danish oders his guys to leave him.
Swara: sanskar…… sanskar ……
Sanskar just leaves in anger and disgust.

Swara comes and slaps Danish: how dare you? I will not let go of my love easily.
Swara tells the truth to principal. And comes out to search for sanskar. But she doesn’t find him. She looks for him.everywhere but he was gone already.

Lakshya: so for this he’s angry with swara.
Ragini: you know swara?
Lakshya: she works under us. I mean under our creative.
Ragini: so you mean to say? That’s your set? .
Lakshya: not mine… dad’s.
Ragini: so your dad is dp gujral and Sanskar is the sanskar gujral?
Lakshya: yeah. But don’t tell anyone about it or else sanskar will bash me.
Ragini: i still can’t believe this
Lakshya: listen we here on the airport. Thanks for everything… now atleast can i get your number? Incase if i neec your help in solving this?
Ragini: no need of thanking me instead i need to appologize for whatever happened in past.
Lakshya: we can’t change past so let’s hope for the future. I need your number for this.
Ragini: sure.
Ragini gives lakshya her number and they bid bye to each other.
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Credit to: alisa

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