reel life to real life (Part 11)


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Note** Flash Back
Next day Sanskar meets Swara in the parking lot.

Sanskar: hey swara!
Swara: hey! Hii. How are you feeling?
Sanskar: good. I think those guys mixed something in my drink. By the way thanks for yesterday.
Swara: its ok.
Sanskar: aren’t they your brothers friends?
Swara: huh?
Sanskar: i know they are. I knew something was fishy but it was long time since i had received a lecture from somrone. You spoiled my plan.
Swara: oo! Hello! I saved you from princi instead of thanking me you are saying i spoiled your plan?
Sanskar: i thanked you for what you did but my plan also got spoiled.
Swara: i don’t want to talk to you. Bye.
Sanskar: aree! Suno toh sahi!
Swara: mera lecture hai abhi! Bye!

An hour later
Sanskar waiting in the corridor. Swara comes.

Sanskar: hey swara
Swara: don’t you have classes?
Sanskar: meri class toh tumse hi shuru hoti hai.
Swara smirks: how cheesy lines you use
Sanskar smiles: kya kar sakte hai ladki intni khubsoorat hai toh lines bhi fiki padti hai.
Swara walk while sanskar follows her.
Swara: what do you want?
Sanskar; nothing.
Swara: then why are you following me?
Sanskar: please my class is that way.
Swara: ohhhk
Sanskar: by the way are you free in the evening?
Swara: ummm……. don’t know…… why but?
Sanskar: wanted to thank you for yesterday so a small treat?
Swara: are you asking me for a date?
Sanskar; whatever you think. I really don’t mind going for a one. So what say?
Swara: yeah done. Behind college campus.
Sanskar: great! See you soon.

Swara: ragini…ragini…..
Ragini: what happened to you?
Swara: actually i am trapped here.
Ragini: what do you mean?
Swara: that sanskar has asked me to come for a date.
Ragini: why didn’t you say no to him?
Swara: he asked me so cutely….
Ragini; and you melted with his words?
Swara just nods.
Ragini: swara… you know that you’re doing this because of dada right?
Swara: ofcourse i know.
Ragini: don’t fall for him then.
Swara: i can control myself.
Ragini: good then.

Behind the campus
Sanskar wearing white shirt, blue denims and brown sneakers.
Swara’s pov
waise yeh itna bura bhi nahi hai. Dikhta bhi thik thak hai. Acha bolta bhi yeh aur apne aap ko bacha bhi sakta hai. Smart bhi hai.

Sanskar : thinking about me right?
Swara: yes. Huh? I…. i ….. mean… no
Sanskar: its ok…. by the way you’re looking hot in this black dress!
Swara: thanks…..
Sanskar: here you go …. he hands over some flowers to her…
Swara becomes happy seeing them: wow! Carnations!
Sanskar: some flowers for a flower.
Swara: how do you know that i love them?
Sanskar: that’s talent! Which i have.
Swara: wow! By the way for thefirst time i liked your line.
Sanskar: pleasure is all mine…
Swara: my treat?
Sanskar: you say…… you called me here…. i hope its not a prank…
Swara shocked: no. … no.
Sanskar bursts out laughing: look at your face …..
Swara hits him lightly: you idiot!
Sanskar: lets go… i am very hungry….
Swara: come…. udhar ek chaat ki dukaan hey… bohot acha chat milta hai
Sanskar: lets go?
Swara: sure

Swara: bhaiyaa do plate gol gappe dena
Sanskar: gol gappe?
Swara: don’t tell me that you have not tried them.
Sanskar nods no
Swara: seriously? Hold rhis plate
Swara: bhaiyaa jaldi de do
The guy puts the gol gappa in sanskar plate
Sanskar: aree! These are called pani puri
Swara: no gol gappe
Sanskar: i am telling you na….. these are pani puri
Swara: ohhk fine but why you call them pani puri?
Sanskar: pure mumbai mein famous hai! Inhe paani puri hi kehte hai.
Swara: you’re from mumbai?
Sanskar: yeah!
Swara: why did you come here? I mean there are so many good colleges there.
Sanskar: umm….. for time pass… or may be i was destined to meet you…
Swara smirks: for everything you have prepared lines?
Sanskar: hahaha ….. yeah some what…..
Swara: sirf gol gappe khilaoge … i mean pani puri ki aur bhi kuch?
Sanskar: kitna khati ho yaar tum
Swara: huh? How rude of you?
Sanskar: aree please yaar…. i was just joking…. what you want to eat?
Swara: mujhe kuch nahi chahiye! I mean leaving…..
Sanskar: aree suno toh sahi…
swara: nahi… mein jaa rahi hoon.
Swara leaves
Sanskar: acha suno mein kulfi khane jaa raha hoon…
Swara: kulfi! But i don’t want
Sanskar: thik hai…. mein jaa raha hoon kane…. kisi ko khani nahi hai toh…..
Swara: mujhe khani hay…..
Sanskar: toh chalo…

Sanskar and swara eat kulfi together. Sanskar completely mesmerised seeing swara… and staring at her….
Swara: oii! Kulfi khao melt ho rahi hay!
Sanskar still looking at her.
Swara: oii? Stop staring at me..
Sanskar comes back to his senses : do you want to have something else?
Swara: no…
Sanskar: should i drop you at home?
Swara: no thanks…. i got my car..
Sanskar: swara can i get your phone? I need to call and my phone is dead..
Swara: sure… here you go…..
Sanskar gives the phone in few seconds
Swara: what happened? Don’t you want to speak?
Sanskar: its engaged! Thanks for the phone
Swara: your welcome.. and thanks for the treat..
Sanskar: my pleasure…..

#Swaragini’s room
Ragini: wow swara! Flowers and all
Swara: please ragini…
Ragini: don’t you like him?
Swara: no
Ragini: i know you very well swara! You never go with any tom dick and harry. Why with him?
Swara: so that he is safe.. i know dada will make his life miserable.
Ragini: dada has issues with so many why only him?
Swara: not everyone has guts to hit dada..
Ragini enough now i don’t want to discuss anything else.
Ragini: fine but i am telling you.. you will fall for him…
Swara: enough of your opinions.

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Credit to: alisa

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