reel life to real life (Part 10)


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***Note- current track going on in Flash Back***
Sanskar completely lost in the thoughts of swara.
Sanskar’s pov
Wow! You’re so beautiful. I feel like putting a tent infront of your house and sitting. This is not infatuation. I am surely in love.

Next day college
Danish and Swaragini in the campus
Some students are doing pushups and others cheering for them.
Danish: hey you! Sanskar right? Idhar aja!
Sanskar: abhi nam pata chal gaya. Tujhe kaam hein toh tu hi aja.
Swara: let him go dada.
Danish: stay out of this.
Sanskar: okay fine. I am here ab bol.
Danish: do pushups for me.
Sanskar: kyu tujhe karne ate nahi?
Danish hols his shirt in anger while sanskar gives him a punch on his face infront of everyone. The crowd laughs on Danish while in anger he comes back to hit sanskar. Sanskar twists his hand.
Sanskar: stay away from me. It won’t take time for me to kick your ass!
Danish i won’t spare you sanskar.
Sanskar: look after your face and hand first then come to me.
Swaragini takes Danish and sanskar leaves.

At night
Danish: hey swara!
Swara: what you want now? Your hand is fractured and i and ragini are getting work here.
Danish: so you can’t help your brother also?
Ragini: dada kya chahiye aapko? Mein la deti hoon.
Danish: kuch sikh ragini se!
Swara: haan haan.
Danish: i need your help to teach that sanskar a lesson.
Swara: its between you guys. Why are you involving me?
Danish: i have seen that he has a soft corner for you. I can’t show my face in the college because of him. In my absence you’re responsible to teach him a lesson.
Swara: what the hell? I m not doing this.
Danish: you have to. I am odering you. You are younger to me and you have to listen.
Swara: shut up!
Ragini calls swara out.
Ragini: say yes to him
Swar: but ragini…….
Ragini: we won’t do anything to him. If you don’t say yes then dada will definetly tell his friends to do the job. So its better….
Swara: okay fine. Dada i am in.
Danish: now that’s like my lil sister. I’ll ask my friends they will help you in this.
Swara looks at Ragini. Ragini signs her to keep calm.

Swaragini’s Room
Swara: ragini! You have trapped me in this.
Ragini: swara calm down. We’ll handle this.
Swara: i shouldn’t have said yes to dada.
Ragini: calm down swara!
Swara: firstly that sanskar! All because of him. I shouldn’t have taken a stand for him!
Ragini: swara we’ll see tommorow! Will you please sleep?
Swara: ohhk.

Next Day
Sanskar waiting near the gate.
Sanskar: hey swara!
Swara: hii
Sanskar: how’s Danish?
Swara: his hand is fractured. You twisted his hand so badly!
Sanskar: wow! Whatever he was doing was correct? And just because i defended myself its wrong?
Swara: i am not judging you! I am just saying doesnt look like you are capable of fighting.
Sanskar: what do you mean?
Swara: tum bilkool kaante ke tarah ho. Duble patle.
Sanskar: yeh mat bhoolo ki kaante chub te bhi hai.
Swara: woh toh mene dekh liya hai. I need to go bye.
Sanskar: bye.

Few hours later

Sanskar is sitting alone in the canteen. Some guys come and sit next to him.
Guy: hey sanskar! How did you manage to fight yesterday teach us also!
Sanskar: i am not a teacher so please leave.
Guy: okay but have this cold drink. Its so hot and you’re sweating also.
Ssnskar: guys please i don’t want. You.may leave.
Guy: have this for us atleast. Please we like the way you treated Danish yesterday. Cheers for that man!
Sanskar drinks that and leaves.
Guy: hey swara! Hii ragini!
Ragini: hey guys what’s up?
Guy: we are going to follow sanskar. Will you join us?
Swara: what the hell did you do with him?
Guy: principal ma’am hates alcohol and if she sees him. He’s totaly gone. And he is probably walking that way.
Swara: what the f**k? Why did you mix alcohol in his drink?
Guy: we are ordered by Danish.
Ragini: tum log pagal ho gaye ho?
Guy: lets follow him.

They all go behind sanskar. Who is probably drunk by now. And walking in a drunkard manner.

Guy looking at him and laugh while ragini is upset about the situation.
Principal: don’t you guys have classes? Get into your classes.
The guy and ragini goes away and hides behind a pillar and watches all this.
Guy: he is surely gone today.
Principal: you? (At sanskar) what’s happening to you?
Swara: ma’am he’s not feeling well. I was taking to him to the medical room.
Guy: shit! This swara spoilt our plan.
Swara takes him to Medical room.

At night a restaurant
The guy: everthing was going according our plan.
Danish: then what happend?
The guy: swara came in between and spoiled the plan.
Danish: are you insane swara?
Swara: principal had seen your uselss friend there and probably he and ragini were the only one. The blame would be on them only.
Danish: whatever.
Ragini: dada why are you behind his back?
Danish: your dada is in this situation now and you ask me to leave him? He insulted me in front of everyone. I will show him who he has messed with.

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