reel life to real life (Part 1)

I hope you guys have read the intro. I didn’t get a chance to visit the article to see if someone commented. But neverthe less I’ll write a part. Hope you guys read this one and like it.

Scene 1
Busy roads of Mumbai
Durga Prasad(DP): driver just take me through some inner road. Its very crowed up here and i don’t want to be late.
Driver: yeah sure sir.
He drives through some roads.
DP: stop!
Driver: what happened sir? Is there any problem?
DP is busy looking at someone outside.
Driver: sir these are normal street fights people go crazy for them. Specially for money. Easy way of earning. But illegal.
DP: let’s leave from here.
They reach a big mansion named THE GUJRAL’S.
DP enters the mansion.
Sujhata: you came early today? Are you fine?
DP: yeah i am fine. The shoot was over soon so thought of having dinner with my family.
Sujhata: great then I’ll make something of your choice.
DP: by the way ask lakshya and sanskar to meet me now. I’ll just freshen up and come.
Sujhata: but sanskar isn’t at home. I’ll convey your message to lakshya.
DP: this guy! I don’t get it what’s wrong with him.
Sujhata: he’s just a kid. Will be hanging around with his friends.
DP: whatever…. just tell lakshya if he’s at home.
Sujhata: hmmmmm.

DP’s room
Lakshya: dad may i come in?
Dp: yeah please thank god atleast you are at your place.
Lakshya: huh?
Dp: nothing. I wanted to talk to you about our next movie. Did you speak to an actor about it?
Lakshya: i did but due to busy schedule of his. He rejected our offer. I think dad we should come up with new face.
Dp: you’re right. Good idea. I’ll just call up the casting crew to start the audition.
Lakshya: thanks dad.
Dp: you know where sanskar is?
Lakshya: no dad.
Dp: ok you may leave.
Dp to himself : god knows what this guy is upto and what he’s going to do in life. No one knows about his where about. I should talk to him today.

Swara: ragini! Ragini! Ragini!
Ragini: what’s happening? What’s the good news? Why are you so happy?
Swara: finally after struggling for a year i am appointed as assistant creative director.
Ragini: i am so happy for you. But equally sad.
Swara’s smile fades: why are you sad?
Ragini: because you will leave delhi now. I’ll miss you a lot.
Swara: please ragini. Stop acting as though you are from 18th century. We have phones and laptops we can stay connected.
Ragini: i know but still. By the way when are you leaving?
Swara: tommorow morning.
Ragini: what?! And you’re telling me this now?
Swara: i got their mail today itself and i have to be report there day after. So its better i go tommorow.
Ragini: ok. Enjoy your new job and don’t forget me in that new city. Mumbai!
Swara gives her a hug: of course not. How can i forget you. You’re the best.

Dinner table
Dp: where’s sanskar? Doesn’t he come for dinner at home?
Sujhata: he may be on his way . I’ll just call him.
Dp: no need . He should be responsible to be at home on time.
Sujhata: he must be stuck up in some work.
Dp: work? He has some work?
Sujhata: you also. Alwaya keep nagging my sanskar.
Dp: its useless talking to you. I am done eating.

Prince: bhai.. kya fight thi aaj ki. You almost damaged his face.
Sankar: yeah yeah. Yeh le tera hissa.
Prince: kaisa hissa bhai?
Sanskar: you only showed me this place. Its so cool here. And i got cash for this. So half the amount is for you right.
Prince: aap hi raklo. Jab jarurat padegi tab manglunga. For now treat me with ice cream.
Sanskar: ok fine. I needed some ice to put it for my eye.
Prince: bhai i didn’t notice only. It has turned paled. I’ll get it from some where you wait here.
Sanskar: let it be. We’ll see on the way. May be at your ice cream parlour.
Prince: yeah let’s go. I’ll ride the bike but.
Sanskar: haan thik hai. Ab chaley?
Prince: haa chalo. Waise yeh punch bohaut jor se laga kya?
Sanskar: haan yaar. Abhi ghar pe kya bolun?
Prince: aunty won’t come to know only. Its already 3 am. She must be fast asleep. But for a safer side wear sun glasses.
Sanskar: tu pagal hai? Raat ko kaun sun glasses pehenta hai?
Prince: you.
Sanskar: haha very funny. You’re coming with me now.
Prince: abhi kidar?
Sanskar: apne ghar. I don’t want you to go all the way back.
Prince: thik hai. Hum toh ice cream parlour piche chod ke aa gaye. Ab kya karein?
Sanskar: rehne de. We’ll go tommorow.
Prince: what about your ice?
Sanskar: I’ll apply it at home.

Dp: its 3:30 and still your son hasn’t turn up.
Sujhata: he will come. You can meet him tommorow morning also.
Dp: i want to talk to him now.
Sujhata: what is so urgent? That you’re not sleeping and not letting me also sleep.
Dp: you don’t know about your sons where abouts. He had left college that also you were not aware of. Instead of going to boston he was in india that also no one knew. I don’t understand what’s going in this house without my absence.
Sujhata: please come down.

Sanskar enters along with Prince
Dp: here comes your prince.
Prince: who’s he? And how does he know my name? And from when did i become aunty’ s?
Sanskar: shut up! Don’t you remember dad? And he’s not calling you prince but me.
Prince just nods.

Sujhata: sanskar beta where have you been?
Sanskar: please mom. I am an adult now stop questioning me.
Dp: then you should be responsible enough to inform us that you’ll be late. blo*dy failure. And why the hell are you wearing sun glasses at night?
Sanskar: what the f**k is your blo*dy problem? I can wear anything any where. You shouldn’t be bothered. Comes like a guest here. Once in two or three months and gives me lectures.
Dp: mind your language sanskar. I earn here. You live in my house and on my earnings.
Sanskar: get a life dad. I earn my living and by the way your so called house is my guest house. So please.
Sanskar: prince come.
They enter sanskar’s room.
Prince: what was that bhai? Scene kya hai?
Sanskar: you know right. I should have not come home.
Prince: let it go. Anyways i think you should rest now. Shall i get ice for you?
Sanskar: no let it be. I’ll call kaka. He’ll get it. You should also sleep now. Don’t be with your laptop all the time.
Prince: yeah ok good night.
Sanskar: good night.
So guys how’s it? Hope you enjoyed reading. Please do comment and share your views. If you don’t like it then i can stop. So either ways i need comments.

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