I am no emperor to built TajMahal in love, no hero to fight and kick goons for love, I am Aastha, just Aastha and can give you all this story with love .. my “rabba ve” gang..
“Chandu….”- Advay Singh Raizada panted, long strides to her, she stood shocked…How the hell did he find her, how come he reach her,” Stop there damn it..I am tired, my legs are paining as I am searching for you every where from last two days…Chandni…”.
“Excuse me Mr. Raizada..”- Chandni look him keenly…,” Leave my way,I am getting late now..”.
“Lets go back Chandu, lets go back home..”- He said holding heart in hand…
“I have amend the crime you accused me, I have nothing to do with you Mr. Raizada..Nothing..You have got your every thing back..Ab hamare raaste alag hai..kyun ki hamari manzil bhi alag hai..”- Chandni refused..
“Mazil ko raaste chodne keliye nehi kehte Chandu”- He feel pain in heart, now when he realized his mistakes..she is refusing him, his Chandu refusing to come with him..A hurt for the Dev inside him…
“I was so blind afraid and hurt that I didn’t realize you are more hurt…I am hurting you more..Shall I do sits up here holding my ears Bak bak queen..”- He is confident, he know her well..She is his Chandni, his friend, love and wife too… ,” In front of every the airport”.
“I am also saying same…All are watching have created enough mess, now I want one thing, peace”- Chandni hit his ego hard…,” I don’t want my Tamasha in front of peoples anymore”.
“Sab dekh rahe hain Chandni tabhi keh raha hoon…”- He started-” Tum Chand ho mere, kaash main sitara hota…
Falak mein ek aasiyan hamara hota..
sabhi sirf door se dekhte rehte aur tumhe dekhne ka haq sirf mera hota…”.
“stop your drama here”- Chandni sow her palm to stop him..,” Advay…”.
“Aasman ka chand tumse pyaara nehi…
Mere Dil ne suna ek awaaz..Kahin tumne mujhe pukara toh nehi…”- He teased, only he can tease in such situation…when she has passport and boarding pass in hand, they both are standing in crowd in the busy waiting area of Chantrapati Shivaji international airport…
“Shall I check weight of this bag chandni…May be you stole something, its looking bulky”- He played with handle of her handbag…Trying to snatch that away from her, trying to ease her, get her back home… if he is dominating, she is stubborn…

“I just tried to stay with you and you broke my heart with my gift, I don’t trust you…you are free..I am not angry with you..I am should also stay happy in your life away from daughter of your parents murderer..I will not show you my face, you don’t have to tolerate me any more you have to shout daily as Get out of my life damn it…”- Chandni broke her silence after few minutes..,” Mujhpar illzam diya hai tumne..”.
“Kabhi toh ki hogi suraj ne chand say mohabbatt Tabhi to chand mein daag hai.. mile nehi dono pyaar ke judaai mein tabhi to suraj mein aag hai…”- Advay sighed…,” I was wrong… I didn’t had trust on you..I failed there..I perhaps didn’t had confidence on myself, my emotions and feelings for you..I tried hard to hate you, hurt you but I feel like crying, like I was killing myself, I hate Advay Singh Raizada for that Chandni..Will you come home with me now…”- He requested this time..,” I was afraid to fall in love with you..I was afraid to admit truth, I was trying to run away from myself…”.
“Your fault not mine..I din’t dig any pit so that you can fall or throw banana peel on your way..I was myself..Its you who make it a mess..
.messer…messiest.. “- Chandni show her innocent in his fall of love again..
“Hurting you was my worst mistake…Punishing you was my unforgivable crime..but still I will say..loving you is the best feelings…”- Dev accepted..,” I will not be able to live, With out you..I am afraid I may cease to my existence…I have existed enough..I want you to share my pain and happiness with…Come back Chandni..Tumhare bina main nehi reh sakta…”.
“This too is your fault..”- She smiled, enough of hiding happiness behind fake attitude and fake anger, fake accusation with disappointment..She can’t see her Devil sad, apologising…
“Every thing is my fault..I don’t want to make any mistake again so saying these…”- Dev throw his ASR ego in hell this day, in front of his Chandni before coming to airport… Dev is the language of heart and innocence, of love and purity..Of life and Chandu..,” I just love you so much that…I feel like my breath will stop, my heart stopped beating..I can’t live with out you may be cheesy..but I don’t want to live with out you…”.
“Your fault…”- She declared third time like a judge..
He just picked her in his arm, started walking back…towards his car,shouting through his Bluetooth,” send her luggage outside with in 15 minutes, I said soon damn it…-Attitude Singh Raizada back.
“Sab log ghoor ghoor ke dekh rahe hain…”- Chandni felt embarrassed at his guts..well right, haq..
” Biwi ho meri..haq hai mera…pyaar karta hoon tumse..kahin bhi utha sakta hoon…samjhi, ab chup raho warna muh band karna padega..”- His naughty grin turned in to a more devilious(not a word, not author’s fault) smirk…
“Pehle toh pyaar karte hain, phir nafrat, phir pyaar ka drama, phir shaadi, phir se nafrat..ab pyaar jata rahe hain wo bhi get out kehne ke baad..”- She muttered under her breath, cursing him, scolding him…
“Ae..bad bad queen..”- He modulated voice..,” Kya bad bada rahi ho…!!”.
Advay dropped her carefully, right inside his car, on the passenger seat after opening that side door… Sit quietly, no more blabbering samjhi…
“You are taking me should tolerate..”- She replied.
“I will..You don’t have to worry..”- He hold her hands to tie seat belt, removing traces of her long, black hairs..
tucking them behind her ears..fanning her face by his hot breath…

Chandni wriggled,unable to bear his torture this time..His sweet punishment, for no crime of her…her head hit top of the car while trying to come out from his hold, grip..,” Ouch!!!”..
“Tu koi bhi kaam dekhkar nehi kar sakti na..Iss liye I am taking you with me..Duniya par bhaari pad sakti ho..Iss liye mere life mein raho..hamesha…”- Dev confessed..
“Kya kaha aapne..”- She get angry shocked..
“Excuse me..Tum kaho..tune hi kaha tha..Apno ko tum kehte hain…Dev ko sochte hi tumhare mann mein tum hi aata hai..”- Dev is real devil sometimes in pulling legs…,” Will you call me Dev my Chandu..??, I feel close to you, that is who I am for you, that is the real me…”.
“Advay Singh Raizada…ASR..ASR…ASR…”- Chandi shouted..
“God save my car…Joote maarna is not sanskar…”- Advay sang changing her written song this time…,” I love you for who you are bhi keh sakti ho…”.
“Not fair Dev…Tum par gussa toh nehi reh sakti..thoda naraaz toh rehne do…”- She complained pouting…
“Maine suna hai..Naraaz apno par hote hai…jinse hum pyaar karte already said me that day during dance still… Ab Dev bulaoge na..”- His words remained incomplete… They reached home back…she opened door quickly and ran up to Nani.. shouting,”Nani..Dev is a Devil…”.
He smiled..a satisfied one, natural.. of happiness complete…
“What type of couple are they nani..what shall I name their love..Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon??”- Pooja wondered..
“Made for each other..Nah..born to be together..”- Nani smiled..

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    Amazing Astha ????
    You rocked it as always????

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      Aww…Me Mercury!!! Thats so sweet Haarika coz. I know its toxic still I love mercury too much for its nature…
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