– casts –

helly as swara- a sweet bubbly girl believes in fairytale … waiting for her prince charming.. in a relationship with a someone.. and tells everything her bestfriend..

varun as sanskar- a nerd loves family and friends.. try to fullfill swaras wish always.. loves swara alot..

namish as laksh- handsome.. rich.. greedy.. takes others credit.. and the villian of my os.. (no offence i just dont knw who else to put )

_ story line _

Its a beautiful morning.. suns ray fall on a beautiful innocent face.. the girl smiles and wake up.. she looks at the alarm and ran outside and open the door… and smiles…

girl: hihi he is so sweet everyday just makes my day beautiful with a red rose.. hihi .. i love you..

the girl smiles. and kisses the red rose.. while she was smiling a guy was looking at her happiness and smiles..

guy: for that smile i can do anything.. i love u shona…

swara got inside… when her phone rang.. she look at the call id and smiles..

swara: good morning baby…. thank u so much for the rose.. u always make my morning wonderful.. just like. fairy tale.. i love u my Prince charming…
guy: (smirks) of course baby doll.. who else will send rose other than me.. i love u baby.. now get ready and come to office im waiting..
swara: offo .. first keep end the call… bye.. see ya soon..

swara end the call and smiles… and goes to shower.. on the other side of the phone the guys ends the call and smirks..

laksh: stupid girl.. since 2 years im fooling u… dont knw who is that lover who have been sending those roses since 3 years.. anyways i dont give a damn.. because of him i got swaras heart.. which means.. lotd of money.. (laughs)..

swara gets ready and open a room … with a key which was around her neck.. she gets inside and smiles.. and on the lights.. and sees teddies cards dried roses.. chocolate wrappers.. she goes near a vase and put the rose… in it..

swara: ( smiles) my prince charming is so nice.. since three years he is sending me these everyday.. and every night i get excited to knw what i will get when i wake.. haha.. i love u so much..

swara locked the door and kisses her mom and dad and left to office.. she gets inside and sees two guys…

guy1: good morning shona..
guy2: hi princess..

swara cam near them and hugged guy1 and kiss guys 2 cheeks..

swara: (while hugging)good morning sanskar.. (kisses guy 2) hi laksh.. i mean prince..
sanskar: ahm ahm… im here guys so no PDA.. get a virgin eyes cant see such things..
laksh: (attitude) haha i knw nerd but my princess doesnt listen to me.. what to do. and stop reacting.. seriously virgin eyes.. yeah ofcourse.. who will be with u..
swara: (angry) stop it laksh.. how can u say it to sanskar.. say sorry.. and im proud sanskar isnt like those jerks who is waiting for someone special..
sanskar: its ok..
swara: u knw sanskar today again i got my gift.. a rose.. i love it.. laksh knws my taste alot.. thats why i love him..
sanskar: wow lucky proud of u.. (in mind) shona is happy than im happy so dont care who takes credit although i send it…

days pass swara gets her gifts daily.. laksh keep taking the credit.. and sanskar stays happy seen swara happy.. one day swara makes laksh meet her parents and they fix there marriage.. sanskar was sad hearing abt there marriage.. he stopped sending gifts which made swara sad… however she compose her self as she was marrying her prince charming.. she thought her fairy tale was getting complete as it was her wedding day she was sitting in her mandap when laksh call her…

swara: laksh where are u.. come fast.. everyone is waiting for u…
laksh: shona i cant marry u.. im sorry .. i never loved u.. i loved ur money.. but u dont want ur money property so i cant marry u.. good bye..

swara was shock tears were flowing.. swara ran inside as guest started gossiping.. swara locked herself and was crying.. sanskar ran after her and knock.. swara was no responding.. sanskar break the door and sees swara trying to cut her wrist.. sanskar came inside and hold her

swara: sanskar leave me i wanna die.. im a shame for my parent leave me.. no one will marry me.. leave me..

swara wasnt listen and struggling to get out of sanskars grip.. to control her sanskar slapped her and cupped hee face..

sanskar: shh.. listen to me.. laksh maybe is not ur prince charming.. its his bad.. ur a princess.. my princess.. ur parents princes.. ur not a shame..
swara: no sanskar who will marry me.. now.. a girl whose marriage is broke..
sanskar: i will marry u..
swara: what.. are u mad…
sanskar: no im not.. i can do anything for u.. marry me swara.. i promise i will never let u cry.. pleasee..
swara: but… okay

swasan got married in the same mandap…. everyone blessed the new couple swara wasnt happy… but for her family she pretend to be happy… swara was in her room when someone came from her back and hugged her.. she turns and sees sanskar..

sanskar: shona please dont be sad.. i knw u faced alot but believe me.. i will nevee hurt u..
swara: sanskar please i married u only for my parents.. please dont touch me..
sanskar: shona im not hugging u as a husband.. before that im ur bestie.. so please cheer up.. and smile.. btw what did mom dad give u
swara: umm woj honeymoon tickets to paris..
sanskar: wow.. paris.. yeah come on start packing..
swara: have u gone mad.. im not going to honeymoon.. with u..
sanskar: im ur husband and honeymoon mein toh sirf husband wife goes..
swara: sanskar i told u before..
sanskar: that u married me for ur parents.. i knw shona.. why waste there money and hurt there feelings.. not as honeymoon but we can go as vacation right..pls pls.. please.. i never went.. please (pouts)
swara: (smile) dramebaaz.. fine lets go i will pack..

next day they left to paris.. swara was still lost .. everynighy she cries remembering.. sanskar tried to lighten up her mood … sanskar tried to get close but she always shove him away… swara was getting ready when sanskar woke up and hugged her from the back and was gonna kiss swaras cheeks but kissed her neck which made swara angry..

swara: stop it sanskar.. i had enough.. ur my bestfriend.. so be as a bestfriend… dont try to be my husband.. i will never accept u as my husband.. i married u for my family… dont u dare come near me..

sanskar: shona-
swara: no.. i had enough… be happy i married to u.. who else will marry u.. a nerd useless person like u… i was so happy with the gifts i get every morning since three years… i fall in love with him.. but he left me.. i love him.. and only him… u got it..
sanskar: (shouts)enough… i knw laksh hurt u tht doesnt mean i will do the same… u love the guys u who makes u happy.. who is ur prince charming of ur fairy tale.. than tonight u will meet him its a promise… and u knw why im doing this because i love u.. u heaed it.. i love u.. i dont knw when where how.. but i love u.
and will always will.. u cant stop me… i never ask for u to act like my wife did i no… but u always hurt me.. i didnt say a word..but i had enough.. i want ur prince charming u will get him..

sanskar went inside the washroom took a shower and left hotel room leaving swara in shock… swara fall on the ground.. swara realise how much she hurted sanskar as he never shouted her… ..

swara: what have i done… how can i do that.. he loves me… he helped when laksh stepped back how can i… how can i hurt him…

swara stood and ran outside she searched sanskar but couldnt find him… swara came inside the room and sat on the bed crying..

swara: im sorry sanskar please come back im really sorry…

swara was crying when the door bell ran she got happy assuming it was sanskar and opened sees no one.. she was gonna close when she sees a small teddy and two red roses with a card.. she took it and open the letter…

letter: hi princess… im sorry i didnt send u this after ur marriage got fix .. im sorry i hurt u.. i wanna meet u tonight.. u can find me where u dreamt ur prince charming confessing ur love.. its ur clue.. waiting for u princess..
swara: (angry) how dare u laksh.. how shameless can u send me these… this time i will teach u a lesson..

swara took her phone and dialed laksh…. laksh picked up..

laksh: hel-
swara: how dare u send me roses laksh.. how can u be so shameless i married and ur sending me these things…chii ur disgusting.. dont u dare sen-
laksh: shut up… why will i wanna contact a stupid like u.. i was with u for ur money but u refused t.. so i dumped u.. (smirks) and roses ooh so ur lover is back..
swara: lover…(confuse)
laksh: oh ur so innocent u knw.. since three years the gifts ur getting was not given by me.. i didnt knw who it was… but thanks to ur lover i used that chance to get u.. hahah.. poor him.. everyday he send u.. and i take the credit.. btw do u knw who it was.. ofcourse u dont knw.. so let me tell u it was ur nerd oops ur bestfriend.. no no ur husband sanskar who did all this.. he loved u since childhood.. but i came between u and that duffer for ur happiness he kept quite…

hearing this swaras phone fell on the ground… she fall on the ground..

swara: it was sanskar.. all those gifts.. red roses was his … he love me.. from all this time my prince charming was with me.. he was right.. my. prince charming is always near me.. but i just didnt knew.. it was him thats why he asked me abt the rose when i got it three years back.. i was so happy i didnt notice that i never told him that day… it was all him.. omg …. he is my prince charming.. who i love…. i love him nd i didnt knew it.. all this time i was loving him and he was with me ..(realise) what have i done.. now he left me.. how can i hurt my prince charming.. no swara u cant lose him… u cant i need to find him and tell him i love u.. yes i love u sanskar… but where will i find him..(remember) that clue.. where i dreamt my prince charming to propose me..(thinks) EIFFEL TOWER…

swara rushed out as eiffel tower was twenty minutes away from the hotel.. she ran without slippers she was too happy… she didnt realise the cut she got while running.. she reached there and shouted..

swara: sanskaaaar..

the place was dark… suddenly a spotlight came on swara and a man near eiffel tower.. ofcourse t was our sanskar..

sanskar: swara i knw i hurt u alot.. even i was hurt but what can i do.. u were getting married.. i couldnt take it..but i love u alot… today i say I LOVE U SWARA. I LOVE U..

sanskar turned to see swaras shock face to knw he was her prince… but instead he got a shock … swara threw water on him and slapped himm..

swara: shut up… how can u do this… u played with me.. i hate u
i hate u… why didnt u said it was u all the time.. how can u hurt me.. why did u let that idiot take the credit why dont say for my happiness.. if i knew it was u also i would be more happy.. how can u sanskar.. i hate u i dont wanna be with u (childish pout) i want divorce here right now..
sanskar: (shock) what… no im not giving u divorce i love u ..
swara: no u dont… if u did u would have told me the truth i hate u.. i want divorce..
sanskar: (smirks) achaa u want divorce fine..
swara:(shock) huh how can u divorce me im ur wife.. i wont divorce u..see u dont love me.. u knw what i .. i.. hate….u
sanskar: argh ur girls are impossible.. i give divorce but.. after u fulfill ur wifes duty
swara: what wifes duty how can u divorce me no u cant.. i wont let u.. i will police complain.. im sorry na sanskar i didnt meant to hurt u.. i promise i will never hurt u.. u can do anything u want i wont stop i promise.. if u want u can kiss me i want say no.. but please dont divorce me i love u.. i love u lot..
sanskar: u were the one who wanted divorce..

swara: no i dont wnt.. i want u.. only u..
sanskar: (smiles) i love u swara..
swara: i love u too my prince no hubby (hugs)
sanskar: (teases) btw u said u want stop me i can do anything so lets begin my punishment after we reach hotel..
swara: (blush) as u wish my prince..
sanskar: (shock) what… forget it.. i have something..

swasan break the hug sanskar got on his knees and pull out a huge boquet and says..

sanskar: i love u alot my wifey.. i will never hurt u.. i will alway listen to u.. i will give u a red rose everyday.. when u wake up.. these thousand red roses are for the the whole two months i had stopped sending ur morning gifts.. sorry.. will u marry me again..
swara: no..
sanskar: what..d
swara: no because i wanna be ur our kids kids grandma..
sanskar: (teases) achaa.. for that we need to go inside shall we..
swara: hmmm..

swasan took a step when sanskar saw swaras leg..

sanskar: shona ur leg.. it bleeding..where is ur slippers…
swara: i was so excited i forgot and ran here.. i got angry thats why i threw water on u..
sanskar: ur so careless.. and for making me wet ur punish ment will be there.. now let go..

sanskar lifted swara and went inside there room after doing medical in a nearby hospital..
sanskar kept swara down … swara turned to go inside the washroom when sanskar pulles her back..

sanskar: where ur going..
swara: leave me.. i need to change..
sanskar: why… we wont need clothes after what we are going to do..
swara: sanskar… ur been shameless now.. this prince is shameless i want my sanskar..
sanskar: thats not possible for now so ur punish ment begins..

sanskar lifted swara and laid her on he bed and came over her.. and kissed he forehead..cheeks.. chin…nosetip.. than lips .. the kiss was passionate… swara unknownly unbuttoned his shirt.. and sanskar pulled the dori of her blouse.. due to lack of oxygen they got apart sanskar start kissing her shoulders and neck and bite her with a kiss… swara kept mourning.. sanskar trailed kisses from her belly.. finally they both were naked.. under a single sheet making love with each other.. the room was fill with each others mourn… the prince and princess became one soul…the story which began with a red rose and end with red roses…. swara got her fairy tale love story ai happy ending.. they lived happily ever after..

so guya here is the os.. i dont knw whether its good or bad.. please tell me how it is.. please comment..


Credit to: kriya

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