Rectify: Manmarziyan (Part 6)

Piyali: “I didn’t send any men, please believe me, why would I do that.”

Nandini: “Those men said your name, who else would do this to me.”

Piyali: “I don’t know who send those men and why they named me but I am telling the truth it wasn’t me.

Nandini: “It was you, who destroy my life and now I will destroy your life, do you want to know how I am going to destroy your life. Actually I have the list that my master gave me, here I show you.”

So Nandini show the list, Piyali gets so afraid, in the list she sees kill Jai and then she ask.

Piyali: “How did you kill Jai?”

Nandini: “It was very simple, I put poison in his drink. And then when he was in the car with Sam, I ask the men to hit their car so that it look like an accident.”

Piyali: “But the report say that he died in the accident. It didn’t say he was poisoned.”

Nandini: “I had the original report and destroyed it.”

Piyali: “You b*t*h untie my hand I will kill you.”

Nandini: “You have to wait because today your going to watch your daughter getting raped.”

Piyali: “No please don’t do that, leave my daughter alone, your a womant how can you do this?”

Nandini: “The same question I want to ask you how could you do this to me?”

Mean while Sam and Samrat were worried about Piyali when suddenly they get a call.

Saviour: “Sam your sister is kidnapped and I am following the kidnapper, turn your GPS and come with the police.”

Sam: “Please be careful, it is Nandini who is doing the kidnapping, she has mother too.”

Saviour: “Call Arjun, maybe he can help.”

Sam: “I’ll call Arjun but you be careful idiot.”

(Yes it is our hero Neil the savior)

They disconnect the call, Sam tells Samrat

Sam: “Nandini has Maanya too. Neil is following the kidnapper.”

Samrat: “If she hurts either of them I will kill her with my bare hands.”

Sam: “Dad we don’t have time, you call the police and I will call Arjun.”

Samrat: “Okay I call the police but bacchu be careful.d”

After Samrat left to make a call to the police, Sam made a call to Arjun and Arjun said he might know where Nandini would be hiding Piyali and Maanya.

Arjund: “At Rana place there is closet that has a secret door, I know this because once Radhika showed it to me. I bet you she is hiding them there.”

Sam: “Thank Arjun, I have the GPS and it look like you could be right. Could you come to Rana place.”

Arjun: “You don’t need to ask I was going to come anyway, I made so many mistakes its time to rectify it.”

Mean while the kidnapper’s stopped at Rana place Neil saw them go in Rana’s house but when he went inside there was nobody, he got confused, he called Sam.

Neil: “Sam I saw the kidnapper go to Ranas’ house but its empty its like they disappear.”

Sam: “That because they have a secret hideout. You need to go to the closet door, it has a secret door.”

Neil: “Thanks a lot Sam I found it, I’m going to try and save your mom and sister you go get the police.”

Sam:”Be careful idiot, there something I want to tell you I love you idiot.”

But Neil didn’t hear it he hung up the phone and went through the secret room. When he went in he saw Piyali and Nandini in time to hear how Nandini killed Jai and how she was about to destroy Maanya.

Nandini: “That day I was helpless but today you will know the pain when you watch your daughter getting raped.”

After hearing this Neil needed to save Maanya and he had to be smart attacking all men would be dangerous, he had to attack them one by one without getting notice. When he was done he went to Maanya, he notice there was a video camera and Maanya was tied to the bed pole. Carefully he cover the camera with his jacket and untie Maanya out of the bed. Then he carefully led her to the safe place. Now he had to save Piyali.

On the other side Nandini didn’t notice that Neil had rescue Maanya.

Nandini: “I am going to enjoy seeing you suffer, only then will I be in peace.”

Piyali: “One day the truth will come out and when it does you won’t be able to live with yourself.”

Nandini: “You just shout up and watch the screen and see your daughter get raped.”

When Nandini turn the TV on it was all black.

Nandini: “What is wrong with the screen.”

Neil:”Your game is over Nandini you can’t hurt Maanya and I will take Piyali mam to safty.”

Nandini: “Before you do that, I will kill you.”

Nandini cleverly takes the gun out and point it at Neil.

Nandini: “You shouldn’t have spoiled my plan, sorry Neil but you have to die.”

The gun goes off……

Precap: Sam and Radhika meet at the hospital…

You are wondering why I never mention Nandinis baby is this story, you’ll have to find out in Suraj diary if the baby is dead or alive.

Find out from Suraj’s daughter what it was like to live with a father like Suraj in Maya diary….

Coming Soon

Hey friend I hope you enjoyed the chapter find out in part 7 did Neil get shot or is it someone else….. for now bye bye

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  5. awesome fabulous mindblowing dear… I think its Arjun who got shot infact I want Arjun to get shot…then only everyone will forgive him…jst my opinion…waiting for nxt and wanna kill that suraj…precap is making me more u tc

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    Brin super update. Neil the savior lol. Arjun helping Sam and Nandhini why is she like this ?? I am not able to understand. Pls update the next part soon.

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      You have to read rectify: manmarziyan Nandini diary and Suraj diary to understand the story. But thank you so much for commenting, I will update soon. πŸ™‚

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