Rectify: Manmarziyan (Part 2)

Hi everyone thank for the comment, if I make spelling mistake, I’m sorry about that. And silent reader thank you for reading. So here the next chapter

Part 2

Sam was shocked she had just heard Arjun say that Nandini killed her brother.

Sam: “How did she kill my brother and were you involved?”

Arjun: “No I was not involved. After the party I went to Rana Kaka place to confront him.”

Yesterday flashback

Rana: “Arjun beta what are you doing at this hour?”

Arjun: “Kaka how can you set fire on Misra Market?”

Rana: “I’m sorry Arjun if I didn’t do it, she would have…burn the orphan home.”

Arjun is shocked he could not believe what he was hearing.

Arjun: “You know Kaka I use to think my Nandu is the best sister but today I saw her true color she is pure evil. You know what Kaka if I married Sam, Nandu would have killed Sam and I would have been framed for the murder. I feel so guilty, how do I rectify the mistakes that I made with Sam and her family, and with Radhika.”

Rana: “Arjun there is something else you need to know about Nandini.”

Arjun: “What else evil things have she done.”

Rana: “I have a tape recorder where Nandini confess that she killed Jai, I will give it to you and Arjun I am very sorry, I wanted to tell you about Nandini but because of the children I needed to stay quiet.”

Arjun:” It’s okay Kaka, I can understand, if I was in your shoe I would have done the same thing.”

Rana: “here is the tape recorder, could I ask what will you do with it?”

Arjun: “If Nandini killed Jai then Sam deserves to know the truth.”

Back to the present

Arjun: “This is the tape recorder that Kaka gave.”

Sam takes the tape recorder and listen to it.

Rana: “That is enough drinking Nandini.”

Nandini:” No Rana I want to celebrate.”

Rana: ” What are you celebrating for?”

Nandini: “Jai Khanna is dead.”

Nandini didn’t know Rana was recording her confession. And Rana knew she would confess something in her drunken state but he didn’t know it would be this big.

Rana: “How did Jai die?”

Nandini:” Well everyone think that he died in the accident but that’s not how he died. Before he got in the car I poison his drink. Then I hire a man to hit there car so that it looks like an accident.”

Rana: “Didn’t they do autopsy?”

Nandini: “I hire a man that works in the hospital to switch the report.”

Rana: “What did you do with the original report.”

Nandini:” I burn it so it wouldn’t get trace to me. Nobody will ever know how he died, poor Sam thinks that she took her brother’s life.”

Nandini starts laughing and then angrily she says…

Nandini:”Samrat I killed your son I will start my next plan to kill Sam. And I will use my pawn Arjun to execute the next plan.”

Rana: “Arjun is a good boy, he will not kill Sam.”

Nandini:” I know that is why I will not tell Arjun the truth. I will tell him to marry Sam so that the girl will know the pain of not being loved by her husband. And you know Arjun will do this for my happiness.”

Rana: “How will you kill Sam?”

Nandini: “I will take them to the kamakhya temple and hire a hitman to shoot Sam.”

Rana: ” What if the hitman got caught?”

Nandini:”If the hitman gets caught he will name Arjun’s name. Arjun will go to jail not me.”

The tape recorder ends….

precap: Sam will confront her father and tell him how Jai died….

I hope it wasn’t so boring if it is I will stop writing… thanks for reading bye now…

Credit to: Brin


  1. Roma

    Wowwww, awesome Brin, my lovely friend. ..superbbbb…..nandini planned all this…jai’s accident n then Sam’s murder…omg…rana very cunningly recorded everything. …wowwww…very interesting plot n outstanding narration with awesome dialogues. …precap is very interesting. …keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh πŸ˜€

  2. brin first sorry for not commenting on Ur start….. its really fabulous start dear…… I always tot y mmz stopped so soon without showing how dey reacted after knowing d truth….. but now am really happy now I can feel so many different emotions n perceptions of u people πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ its really amazing loved it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ really superbbbbbbbbbb πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Sv

    Nandhini master plan argh I cannot believe that she would go to this extend too. Kaka so helpless . Brin that was awesome. Update soon.

  4. Ritu

    awesome..i loved it to the core..waiting for Sam to.confront Samrat..and u plz continue to write..its really nxt one soon..take care

  5. Aaastha

    This Nandini is soooooooooooon evil…….she is the incarnation of devil……..its superb Brin………. Plzzz update soooooooooooon…………….

  6. Gauri

    Awesome Brin πŸ™‚ I want to throttle Nandini myself for being so evil….now waiting what will happen next … how will they get Nandini punished πŸ™‚ pls update soon πŸ™‚ loads of love πŸ™‚

  7. Jessie

    Getting interested.. Kaka has been threatened.. so bad of this nandini… whn is nxt update Brin.. andd… don’t stop… we want it..

  8. anu

    Hey Brin, this was so much fun reading… It is quite interesting with a different point of view. You have introduced a great twist. You have written very well and don’t worry about the typos. They happen when we are too focused on the storyline that we temporarily forget if the spellings are correct or not. It has happened a lot of times with me. I wanna write something and this stupid Android keyboard of mine modified and changes the complete word. Forget it all and concentrate on updating the next chapter. Please post it soon. You don’t want to keep us waiting now. Do you?

    Anyways best wishes and loads and loads of love…..

  9. Feby

    Hey brin..iam sooo sry..i didnt c ur ff nor u informed me..hmm..?? Welll..u too started now iam the only lazy head sitting and reading and pestering all writers…story was nice brin..and its not boring at all..infact soo good… continue…and nandinie..aaahhhh..she needs good lesson..update soon dear .. love

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