Rectify: Manmarziyan Mala and Dilip story (episode 1)



It was sad day for me, I had just lost my wife, the mother of my two children, how was I going to raise my children without my life partner, all I had was her ashes now. I hated death first my sister, the baby, mother and now my wife, life was so unfair. Was I ever going to live a happy life, maybe not, maybe I deserves it for giving drugs to the girls, I know I put those girls life in hell, if only I knew how to rectify this mistake I made. If only I listen to my father, my sister and mother would still be alive, and I wouldn’t feel this guilt. Now this Mala girl is here to provide milk to my baby boy who I will name it Ankush. Mid wife said she had no husband or a boyfriend but how did she get pregnant, did someone hurt her, if so I will protect her now. That is at least I can do for her when she is saving my son’s life.


I feel I can’t trust anyone except Prem Bhai, he was the only one who treatd me like a sister, I am still scared of those two monsters if they find out that I lost the baby they will kill me. I have no where to go but to Rishikesh with Dilip and his baby. But what will happen when 6 month is over, where will I go then, the outside world is so evil, don’t know who to trust. I just hope I can trust this Dilip, Mid wife said I can trust him so I must take her word for it.

Dilip: “Welcome to Rishikesh, I hope you will feel comfortable for 6 month at my house.”

Mala: “Is there anyone else living in your house beside me and the baby.”

Dilip: “Yes, I have a two year old daughter Riddhima and my father.”

Dilip knock on the door and his father opens the door and gives his son a hug.

Deepak: “I heard about Ria, it is so sad, she was so young to die.”

Dilip: “Why do I have to loose the love ones, it’s so unfair.”

Deepak sees a girl with his grandson..

Dilip: “Let me introduce you to Mala, she will take care of the baby, until he is not 6 months.’

Deepak: “Why 6 month my son?”

Dilip: “I will tell you later, for now she needs a room, I was thinking she could take Riddhima’s room and the baby could stay with her to.”

Deepak: “Sure she can stay in Riddhima’s room, let me show you the room.”

Mala was very afraid, she was thinking this could be a trap, but when she saw the little girl, she calm down.

Deepak saw how frighten she was with him, he thought to ask Dilip about her. So when Deepak went to his son he ask…

Deepak: “So tell me why is she staying here for 6 month?”

Dilip: “She is going to give milk to the child, he is born weak and needs milk to survive, since her child died the mid wife thought I should take her with me for the baby sake.”

Deepak: “The way the girl is frighten with me, I feel like the girl was raped.”

Dilip: “I sense it too, when there is a right time I will ask her, who raped her, for now is not the right time, she needs to trust us first before she can tell us the truth.”

Five months had past, Mala had gotten close to the kids, she had found happiness here, the men were very kind to her, she saw how they were with the kids. She didn’t want to leave this place, it felt like home here.

One day Deepak had found a pen drive, that Riddhima was holding in her hands, he put the pen drive in his computer and saw Mala confessing that her father was raping her since she was 10 and how badi maa had betrayed her trust. She said she got pregnant by her father. Deepak was shocked and angry at the father. How can he do this to his daughter. No wonder she was scared. Deepak went to Riddhima room and saw how close Riddhima was to Mala. Something struck in his mind, why not make Mala a permanent member of the family by getting her married to Dilip. But first he had to get them to agree for this marriage, maybe start with Mala first, and then his son.

Deepak: “Mala beti, can I talk to you.”

Mala thought he was going to ask for her to leave

Mala: “I know what you want to tell me, but please give me time, I don’t know where to go.”

Deepak: “You don’t need to go anywhere, you can stay here.”

Mala: “Thank You.”

Deepak: “I want you to marry my son and be a mother to those children, but I won’t force you, the decision is up to you.”

Mala: “I can’t marry him, I’m not right for him.”

Deepak: “I know what your father did.”

Deepak gives her the pen drive.

Mala: “After watching this, you want me to marry your son.”

Deepak: “Yes, I can see how good you are with those kids, and it not your fault, your father is a devil and you can include badi maa as well, being a woman how can she do this to you. All I want to do for you is give you a secure place where you can be safe and happy.”

Mala: “Does Dilip know that your talking to me about marriage.”

Deepak: “No, I wanted to talk to you first, if you agree with me then I will talk to him. Please think about it, those children need a mother and maybe you both can heal each other.”

Mala was scared, she didn’t want any man to touch her, not even Dilip, what her father did to her, she can’t be normal, she was too damaged and afraid. She could be a good mother, but a wife never.

One day she decided to leave, she went out, it was dark, suddenly these two men saw Mala, they were misbehaving with her, they were going to rape her but Dilip came in time and beat those guys off. They got scared and ran off.

Dilip slaps Mala

Dilip: “What were you thinking going in the dark, you know how worried I was if something had happen to you I would never be able to forgive myself. Now why did you leave?”

Mala saw Dilip in a new light, she saw a good man who would protect a woman’s honour maybe Deepak was right, she would be safe if she married Dilip.

Mala: “I thought it was time to leave, your baby is healthy and won’t need my milk anymore.”

Dilip: “I am not a bad person, who will tell you to leave, I know someone has hurt you badly, but trust me I am not those men. I know about trusting and how it effects when that trust is broken.”

Mala: “Did someone broke your trust.”

Dilip: “Yes my cousin Dinesh, I was a 15 year old boy when my cousin said I could make easy money by selling candy to the girls, only later I find out they were drugs when my sister died and you know what, I gave those drugs to her, thinking those were candy, she died because of me.”

Mala: “No it wasn’t your fault, you were misled by your cousin, he is the one to blame not you.”

Dilip: “I saw my cousin true colour, when he shot an innocent baby.”

Mala: ” That is horrendous, what happen to the baby.”

Dilip: “It didn’t make it, but it changed me, made me realize life is too short, live it to the fullest and that’s why I needed to escape from my cousin Dinesh, he is a gang member.”

Mala: “How did you escape from that.”

Dilip: “You can say luck was with me, there was two men who needed to go to New Delhi, we gave our ticket to them and they gave us the ticket to Rishikesh. There train had a bomb planted by Dinesh. He thinks we are dead. But I feel bad that those two men lost there life, again I didn’t know about Dinesh’s motive.”

Mala: “You shouldn’t feel bad, it wasn’t your fault.”

Dilip: “You know what’s eating me inside the most.”

Mala: “Please don’t cry, just tell me what is paining you inside.”

Dilip: “The girls that I was giving drugs, thinking they were candy, they were using the for human trafficking.”

Mala was shocked but could see how Dilip was effected.

Dilip: “So you see that is my past that can’t be rectify.”

Mala: “I’m sorry for those girls, but your not to blame, you were misled by Dinesh, he is the one to be blamed, I am sure he uses other innocent boys to do his dirty job, you can rectify your mistake by telling your story to other so that they can be aware.”

Dilip: “I feel much better talking to you, you know I was never able to talk about my past to my wife.”

Mala: “I’m glad I was able to help.”

Dilip: “If you ever want to talk about your past, I’ll be there to listen.”

Mala: “Dilip ji I want to tell you about my past.”

Dilip: “Go ahead I’m listening, I won’t judge you.”

Mala: “I was 10 year old when my father raped me, only I didn’t know I was getting raped, my Badi maa would give me pills, saying it would make me feel better. It only made me unconscious and he would come and rape me.”

Dilip: “When did you find out the truth?”

Mala: “When I was 13, I pretended that I took those pills, my father came to my room and I confronted him. He told me the whole truth and how badi maa betrayed me. He threaten to kill my dog, I was helpless and let him do what he wanted. I felt ashamed and dirty.”

Dilip: “Did your father get you pregnant.”

Mala: “Yes.”

Dilip: “How did you escape from them?”

Mala: “I had help from Prem Malhotra, he made a fake passport, my original name is Maya Oberoi, Mala Gupta is my fake name so that I can escape from those monsters. My father killed that wonderful man who was a brother to me, I had to put his son in an orphanage, I was so scared that my father would hurt the child.”

Dilip: “Please don’t feel guilty about it, you had to do it so that he was safe from your father. And what I hear about your Badi maa, she is a monster, what kind of woman do this to her grandchild, letting her son rape you. I want you to know, you can stay here as long as you want, I will protect you from them as a friend.”

Mala: “Your father want us to get married.”

Dilip: “What!, I will talk to him, you don’t worry.”

Mala: “I trust you Dilip ji, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to marry you now, I could be the mother to those children, but being a wife will take time.”

Dilip: “I won’t force you to be my wife, until you are ready, but for my children I will be happy that they have a mother like you.”

They had told Deepak that they were ready to get married, Deepak was the happiest man he thought these two were perfect for each other and they can heal each other. They had gotten married in the temple, Mala started trusting Deepak, she had also thank hi for excepting her.

Mala: “I want to thank you, because of you I have a reason to live.”

Deepak: “You don’t need to thank me, I am like a father, who will protect you just call me papa.”

Mala cries and hugs Deepak, she felt like she had a true father.

It took Mala 6 month to accept Dilip as her husband, it was the most wonderful lovemaking she had experienced. Then in two week she was pregnant, when 9 month came she gave birth to a girl and they named her Radhika.

Both of them were happy now, with Radhika’s birth they were complete family and Dilip remember his promise when his sister died he would put his daughters in self defence class so that they can face the world…

Why is Shanti Devi (Badi Maa) so evil to know why we need to go to her past.

I hope you all enjoyed reading it, next one will be rectify:manmarziyan part 14

Precap: Saral is working with this lady who is brainwashing him against the Ardhika, Sam propose to Neil for marriage at Teji party. But Teji say sorry Sam but you can’t plan your marriage when all of your life is in danger.

Please do comment, you give me energy to write and thank you silent reader for reading bye for now ta ta…

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  1. Awesome 🙂 waiting for badi ma’s past

    1. Brin

      Thank you Emz fasa and happy Independence Day, I’ll update soon. 🙂

  2. This story is really good,which is telling about the true colour of society.atlast mala is good and lucky hve a good family.but most of the mala’ s are changing their own colour bcoz of these kind of monsters.they r also changing their character like the same monsters. I also saw some persons like this in real life.I don’t know where is the society is going…I think s*x education is needed for 10yrs children also…

  3. s*x education means the difference between the good and bad touch nothing more than tht. It should be done in school itself…..

    1. Brin

      Thank you Kavitha, I agree with you, and happy Independence Day, I will update soon. 🙂

  4. Sweetie

    Brin..I just loved it,how those two broken souls healed each other is my fav part..Love you loads dear..Stay blessed and take care.. 🙂

    1. Brin

      Thank you Sweetie and happy Independence Day, I’ll update soon stay blessed. 🙂

      1. Sweetie

        Thank you so much Brin..Happy Independence Day to you too.. 😀

  5. Sammy

    Di trust me it was really awesome ..i was crying after reading this ..the title is perfect for your story rectify was aweomse ..amazing ….wonderful ..i loved it and pls update this soon …and i agree to with kavitha …waiting for shanti devi’s part..

    1. Brin

      Thank you Sammy and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

  6. Rossy

    I just loved ur true real concept dear…u always touched my heart..m just wondering why didn’t u try to write before when u have a splendid ideas to give some messages to society..

    1. Brin

      Thank you Rossy and happy Independence Day, I will update soon. 🙂

  7. Jessie

    Brin.. u explain each n every minor incident clearly..two broken souls heals each other.. ?and why was mala’s confession in tat pen drive. I mean did she try 2 give 2 someone or anything else.. precap is interesting.. waiting 4 it. TC

    1. Brin

      Thank you Jessie and happy Independence Day, remember Mala said she wanted to help Prem get some evidence on her father. He recorded Mala confession but somehow it never made on tv. Riddhima just fines the pen drive without Mala knowledge. And the rest is in the story, I will update soon. 🙂

  8. Gauri

    Brin you rock darling …this was just rocking 🙂 loved it

    1. Brin

      Thank you Gauri and happy Independence Day, I will update soon, stay blessed. 🙂

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    Brin omg this chaper is marvelously written.. Both Mala n dilip heals each other dreadful pain with their love..m so dumbstruck at ur imagination.. Hats off dearyyy..m waiting for shantidevi’s dairy..may be any painful story behinf her being evil she don’t deserve any redemption…. Love

    1. Brin

      Thank you Dipika and happy Independence Day, I will update soon, stay blessed. 🙂

  10. S.v

    Brin salutations to u for this update. Total confessions of the hurted hearts. Lovely one brin soo lovely. Well dadaji is a gem of a person. He accepted mala with full heart. He is soo cute. And once again a very well portrayed update. Loved it brin and thank u for this update.

    1. Brin

      Thank you S.V and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

  11. Sathya

    Sorry for late comment Brin… This is amazing episode. I love the way dilip n Mala shared their pain n finally agree to Marry each other. Dadaji is super person all over….. Waiting for next episode Dear… Love u ???

    1. Brin

      Thank you Sathya, and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

  12. Amazing Brin you always convey some educational message.

    1. Brin

      Thank you Niku and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

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      Thank you Gianna and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

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    Brin dear what to say about u…ur every update is fabulous…the way u r providing social message hats off to u..u r nailing wid each nd every episode 🙂 I really admire the way Dilip and Mala healed each other…it reflects that humanity is still alive..all we need to do is to gather courage to fight against evil…really sorry for this late comment stucked wid my assignment.. waiting for soon..loads of love 🙂

    1. Brin

      Thank you Ritu and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

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    Awesome chappy brin…U explained everything so perfectly n ur narration is superb…dilip n mala..their pain n past n they accepting eachother …everything is really amazing …waiting for next one…tc…

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      Thank you Lakshmi and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

  16. Sreee

    Wowww didi…so perfect..i loved it…so true from heart…waiting for next…love u…muahh?

    1. Brin

      Thank you Sree and happy Independence Day, I will update soon stay blessed. 🙂

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