Which recent show won your interest?

Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door is a typical love story of a middle class guy and a rich girl. The families are much different in status. How the guy teaches meaning of love to the girl and then gives her courage to stand for her love forms the story. The twist comes when the girl is forced to marry someone else, after she realizes her love for the guy. It is the love story of Atharv and Vividha. The show has intense love, separation, romance, and much drama. Actors make the show watchable by amazing performances.

And TV’s Kahani Hamari… Dil Dosti Deewanepan Ki is the story of three youngsters Gauri, Shivin and Ahaan. They all are fighting their own battles. The story brings the three individuals from different backgrounds. Shivin and Ahaan have become enemies by some past incident which broke their strong friendship. Its just Gauri who can mend the broken relations between them. The trio all end up at the same business school and form a new bonding. The show will target the youth with the love and friendship tale.

And Tv’s another new show Waaris brings a mother’s woe when she gets a third daughter instead the expected male child. It is the tale of Pavaniya family’s elder son Charan who wants a son desperately so that he remains the head of the village to maintain peace and happiness. Whereas, his younger brother Jagan wants to become the head of the village to fulfill his revenge with the arch rival Bajwa family. The story brings many emotions linked with hatred, enmity, revenge, forgiveness and joy. The show is surely a family entertainer.

All the three shows have great concepts. Which one did you like by the start? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. divya

    jaana naa dil se door is the best that serial won my heart vividha and atharv’s chemisry is awesome

  2. Trishika

    Yes dia u r ryt…JNDSD is the best serial…love Vikram n shivani’s acting …and both have a awesome chemistry on screen and their off screen videos are also too cute

  3. Rina

    JNDSD i love this show but if Vividha and Ardhav are going to be seperated than I will stop watching this serial.

  4. Akira K. Rai

    jaana na dil se door is awesome especially Vikram Chauhan as Atharv and the way he expressee his emotions on screen.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.