Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-3


Shivanya sees gopi coming. Gopi comes to her.

Shivanya: gopi,where was you?

Gopi: I just go to Ice cream bar for buying ice cream but a man turn off my mood. seriously, he was so arrogant.

Rithik greets Gopi.

Gopi: well I don’t know you.

Rithik: We’re meeting first time.

Shivanya: I was to fall but he save me.

Rithik: Your sister is really good.

Shivanya: you’re not also less.

Gopi: Let’s go shivanya.

Rithik: I too leave.

Gopi and Shivanya leaves. Rithik while sitting in car turns face and sees shivanya.Shivanya too turns her face.Rivanya tune plays.

Screen freezes to Modi House.

Kokila says to ahem how ice cream fall on your face.

Ahem: A mad girl…. She reminds of gopi.

Kokila: what????

Ahem: Nothing!

Kokila thinks maybe she is the one who is for my ahem dikra.

Rithik comes and his face turns into laughter seeing ahem. Ahem says why you are laughing????
Rithik: Your face.

Ahem says you! and leaves.

Kokila: Rithik,you know your ahem bhai, he is so against of marriage. But you’re not.

Rithik: Then what maa?

Kokila: I want to let you marry you with someone.

Rithik is shocked.

Screen shifts to Gopi and Shivanya’s house.

Shivanya is seen thinking about Rithik.

Gopi shakes her and says shivanya,about who,you’re thinking????

Shivanya: No one.

Gopi: I’ve cook biryani today.

Shivanya: We can manage with daal chaval, you know how much expenses of home are!

Gopi: My sister! Sometime we have to enjoy life also.

Shivanya: OK! bit promise me that you’ll not do such expenses again.

Gopi: OK baba. promise. I want to say you something.

Shivanya: yes,you can say.

Gopi: I want that you marry someone.

Screen freezes on Rithik and Shivanya.

Precap: Kokila says Shesa come inside.
Shivanya says I’m not ready for marriage yet.

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  1. Riana

    Is yamini in your ff??…BTW Very good episode…

    1. Shakaib

      Not till but maybe come.

  2. Jasminerahul

    The short rivanya scene was nice.wonder why mobile felt that the girl who put icecream on ahem is his soulmate before meeting gopi. Have kokila n gopi found partner for shivanya and ritik?

  3. Siddhi

    Nice but you can do more better

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