Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-16 (last part)


The episode starts with kokila seeing gohem.

Kokila says Gopi and Ahem.

Gohem comes next to kokila. they hug kokila. Kokila gets emotional.??

Gopi says life is so complicated, once there was a time you help us in saving from villagers and now you help us on meeting.

Ahem says what we call you now? we’ve to live in present, not past. and in this birth you is the one, who gave me birth.

Kokila says you both get to know about your previous birth.
Both Nods.

Ahem: let’s go to rithik.Kokila nods yes.
Trio leaves.

Screen shifts to Rosha and Rivanya.

Rivanya comes next to rocky.
Rosha are ashamed.
Rithik: rocky, was that’s true.
Rocky nods and says i’m sorry rithik.
Shesa says me too! I try to separate two lovers. Rithik, you love shivanya na! shivanya loves you too! but you both sacrifice it for me.

Rithik and Shivanya look at each other in surprise.
Both hug.
Rithik says why don’t you tell me?
Shivanya says I do not know you love me.
Shivanya sees Koki and Gohem and screams you.
Kokila and gohem comes next to them.

Koki: Shesa! tell me truth, before ahem and gopi could come, I was thinking about you, tell me truth, were they your parents.

Shesa: Yeah! koki aunty, we betray you.
koki is shocked.

Shesa: Come with us to hospital. they are still in coma.

koki nods.

They come to hospital.
Rocky opens room’s door and says I’ve gave them antidote that will be quite fine in few minutes.

Shivanya says can we see them, I’m feeling strange?

Rocky says yeah! you can.

They come to room.
Shivanya and GOPI are shocked.
Shivanya and gopi screams Maa and papa.

All are shocked.
Shesa: are they your parents? FlashBack,
Koki is on her car. Her car reach near cliff.
A man and woman are coming on their car from other side. they too reach near cliff.
Suddenly, both cars hit with each other. Koki and driver are unconscious.
Shivanya’s father/mother are too unconscious.
A girl comes other. She is Shesa. she takes shivanya’a father and mother out.
She smirks.
She turns on Shivanya’s father/mother’s car and car crawls and fall from cliff.
screen shifts to hospital, where shesa asks rocky to keep the man Ann woman in coma and she will reveal them as her parents.
Man and woman are awaking.
Shivanya and gopi hugs them.
All are happy. Koki tells them all. Shesa asks for forgiveness to them. They forgave her.
Screen shifts to modi mansion,
Shesa, Gopi and Shivanya are ready in beautiful red dress.
Koki comes and says trio come downstairs. pundit ji is calling. Trio smiles.
Screen shifts downstairs.
Rithik, Rocky and Ahem sees brides coming. they smiles.
Trio’s marriage starts.

*Story ends with Union of soulmates *

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  1. Suhai_ali_abro

    Awesome end

  2. Jasminerahul

    lovely scene of gohem n kokila.loved Rocky shesha apologizing to rivanya.kokila too can be relieved as she did’nt kill anyone,but shesha just fooled i doubted it was gopi shivanya’s parents who was in coma.shivanya gopi hugging them when they awoke was beautiful.all of them got married too.nice least here shesha got true love.only here she got rocky.i thought rivanya will also have rebirth story.but they r normal.thanku so much 4 contining this ff when siddhi discontinued it.
    will u b able to complete Siddhi’s rivanya,Tanshi,Ishveer ff luv cannot die too?if u can plz get siddhi’s permission n give it a nice ending.i was following it eagerly.but that too got stopped i think.

    plz check this link-

    now waiting 4 zameen

    1. Shakaib

      Thank u jasmine di. Sorry, I can not continue love cannot die.

      1. Jasminerahul

        its ok.plz start zameer soon

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