Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-14 & 15


The Episode starts with Gopi seeing Shivanya and Rithik and thinks why it’s so weird to think sometimes that they love each other.

Shivanya thinks I love you Rithik a lot. I Wish you can understand my feelings.
Rithik thinks Shivanya! You can’t think how much I Loves you. I pray to god not to spoil shesa’s life because if she become my wife, I’ll not be able to give that place to Shesa, which is of you in my heart.

Kokila comes and says why there is no song wong, its sangeet today, you all should enjoy today at least.

Shesa says let’s dance. Shivanya nods.
Rivanya dances,Song plays, Jag bhoomia , tharai jaisa na koi….
They are lost in each other.
Later, Gopi dances with ahem on song, Dilli wali Girlfriend.

Rithik thinks why rocky do not come yet. He calls Rocky. Rocky picks.
Ri: Rocky, will you come on sangeet today or not!
Ro: Sorry Rithik, but I can not as I’m out of city, But Promise to come on Marriage tomorrow.
Ri: OK!
Rocky thinks to himself that why I’m feeling strange about Shesa. I love her a lot. well, its not strange that I do not know to whom, shesa is to marry, and same about Rithik. Rithik has done a big favour on me. Because of him, My mother is alive today. I can say because of him, I’ve get my Life’s aim too. But sad that don’t have a big salary.

Screen shifts to Modi Mansion.
Kokila comes to house temple and says hey Krishna Bhagwan! I pray to you not Make shesa marry with Rithik, I know, I kill her parents but not to spoil my rithik’s life.

Next day….
Ahem comes to Gopi. Gopi sees him and says you!
Ahem: Yeah! its me. I think to go on a ride before marriage so think of coming to you.
Gopi: Okay, let’s go!
They leave.

Gopi and Ahem are on the way when car’s fuel finish. They see a bride and groom running. Ahem stops Groom and says where are you running in hurry.
Groom tells they are running because of our parents. We both love each other and but can’t marry because of our parents’ quarrel for some reason. That’s we marry by running. Groom sees Villagers.
Bride asks to run. They was about to run one of them shoots up.
Both Groom and Bride stops.
One of them says its your punishment that you marry against our will. He shoots twice.
Both are get shoot by gun. They fall and makes their hands meets. Bride screams: Pro….Promise me….. You will be mine in….. every birth.
Groom says I Promise….. you….
Both die.
Villagers leaves.
Gopi gets flashes of her previous birth.
Gopi falls unconscious, Ahem holds her: Gopi.
Ahem sees Temple and takes gopi there.
Ahem: wake up gopi.
Someone gives him water.
She is revealed to be poojaran(/Same as in kasam).
Ahem takes water in hurry and throws water drops on gopi’s face.
Gopi wakes up. She hugs Ahem: Rishi.
Ahem: Who is Rishi now?
P: You’re rishi.
Ahem: What the crap it is?
P: not crap! Its your love. You both take reincarnation to complete your incomplete love story.
Gopi says yeah, she is right.
Ahem: What?
Gopi: Yeah!
Ahem: I’m leaving, will you leave with me or not?
Gopi: But listen me atleast once.
Ahem: Coming or not????
G: OK! let’s go.
Ahem leaves.
Gopi comes to Poojaran and says I’m really grate fuel to you, you make both of us marry in our previous birth.
P: What’s need of thanks.
G: I wish rishi too know his previous birth.
Ahem says gopi, are you coming or not.
Gopi: I’m coming.
She leaves. Wind blows fast.
P: Hey Maa! what has written in both lives.
Gopi comes to Ahem and sees ahem sitting in taxi.
A: Now sit.
Gopi sits. Taxi starts.
Gopi says Rishi…. Ahem stares at gopi.
G: Sorry! Ahem, listen. I’ll tell you a story. I Think you should listen at once.
Ahem: OK!
Gopi starts telling. Ahem too start getting flashes of previous birth.
Gopi ends and sees
Ahem feeling weird!!!!
G: Are you OK Ahem.
A: Not Ahem, in fact Rishi.
Gopi blushes in happiness.
Ahem hugs gopi and says Tanu.
Both are happy.
Screen shifts to Modi Mansion.
Rocky comes. He greets Rithik.
Rithik too greets him.
Rocky: Well, can I meet your sweet future wife.
Ri: Yeah, in sad mood.
He calls shesa. Shesa picks. Rithik says, please come in hall, my friend want to meet you.
Shesa says OK!
Shesa comes in Hall. Rocky is shocked.
Rocky thinks what is shesa going to do? She was going to spoil my that friend’s life who is saviour of my mother. Because of Rithik, I get a new hope. Its not Right.
Rithik says I come in just a min and leaves.
Rocky signs shesa to follow him.
Rocky comes to a room, Shesa too arrives
Rocky: Shesa, Is rithik is going to be yours’ Future husband.
Shesa nods yes.
Rocky slaps her hard.
Rocky: Do you know, who is he? He is the one due to which my mother is saved. Because of him, my mother is alive. Its my bad luck that I could not see her mother when she gives money for my mother’s operation.
Location: College
Rithik comes to his class and asks about Rocky.
Fellow tells rithik do you not know that your friend’s father is dead and her mother has met with accident.
Rithik is shocked.
He leaves from there.
Screen shifts to Rocky’s house.
Rithik comes. Rocky hugs him. Rithik consoles him and asks how does it happen?
Rocky tells him that when my mother and father coming tomorrow from market, just then car hit their bike. People there rush for their help and takes them to hospital. Rocky reaches hospital. Dr tells him that his father has died on spot and his mother can be saved but asks for money. Rocky asks Dr to start operation, he will arrange money soon. But Dr refuses.
Rithik asks how much money you need?
Rocky: 50 lakh.
Rithik calls banker and ask him to arrange 50 lakh.
Some time later,
Rocky thanks Rithik for money and says he will do anything for him anywhere.
Rithik says it will be later and hug him.
Rocky cries,
Shesa cries seeing rocky. She consoles him and says I’m sorry Rocky. I promise not to do such things again. Because of our greediness, we was to spoil all’s life but it will not happen.Both hug. Rocky sees Ritik and Shivanya and says You Both. Meanwhile, Gohem enters in house smiling.
Screen freezes on Gohem,Rivanya and Rocky,Shesa.

Precap: Union of soulmates.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Sangeet dance was nice.It’s surprising the way gohem remembered their past. The similar incident made gopi remember her past and when gopi narrated their story ahem too remembered. Nice.Rocky and ritik being friends was unexpected. Rocky is grateful to ritik for saving his mother’s nice. It’s so nice that Shesha too supported Rocky when she came to know the truth. Now waiting for kokila Shesha Rocky full truth to come out.Which couple was in coma?

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you, well I’ve submit last part(part 16). It will post soon, you can read it on my activity wall too. Couple was shivanya’s parents. And thank you once again, I’m on cloud nine, when you say you love the way, I turn negative into positive character.
      Actually, I love some characters in story a lot, sometime positive characters turn into negative, I don’t like this, so think of changing negative into positive.

  2. Jasminerahul

    I love how you make negative characters turn good

  3. Suhai_ali_abro

    Good I like your ff very much
    upload next ep ASAP

    1. Shakaib

      Thank u. Part 16 is submit, it will post soon. But you can read it here,

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