Reasons why we love Swara


1: swara is one of the strongest female leads in television
2: swara defines love.. her love is selfless and she can do anything for her loved ones.
3: swara is a girl of today. she lives every moment of her life.
4: swara’s confidence . she never give up. every difficult situations in her life handle with confidence and courage.
5: her positivity. she is a girl with full of positive energy. and she try to fill up positivity in her loved ones lives.
6: her determination. if swara thinks to do something no one can change her mind.
7: her smile.. she have a million dollar smile and it can brought happiness to others heart.
8: swara’s intelligence. she is very brilliant and clever. she always found solutions to every problems.
9: she is beautiful. swara has a beautiful face and also has a gorgeous heart.. her inner beauty makes her more beautiful.
10: her trust. if she trust a person she will not listen to anyone. if world is against them then also swara will not leave their side. she trust sanskar in fake molestation drama. whole family was against him. she trust laksh in mms drama. that time also all others were against him. but swara’s trust didn’t change on them.

11: she is naughty: swara is really naughty. we have witness many naughtiness on her with sanskar. (hehe)
13: her dedication. . if swara do anything she will give her 100% to it.. she will complete her works with full dedication.
14: care for her family. family is everything to swara. her love towards her family is really an inspiration to all girls.. all parents wish that they had a daughter like swara.
15: purity: swara is a pure soul. like water. . no impurities could affect her.
16: swara is a fighter. she is not a girl who simply cries for her bad luck. she is a fighter who fight with all the miserable situations and emerge as a winner.
17: she is modern yet she holds traditional values.. she wear modern cloths. she is not reserved. she is open minded. but she holds culture and tradition in her heart and respect them..
18: music is in her veins. she is a wonderful singer and music is her passion.
19: romantic. yes swara is really a romantic girl.. those cheek kisses she share with sanskar is the best example.
20: her eyes speaks. no need of any words.. her deep eyes will speak to us. and every emotions will sparkle in her gorgeous eyes.

21: her positivity. she is a girl with full of positive energy. and she always think positive.
22: her voice.. sweetest. . her voice have the magic that anyone will fall in love with that melodious voice.
23: she is crazy. . yes she is really crazy. she will dance and laugh loudly if she is happy. think of ‘tum mere upper ho swara’ scene. . she is crazy and make others crazy..
24: she loves chocolates. . aww.. such a cutie pie.. she demands chocolate in her happiness. and she loves to feed chocolates to her dear husband.
25: she is fun loving: swara is not the lead heroine who loves only tears. she is very fun loving girl and loves to cheer up others.
26: she loves her husband very much. and she loves to fight with him like s small baby.
27: she always stood up with truth. she hates lie . she is ready to go against anyone for truth. she respect truth .
28: her boldness: swara is very bold. she didn’t hesitate to put her point on anywhere. she has the boldness and strength in her to speak up in front of anything .
29: she is a dreamer. she has very beautiful dreams and always dream to be a perfect life.
30: she is very friendly. she will be a very good friend to all.. her best friend is her husband.

31: she respect elders. but will question them if they did anything wrong. she has great respect for others. but if they did wrong she will raise her hand against it.
32: her helping nature: she is very helpful to others. she always helps others without demanding anything.
33: she crave for love.. she always wanted love. once from his father, grandparents and then from her sanskar.. she is not a girl who didn’t show her emotions or her needs. she is a girl who wants love and care from her beloved ones.
34: she is simple yet elegant. she is not a lead heroine who wears heavy jewellery or heavy cloths. she wears simple dresses and light make up with minimum accessories. yet she looks like a princess.
35: she is soft and sweet to good people. but she is too harsh and bitter to wrong people.
36: if someone made an wound in her beloved one’s heart then swara will be the most dangerous girl. she will kill them by her words.
37: she is not a girl whom suffer everything . she is a girl who will be in action mode more than suffering mode.
38: she is a lioness for others. but she is a small kitten for her husband.
39: she didn’t keep any hatred to anyone in her heart. because she knows hatred can only spoil a person. .
40: she is our swara.. our cute, bubbly, chirpy, lovable, adorable, sweet, humble, fearless, bold, strong, determined, sharp, confident, brilliant, a girl with golden heart.

guys please share your views why you like swara.

no bashing or negative comments please. This post is only for swara fans..

my lovely readers. . I’m very sorry for not updating my ff. was little busy these days. will come back soon.. love you all

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  1. Very true.

  2. love swara

  3. AshaHope

    Wow jwala its awesome dear ..we love our swara soooo soooo sooo much …fantastic explain her virtues

  4. True true true true true 100000000percent true love hellu my darling princess queen of my heart she is the best n pls *BASHERS STAY AWAY*she has already beared many bashes N I KNEW JWALA DR ONLY U CAN POST SO GUD NICE U R BACK love hellu n swara

    1. N if u want n example visit telly updates page of written updates n read the comments below episode of 19 August 2016 u will see how severely she is bashed n if Ms. Sneha n Nisha r seeing this than pls improve learn n learn n stop bashing ,instead just praise ur fav.

      1. In fact there everyday tejaswi fans bash her call her belly jelly n what not n if she does something gud they call her mahaan devi n even swa-randi now n if we defend her they call us randi fans they r praying for helly to be eliminated from jhalak n some have crossed all limits they say “Go commit suicide!”u r road side jullitnce with everyone n even call her ugly….. even bash her by saying , those foolishh people dont understand that is not swara’s fault if someone falls in love with heR I FEEL SO BAD HER!!!

      2. Teja

        Monica dear I respect jelly but swasan and r not less in doing bashing

  5. Arunika

    Absolutely correct!!!

  6. Anniya

    Di, u can’t believe even before knowing author name I guessed aboustly right. Well about post u already know my love toward her, I love her all shade. Mostly her smile and when she blush she really looks so cute. Her boldness everything about her make me crazy about her. I am really one of craziest fan of swara.

  7. Anniya

    I miss u so much…

  8. Janviiivyas

    Well said

  9. Cutiie

    absolutely correct…

  10. Mica

    point 38 : small kitten for her husband ? then you don’t know the secret dear *wink.

    add: high self confidence about life,
    but become vulnerable for hurting someone feeling

  11. Tiyasa

    Yah swara is a beautiful, lovely , naughty, crazy, brave girl……….
    No words to describe her, u have used all words for her………
    fab post…….

  12. Wow yar…forty qualities of swara…..I must say u have Eagle eyes..hehe…u dis right by posting this bcz it will shut the mouth of the bashers….Great job…

  13. o my gd!!!!! o my gddd!!! u r so correct… i jst l?ve her….(awwwww so cuteee)

  14. Nice one… I just love swara to the core n more HELLY she is sweet heart love her more everyday ????????

  15. Abirsha

    Jwala my dear by seeing the topic itself i know that this will be written by my bestie….. Well said…. Each and every word u said is true…. Helly is a cutie pie…. She is such a gorgeous girl….. Princess,angel of everyone…. Love her a lot….. Love u too jwala….. ???

  16. Its very true dear…she is adorable… guess was rite…jwala only u will do it…so sweet of you….helly is perfect for swara….

  17. AnuAnn

    When I see this analysis.. I feel it would be you jwala.. And I’m right.. Nothing more to say.. It mention exactly everything about swara aka my cutie helly

  18. Plz something write about our swasan also…recently I read an article about…why swasan happened ” its beautiful you know..
    Swasan completed one year…its became trending… So plz…write an article about swasan and thier journey…..
    How they stood each other for when no one is there with them, wen full family against swasan how they comfort each other….why sanskar fall for of her selfless nature , love towards her parents.. She forgive her sister even she tried to kill her..she did fake marriage only to join her mom dad relationship… Etc….
    Plz write something…

  19. Heltej

    ❤️? jwala… Sharr it in fb and twitter dear

  20. Vyshu10

    Awesome…so true. The list is endless. Love Swara a lot. She is my top fav hindi serial character.

  21. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    You are 100% right di.She is so cute, bubbly,humble and sweet.I never took any actress seriously.But helly, ahhh, I can’t describe in word. She is so special for me.The way she talk, smile, cares for everyone,her positivity.In one word’perfect’.I am big fan of her.

    About you, I missing your ff a lot. So, whenever you got, plz post it.
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Love you loads.

  22. Nice one… Although I am a huge Ragini fan but I like Swara too. You are really a Swara/Helly fan who instead of bashing others choices is praising her own choice. Well done dear keep it up… And you are really a good observed who gave 40 reasons to love Swara… That is too good

  23. really true dear..swara iw not a crying bahu like ragini she is really a sherni..but that sherni bcm a cute kitten infront of sanky.i like swara’s attitude..and i agree with each and every point..thank u jwala for such a wonderfull and meaningfull article

  24. Diva

    Very true dear…?

  25. 100% right ? and pls post ur ffs asap..i am waiting from many dats but u don’t post any of them..???

  26. Wow do again u came a rocking post on owe doll helly…truly Di ur the way u always describe her…nd just by reading the title I know it would be u…the past few days helly is being bashed really badly because of which I have left insta..really don like it when people bash her…it’s really heartbreaking reading some disgusted word used for her…thanxx for this

  27. U R Right Dear Love Swara And Helly So Much

  28. Sumeeta

    swara is beauty with brain.she is beautiful kind hearted with this strong hearted too.she is kind to her loved one.but she is dangerous for her enemy who is trying to harm her family.she is not crying baby on her fate.she has that much power to change her fate.with sanskar we show another shades of swara.both are perfect.both compleate each other.
    love u swara the most???????????

  29. its really true..i loved all aboblve points and its really suits with swara..she is really a sherniii…dont knw why ppl against hwr for their fav….swara is the epitomof beauty with brain…
    mainly i love swara bose more than swara sanskar maheri…i love swara bose attitude her style everthng..she didnt thnk of othrrs..if a prsn do wrng she go any extnd to make that right…but now swara is little bcm down compare to swara swara alot

    and i likde that 38th point..yeah really that lioness bcm kitten infront of her husband….sanskar’s name doesnt suit with sanskar when he with swara alone…hehe..nowadays he teasing swara alot..she bow her head infront of her asanskariii husband…bt i love that swara and love swasan
    and i hats off u to helly..her dedication towards swara…love u hellu my cutiepie

  30. Its true u swara

  31. i read recently some people bash swara coz she have big bad the people r..many women crave for big butt.N God gifted that to helly..How can people say like this coz she has big butt…Helly is parfect love u helly

  32. SNY

    Wow jwala di …….nyc 1….
    Absolutely correct……♡♡♡♡♡
    Luv u helly??????

  33. Yipeeee, I guess correct…It is my Jawlu DI…You are 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% correct…
    Love u my cutiepie Helly a lot….Love u loads se more…..LOVE u more than infinity..
    LOVe ur trillion dollar smile…
    Nothing else I want to say….

  34. Awesome article about swara. To b frank I am a ragini fan but still like helly. U observed her very well. Hope she wins jhalak

  35. Awesome article about swara. To b frank I am a ragini fan but still like helly. U observed her very well. So sad to see her being bashed badly for no mistake of hers. Wish her luck for jhalak

  36. oh dear jwalu…when I read the first line I thought it must be u…..n at last I found ….its u….love u n love my doll a lot………..

  37. Sri

    awesome i too love helly a lotttttttttttttttt

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