Reasons Why I Left You (Prologue)

Hey guys this is simi and I am new to tu . I have read many ff os ss and I am in love with them.
So today I am writing a ss on our beloved SWASAN which is loosely based on the concept of 13 reasons why
Guys this is the prologue chapter so do comment.
A girl is sitting on the rocking chair lost in deep thoughts. She starts writing something in a dairy. Closes the diary and takes a deep sigh and says yeh duniya beimaan hai (this world is dishonest).And the very next moment she goes downstairs lits a matchstick and boom …. Other people that is her family shouts swaraaaaaaaaaaaaa but were too late. But there was one person who didn’t shout neither uttered a word who was in a deep shock. He was sanskar yes swaras sankar .

Two weeks later
Nothing is normal at the maheshwari mansion.
The lady of the house annapoorna didn’t do the morning arti today.
Durgaprasad who never skipped any meal went to office without breakfast.
Sujata didn’t crack any stupid joke.
Ram didn’t make fun of sujata(lol)
Ragini didn’t play her sitar .
Lakshya didn’t play pranks on others.
And sanskar did everything what he didn’t use to like waking up early does the aarti prepares breakfast for everyone and then retards back to his room quietly.
Unlike the previous when everyone used to talk to each other and had gala time at breakfast table.
Upon reaching his room he finds a a parcel on his bed. He opens it to find cassettes.
Sanskar-who hears a cassette nowdays saying this he was about to throw it but his conscience didn’t allow. So he plays it
Recording-hey this is swara, swara maheshwari ohh sorry swara gadodia, don’t adjust your, whatever device you’re hearing this on. It’s me, live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore and this time absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I’m about to tell you the story of my life and u got these tapes because may be u were one of the reasons why I took this step.
He paused the tape .

Sanskar was shattered . till now he didn’t have a tear drop but now his eyes were filled with tears which was more pain full than blood he just said –I am sorry swara very very sorry, pls return back tom me pls.
So guys how was it don’t hesitate to comment if you didn’t like it. Go ahead people throw ur comments it would really help. And one more thing the stiry is completely different from 13 reasons why I am just using the concept of tapes that’s it.

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  1. Sus

    lets see dear althought it seems different

  2. I liked it… Continue dear.. And welcome to telly updates

  3. Kojagorimalik

    Nice concept continue soon

  4. Awesome dear

  5. nyc continue

  6. Kritika

    Omg!! Omg!!
    It’s just soooooo splendid!!
    Seriously i fell in love with the prologue only yaar!!❤❤
    Waiting for next and please don’t discontinue yr, i love it!

  7. Yahavi

    Interesting!!! Do continue, soon.
    Lotsa love ❤️?????

  8. Soujanya


  9. Intresting
    we all r curious so plz,do update soon

  10. interesting dear…continue soon..

  11. Interesting

  12. IME

    continue soon

  13. Phoniex

    Loved it dear I loved the books as well as this adaptation. Though I never support Sucide but that book was good. I have to see the tv series adaption.

  14. very interesting…continue soon..

  15. Raina

    Simmi!!!! Hey, welcome dear!!!
    At starting when I read simi, I thought of somebody else as there is a simi in TU!! Only when you said that you are new here, I understood that you are not the one!!!!!!
    But the prologue is very interesting… Do continue!!! I love this very very very much!!!

  16. Kakali

    Waaaaa welcome to SwaSan family Simi..!! Nice start.! Would love to read more..!! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  17. Simi

    Interesting… Continue soon

  18. Arshaanya

    Bt Is it goin to b sad ending??
    Swara is dead here??
    Dun want to read more sad ending stories..
    Best wishes

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