Reasons Why I Left You (Chapter 1)

So guys I am back with new chapter of RYILY
Pre-sanskar gets the tapes
Sanskar had paused the tapes and read the letter included in the parcel and cried.
He then went to the washroom- washed his face and looked himself in the mirror and slapped himself hard twice- u r a damn killer sanskar maheshwari a killer get u need to be punished.
He comes out of the washroom and goes downstairs while someone was keeping a watch on him.
When sanskar looked back he saw ragini. There was an awkward silence. Ragini gulped and walked past him staring at him through the corner of her eyes.
Sanskar-ragini ragini
Ragini-turned-what happened
Sanskar-u know something obout the ta… before competing ragini interrupted.
Ragini-i am very busy as ma has given me some work so need to go
Saying this she goes.
Sanskar looks baffled. And moves downstairs
He goes into the kitchen and somone hugs him from back he closes his eyes and then opens it
He sees the face hugging is pure and beautiful with wavy dark long hair a tiny bindi her eyes so big that he he could swim in it her cute little nose with a nose pin and ahh those pink voluminous lips . it had to be his swara
Sanskar cupped her face and leaned to kiss her to suddenly realise that it was kavita who was smiling and had wrapped her arms around him and he moved away and kavita blushed.
Sanksar- woh I am sorry kavita
Kavita-its ok sanskar I don’t have any problem my dear future husband coz we r engaged already and shows him his ring.-kya sankar our engagement was done a month ago and u still so shy. Why.wev would have been married if swara had not(she didn’t speak further)
Sanskar- I need some tym kavita.
Kavita – yeah sure

Sanskar takes a water jug and goes to his room leaving behind kavita.
Kavita picks up a crockery and looks at it and then throw is it with a thud in the groind breaking it.
Kavita-tym tym tym damn it how much tym u need . since the last 4 months I am tired of hearing this.
Ap comes to the kitchen and sees the crockery broken- hey ram whats this and sees kavita
Ap- u . when did u come here.
Kavita –who I am sorry actually I broke it by mistake.
Ap-its ok kavita
Kavita-aunty actually I needed talk about marriage
Ap-its not the ryt tym so pls go to ur own house.
Kavita-but aunty
Ap- I said pls go
Kavita agrily goes away
Ap- thinks what did sanskar saw in kavita hey ram ji idk and sighs I have never liked this gal
Sujata comes-jiji je kabita athe key kar rahi thi(what was this kavita doing here)
Ap- gives her a glance and she understood.
Sujata-satyanas !!!!!
Sanskar comes back to his room drinks water and sits on the study wears his headphones and plays the tapes again
Rec(swara)- Anyway the rules here are pretty simple. There are only two. Rule number one: “You listen.” Rule number two: “You pass it on.” Hopefully, neither one will be easy. It’s not supposed to be easy otherwise I would’ve emailed you and mp3. When you’re done listening to all cassettes. Rewind the tapes put them back in the box, and pass them on to the next person Do not take me for granted, not again. Do what I say, not more, not less. You’re being watched.
Sankar closes his eyes and leans on his chair
Rec(swara)-so everything started 2 years back. When ma had fixed my marriage with sanskar maheshwari the most eligible bachelor of Kolkata. He was perfect for me according to ma
FB( guys the fb are being said by swara so sanskar in imaginig and guys whenever there is fb I will keep swaras recording in bracket so that u don’t comfused.)

Gadodia mansion
Shomi-shona shona!!! Open the door
Swara on phone- achha I will talk to u later bye and one sec muahhhhh!!!
She opens the door
Shomi ,ragini,shekhar and dida-surprise!!!!- they were standing there with cakes and balloons
Swara-for what
Ragini-offo swara accha guess what could it be
Swara – have I done something wrong.
Ragini-no why will we surprise u for that think harder
Swara- did I come first in the cooking completion in our locality
Dida- hey durga ma shoru and cooking with first prize hahahaha shoru think realistic
Everyone laughs
(Rec(swara)-says laughing I am a very bad cook like worse but love changes everything ryt.)
Ragini- u r very very very very very bad at guessing
Shomi and shekhar- HAPPY BITHDAY SHONAAAAA!!!
Swara-oh god
Dida- tu phir se bhool gaya na shoru(u agin forgot ryt) sying this she kissed her forehead
Ragini held the cake and swara cut it
Everyone sings .

Ragini smirks and looks at dida and signs her to the cake.
But swara saw that smirk and got to know their prank she held raginis hand and smashed it on her face
Boom the cake was all over raginis face
Swara-never ever try to prank on me ragini
Everyone laughs
Here sanskar smiles imagining
(rec(swara)- I was the prankster and ragini was the quiet one her prakns always failed on me she was younger but was more mature and ideal than me I was in my pyajamas and sando but didn’t care it was my family we danced ate cake and enjoyed)
Swaras mobile rings
She sees the caller and cuts the phone tensed and puts the phone on silent
And ragini knew who was it and smiles-swara who was calling u
Swara-gives her a death glare-just a spam. And there the phone keeps on ringing unnoticed.
Shomi-swara one more surpise is there
From ur parents side
Swara-wow what is that
Somi shows her a magazine
Swara –ismein kya hai. Look at the cover page swara-sanskar mahesheari the most eligible bachelor of Kolkata
Shomi-isnt he handsome
Shekar – I know shona he is but not more than me haina mishty
Shomi –shut up shekhar – ur hair is grey now see shona ur 23 now u should get married and I guess he is perfect for u
Swara was shocked and looks at ragini who was shocked too
Shomi-u promised to do whatever I will ask u on ur bday
Dida-and shoru never breaks her promise ryt.
Shomi –no ifs and no buts this the only suitable rishta for u. the family is very good so toady get read in the evening they will be coming to see u and yeah take this suit and get it tailored by today
Swara- hmm and looks at the the phone
Everyone goes out accept ragini
Ragin- ab what will you do
Swara-I need to tell them about him
Ragini-will he agree
She checks the phone-omg 30 miss calls and and 15 mssgs damn he must be very angry
Ragini-go to him and take this suit also with u
Swara-ok bye
She wears ripped jeans and and halter neck top and drives away
She reaches a flat and knocks the door
A guy opens the door wearing ganji and boxers
Swara-sahil she is about to hug him but he pushes her away
Sahil-now why
Swara- I know baby u r angry on me but pls listen to me
Swara- who actually today is my bday and I forgot that again
Sahil-shit I am so sorry even I forgot I am so sort shona
Swara-its no big deal but actually my parents have called some guest today in the evening
Swara-they coming to see me for their son sanskar maheshwaris marriage
Swra-ik I came here to tell u that we need to tell about us to our parents.
Sahil-my parents live in Mumbai swara
Swara-pls call them
Sahil-this thing cannot be said on phone look go home in the evening the guy will be coming ryt so just talki to him and cancel the marriage saying we r not compatible
Swara- ok saying this she hugs him-luv u sahil

In the evening the maheshwari family arrived in gm
And there the hero came wearing a fine black tux and swara wearing a pink suit
Everyone chit chat
Ap-swara u r so pretty
Utra-yes and ur dress is so pretty
Dp-I think we suhoul let the kids talk in the room ryt
Shekar-sure beta swara take him to the room
Swara-ok baba
They went in the room-there ws awkward silence
Swara-u such an eligible bachelor didn’t u have any gf or wat
Sanskar- wat
Swara-no nothing
Sanskar-u can be frank no problem tbh I still have a gf and I love her
Swara wat
Sanskar-actually yes I came here because of my mom
Swara-sersly omg then we have the same case even I have a bf and I love him
Sanskar-ohh really
Swara-happily ohh yes
Swara jumps in happiness
Sanskar –u r crazy
But swara imbalances and falls and in the nick of tym sanskar catches her in his arms
They both lost in each others eyes thay compose
(rec(swara)-that eyelock where it all started)
Sanskar-hmm so lets go tell them we are not compatible chalein he opens the door
Swara giggles yeah sure
They go out they were about to say when dida fainted
Swargini run towrd her
They called up the ambulance
In the hospital
Dr- mrs shobha bose had a mild heart attak
Everyone shocked
Dr-so try not to tell them any shocking news that might upset her
Swasan look at each other
(rec(swara)-may be god wanted us together but for not long)

Next-swasan engagement

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