Reason – Unsaid (OS)


Its a RagSan OS. A small treat from my side. Hope you like it. Lets start then…

Arrogant, cold and ruthless. Business runs in his nerves. He stinks of money, status and power. Heartless. Merciless. Emotionless. He is Sanskar Maheswari.

Innocent, kind and helpful. She lives for others. And she is blessed with a look of a goddess. Orphanage is her only possession left by her deceased parents. She is Ragini Gaddodia.

They were different. Poles apart. But one thing, they were supposed to meet somewhere.

His mind stopped thinking. He even forgot to blink as his eyes glued to the source. A flowergirl on a sidewalk, just 10 or so steps away from where his car brokedown. He stared and stare some more. And without another thought he covered the distance.

Her eyes twinkled with a hope looking at him stopping in front of her.

“Will you buy it?” She asked excitedly, looking down at her flower bucket filled with white lily.

“How much?” He questioned.

“120 rupees per stick Sir.” Her voice rung on his head.

“Cheaper than I thought.” He muttered carelessly.

She fidget on her place turning crimson under his penetrating gaze.

“If you buy two sticks I’ll give it to you for only 200.” Her small voice sounded a bit desperate.

And suddenly he felt something weird.

“Give me all.” His eyes blaze with intensity as he step more closer.

“2…2…thou..thousand.” She stutter in shock and happiness.

He placed the notes on her hand locking his eyes with her.

“Name?” He uttered gravelly.

“Ragini.” She gulped looking everywhere but him. “Thank you so much Sir.”

He stared her running away and stared until she was no more in sight. Her name registered with a deep impression as his mind filled with her pictures. Breath full of her fragrance. Craving surfacing.

Traffic Signal.

“Ragini.” Samaira nudge her friend as soon as the traffic signal turned into green. “You go through this side, I’ll go by that side.”

With that she ran with the donation box and pamphlets flailing on her hand. Without wasting another second, Ragini get into her work.

She stopped near a white Mercedes and before she could knock on the dark window shield it slide down.

“Donation please. Your small help will save the little world…Sir…” Her eyes widened in shock.

She loss the words as soon as her eyes met with his. Her mouth open and closed like a fish but nothing came out.

“Little World Orphanage.” He read looking at the pamphlet on her hand.

“We’re collecting donation for…” Her small voice wavered with his gaze.

“Don’t run around anymore. Go back to your place.” He said coldly slipping notes with his visiting card in the donation box.

The commanding voice leave no option for her to disobey it.

His Office.

“Sir!” She huffed in nervousness. “I didn’t know that you’re Sanskar Maheswari.”


“Actually your new project caused us a little problem. That orphanage is my parents last rememberance…” She looked around nervously.

He waited with a bated breath but she turn paler with the moment.

“I’ll save your orphanage. But in one condition.” His eyes flickered with lust.

Her eyes glint in joy but his next words shadowed it instantly.

“One night stand.”

Humiliation sink deeper to her conscience. Without wasting another second she run out of there but not enough to avoid his last words.

“I’ll give you 2 days time.”

His Guesthouse.

“I’m here as you wanted.” She stood in front of him.

“You choose wisely.” He whispered stepping closer to her. “How old are you?”

“21.” She flinched.

“Have you done this before?”

Her teary eyes widened while the face reddened hearing him questioning such thing so insensitively. But his stern look asked her for an answer. She shook her head in negative.

He took a sharp breath as his eyelids hooded with the heavy lust.

“You’re a virgin.” He uttered heavily.

His hand craved to touch her. The desire flooded inside. But one thing stopped him from quenching his thirst, Her purity. Her teary-innocent-doe-like-eyes begged him silently. She was shivering. Someone in his head reprimand him from going further.

“I want to f*** you not rape you. Just go away.” He snapped fervidly, turning other side.

But she couldn’t as if her feet have glued on the floor.

“When I return, don’t be here.”

He storm out of the room but she couldn’t move an inch even long long later.
Few Hours Later.

“You should have gone.” He whispered.

“What, if I want to stay?” She look at him boldly.

“There will be no hearts and flowers on the way and you’ll have to leave certainly, I’m warning you.”

“What If I want to try it?”

6 Months Later.

She clutch her belly in horror. The reports already confirming. Her world seemed to collapse in front of her.

“There’s no way he would accept this.” She mumbled within her breath.

“What are you doing?”

She looked back startled. His towering frame stop near her.

“I’ve something to tell you.” She said.

He waited looking at her.

“Lets end this here. I’m leaving.”

His heart stopped for a moment watching her going away from him.

“Don’t go.” He said gruffly.

“This is what you wished.”

“Stay.” He stressed.

“Give me a reason to stay.”

His POV.

I can’t let her be my weakness. I’m the heartless Sanskar Maheswari. She has gone for good.

Her POV.

Whatever happened was already told. He would’ve stopped me from leaving if he cared. Its for good.

6 Yeas Later.

Party Venue.

“Ragini. I was going insane. Thank god you’re finally here. Please handle this.”

“Go get ready for the speech. I’ll manage all the finishing.” Ragini assured her friendly employer Kavita.

“Whats the magical words?” Kavita crooked her eyebrows.

“You’re looking impossibly mindblowing.”

“I’m boosted. Now watch me.”

With that she stepped up on the stage. Voices died down with the melody and her voice pierced through the silence.

“Everyone as you all know what is it today for all of this lighting and gathering I’ll cut short my speech delivery. Momma papa, I know you feel blessed to have an amazing daughter like me…” A few heartful laughter erupted and soon seized. “Well, you have showed me how much special I’m everyday. But today I want to let you know how much thankful I’m to have such a parents like you. And I cherish this day more than you guys because its the reason we’re a family. Happy 30th anniversary and love you.” A round applause and cheers filled the crowd as the party begin.


Someone called from the back. She turn back to see her housemate Stella.

“What are you doing here and where’s Sammy?” Ragini enquired.

“She’s with Kavita. And I have nothing to do with it. That two devil has it all planned. Look at me KV’s giants has dragged me in PJ.” Stella complained grimly.

He stare at the white lilies relentlessly. It remind him of her. And he felt no more stable. His conscience stuck on her memories.

‘She has gone for good.’ He thought stubbornly crushing the lily in his hand.

“Monster Uncle!”

He look down to see a little girl glaring at him. He quirk up his eyes.

“Don’t you know it’s bad to crush a flower.” Little girl put her hand on her hip.

“Then what should I do now?” He asked playfully.

“You will have to say sorry to me.”

“Why to you and not to flower?”

“Because my momma bought that flower. She decorated this hall.” She said boastfully.

“I’m sorry teacher.” He smiled unknowingly.

“Sammy!” A voice call from a distance. “Sampurna! where is this girl”

Little girl giggled.

“Is that you?”

She hushed him and sign him to lower down to her level.

“We’re playing hide and seek.” She whispered.

Her antics warmed him so much. He felt an attachment.

“Uncle, you also have mole in your eyes. See I also have it.” She blinked her eyes delighted.

“What are you doing here young lady?”

A new voice break in but the familiarity in it pulled him instantly. They froze as soon as their eyes met.

“I was just talking to this uncle, momma.”

“Momma?” He repeat.

“Come on. Lets go.” She dragged the little girl with her while he was still in his trance.

Her Apartment.

He stood in front of her apartment. After spending 3 sleepless nights finally he was here. The footsteps sounded and the door opened.

“What are you doing here?” She stared in shock.

His body reacted more faster than his mind. Grabbing hold of her arms he pinned her to the nearest wall harshly.

“You dare sleeping with another man?” He hissed so lowly she felt her body set in tremors. “And I was mad to even think that, we…” He left it unfinished.

She couldn’t speak anything. Couldn’t walk away. Couldn’t even look at him. Denying his accusation was not an option. She was afraid he would find out something more precious to her.

“Who’s the bastard?” He growled his patience wearing thin.

She stood quiet.

“I don’t care about all this.” He muttered and his hold loosened around her.

She felt hurt but didn’t show it. And suddenly her phone ringed. Breaking out of his hold she picked up the call.

“Miss Ragini this is head mistress speaking, you have to come to the city hospital immediately. Sampurna past out during the class suddenly.”

City Hospital.

“She has mole in the left eye exactly. She has brown orbs. She is asthmatic. This is all my family trait.” He uttered so calmly but she could see the molten lava in his gaze she was held in. “What are you hiding?”

She thought of the painful possibility to tear apart from her daughter with the truth but fear of losing her to death was more devastating to her. Her eyes flew over to the OT and determination seeped in.

“Do I really need to answer you after all this?” She questioned.

“Answer. Now.” He gritted taking a step forward.

A puff of air left her heaving chest as she met his eyes determined.

“She is our daughter.”

His body stilled as the face lost all its colour. And with a swift move he grabbed her by the arms harshly.

“She’s my daughter and you hid her away like this all this time.” He make her face him by grabbing hold on her hair. “You f**king dare to do that to me all this time when Israel almost lost my mind with so much regrets.”

She gasped with the realisation of his pain.

“You were clear from the beginning about relationship. I was scared you wouldn’t want it. You didn’t give me a reason to trust you then.” Tears slipped her eyes.

“I don’t care what you thought. All I care about is, you stole my 6 years. Do you have any idea how I’m feeling right now?” He lowered his head to her eye level. “I’ve met my five years daughter who called me Uncle. How should I feel?”

Her answer flow down with the silent tears.

“I’ll make you suffer the hell I suffered. Just wait Ragini.”


Her Apartment.

“There is a castle, like in those fairytales. You will have all the things you wanted princess.” Ragini cooed.

“But I don’t want to go without you momma.” Little girl pouted looking at her mother.

“Your daddy will be there Sammy.”

“But I don’t know him. And I love you momma.” Little hands clutch around her.

“Baby, momma has to go somewhere far. You have to go with you daddy for now. Momma promise you, momma will be there as soon as she’s done with the works.” She drawl the words difficultly.

Little eyes stared her unhappily.

“I’ll miss you momma.” Hugging her momma she slipped her little finger with her momma’s, in a pinky promise silently.

He stare towards nowhere, so focused. His mind full of conversation between mother-daughter he heard standing outside the room. He felt every hard wall around him cracking. A silent tear slipped his eye unknowingly.

“I’m sorry for stealing those 6years. I truly mean it.” She stood behind him. “You can take her with you.”

His hands balled into fists.

“Are you giving up? Like this?” Turning around he asked desperately.

“You can give her things I can’t. You gave her life. You can take care of her more than me. I don’t have to ask for anymore if my daughter lives in better. I’ll just disappear if that’s what it takes to make everything perfect.” She complete between her sobs.

He felt a tug on his left side and everything come crashing down.

“What will you do then?”

“I’ll leave without a trail.” She closed her eyes with an empty smile while her heels turn.

“Did you even think to try talk the things out with me?”

She stopped and faced him.

“I know the result even before asking you that, if I know you better.”

“Was I that bad?” Restlessness evident in his eyes he shut it to finally release his bottled up emotion.

“You were straight not bad.”

Her eyes stared him intensely with so much comfort, care and love, and lingered on him some more. The look remind him of the moment 6years back. His heart ached for the first time and the words slipped,

“Don’t go.”

“You want me suffer.” She said turning around.

“Stay.” He uttered meaningfully.

“Why?” She in a lingering hope to know if he care.

But as expected he didn’t uttered the words she waited hear him say. And she broke all over again.

“I’m leaving again, why can’t you give me a reason to stay? Are you that empty for me?” She shout out frustrated.

He sighed tensed and reasoned, “Our daughter needs you.”

She stop and blink her tears. Her hope dying. He walk around and stood in front of her. She wiped her tears avoiding his gaze.

“You disappointed me so munch,” He uttered gruffly. “…but I can’t fight back this urge when you’re standing right here, in front of me.”

And before she could even know, he pulled her in for a mindnumbing kiss. The moment lengthened as she felt herself melting in his embrace.

“Because, I need you.” He whispered breathily. “I love you so fuvking much, that I can’t control. I’m giving you all the reason this time. Don’t you dare to leave.”

He pulled her in a protective hug. She stilled as he murmured sweet things to her. And she smiled her hand touch on his heart dreamily.
×××The End×××

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