My reason to live (IKRS) 2 shots

Hey friends I am back again with two shots continuing from the time Vidhaa seperation. Many of you know me and I am already writing ff. Guess me if you can! I will reveal my name in the next part!
So let’s go on with the story?
Viplav and Dhaani have separated. Viplav is angry on Dhaani because she did not ask for forgiveness from Dashrath and told so bad about her. Dhaani is pregnant and goes to tell this news to Viplav but she sees Kamini in his arms hugging her and telling that it was a mistake, I did a mistake, slapping Dhaani was a mistake but Kamini says that marrying Dhaani was a mistake! I love you! Dhaani misunderstands him and runs from there crying vigorously!! She goes and says Dulaari that everything is over nothing is left in my life, Viplav has cheated me?? Viplav loves Kamini and not me! Dulaari asks what is she saying? Dhaani says I have seen him hugging Kamini and saying I was a mistake he loves her and not me! Dulaari says you would have heard it wrong. Dhaani says I have seen it from my own eyes! And she cries. Dhaani says now this child is my only reason to live! Dulaari says but how can you give the child a father’s love? Dhaani says I will give both mother’s and fathers love but never go back to him that’s a promise! I hate him and she cries.

Five years later,
Dhaani is a wedding planner and is making all the arrangements for the wedding of a couple. A small girl comes with a man saying mamma.. And she runs towards her and hugs her. Dhaani says you came here very good. Now go and sit with uncle, I have to look after the preparations.
On the other side Viplav is getting ready for his flight and thinks where have you gone Dhaani I have searched for you in many places. I have understood that you were correct and I misunderstood ypu! I was so stupid, I love you Dhaani please come back. He leaves his house where he stays alone and leaves for the airport. Some time later he reaches Mumbai and calls his friend Rahul. He says I have reached Mumbai give me the exact address of your wedding venue. Rahul gives him the address and asks him to come soon. Viplav says yes bye!
Dhaani looks after everything and sees that everything is ready. In the evening,?
The couple’s name is announced as Rahul and Sakshi. Everyone claps??? (You all also clap even though I know it’s a sad time for us) Viplav comes to Rahul and says congratulations you are getting married today! But although he shows his happy face inside lot of pain is hidden. Rahul says what do you think I can’t understand? Forget Dhaani Bhabi she was not made for you that’s why she is not with you! Viplav says today is your marriage that’s why I won’t say you anything but you also stop telling like that! I love her and believe that I will get her back in my life!
Dhaani is sitting with Piya(her daughter). Piya says mom how much more time will it take? Dhaani says some time more you sit here I will be back! The man with Piya goes and talks with some people and forgets about Piya. The marriage takes place. Viplav and Dhaani think of their marriage and have tears in their eyes.?? Dhaani thinks I have spent five years of my life without you but it was not at all easy… I hate you for not being with me for betraying me! I also think that our marriage was a mistake!
Viplav thinks where are you Dhaani I am missing you, I am sorry our marriage was not a mistake at all. Please come back he prays to God…
Whrn Dhaani returns back she does not find Piya sitting there. She shouts Piya where are you? And. She cries and asks everyone about her but no one has seen her. The man with her is scolded by Dhaani, she says how can you be so careless? She cries a lot! The scene freezes…??

Precap: No Precap ?? just wait and read!!
So as I have already told about myself you have to guess me!! Please I want all of you to give a try?? and please do comment and tell me whether you liked it or not… Please comment!! Till then bye?? Love you all??

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    1. Thanks Philo 🙂

  2. Lovely….. ????????????
    I wish Viplav Dhaani meet soon….. Waiting for face-off ????
    And I guess you are Maria….. Guess kya bas…sorry if I’m wrong

    1. Thanks Sujie don’t be sorry because you guessed it right??

  3. Awesome ??
    I guess you are maria (just a guess )?

    1. Thanks Aishwarya, I guess you are a silent reader as I never saw your comments in any of my ff’s…

  4. This was awesome man!❤️ I love it soo much. I just think Piya might meet Viplav and get close to him. Already imagining the moment Piya and Viplav come to know they are father & daughter? OMG cant wait for the next part yaar. Post it fast ?

    1. Thank you so much Shruthy, keep reading to know sorry but I will post it day after tomorrow mostly or will try today itself as I am going out tomorrow!!

      1. No problem take your time dear. Just wrote it by excitement. Anyways will be waiting patiently <3

  5. Maria it wasnt my fault ki tarah yaha bhi judai ka mausam hai 2 pal ka mehman its awesome hope it happens in real also.

    1. Thank you so much Renu di 🙂 Your comments always inspire me keep commenting love you di ?

  6. Oh so all of you guessed it right!! I am Maria, but everyone please tell me how did you identify me? I am eager to know!! 🙂

  7. Dear maria i recognised from yr smilies ?

  8. Awesome di, always with interesting ff

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