My reason to live (IKRS) 2 shots last part


So I am back, and I am happy that you all recognized me right I really didn’t expect that! Thank you so much for supporting me.. Love you all??
So lets come to the last part?

Dhaani is searching for Piya her daughter!! Piya is found sitting on the floor crying vigorously and calling out mumma where are you??? Just then a man comes and asks what happened beta why are you crying and where are your parents? Piya does not reply and continues to cry… The man again asks don’t cry I will take you to your mom. Piya hugs him and says please take me to my mom. Viplav says first stop crying and he gives her a chocolate. Piya says wow chocolate I love to eat chocolates, it changes my mood.☺☺ Viplav thinks she is just like me. Yes the man is non other than Viplav you all guessed it right??? chocolates for you all also… He tells come we will look for your mom. They roam in the hall then Piya says there she is! In that red dress. Viplav asks are you sure? Piya says yes uncle she is only my mom. They go towards her and Piya screams Mumma and she runs to hug her. Dhaani turns back. Viplav is shocked to see her. Dhaani is shocked as well!? They both have tears in their eyes.?? They recall all their past moments! Their first meet, cute nhok-jhoks☺☺ marriage and finally the last fight in Mandir. Piya breaks the hug and stands besides her. Viplav comes and hugs Dhaani tightly and cries and says where were you, I searched for you everywhere! Not a single day spent in these five years without thinking about you! He cries, Dhaani is still in a big shock. Viplav kisses Dhaani’s hair. Dhaani criss and remembers what had happened on the last day, Viplav hugging Kamini! Piya says Papa! Are you my Papa? They break their hug. Dhaani holds Piya’s hand and turns back to go. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and says where are you going Dhaani your Viplav is here! Dhaani wipes her tears and again turns to go. The man with Piya comes and says sorry mam I will take care of her and he takes her. Dhaani says OK and moves forward when she is pulled a back and she finds herself too close to Viplav! They have an eyelock. Viplav says what has happened to you I am your Viplav, your husband!

Dhaani says you were my husband my everything but not now! Piya is my only reason to live! Now leave me. Viplav asks who is Piya? Dhaani says she is my daughter! Viplav asks what? Dhaani says she is our daughter but what is it to you? Viplav vbroadly smiles. Viplav says I am sorry Dhaani for everything, I have realized my mistake! I know Dadaji and mom did wrong but know we can be together always. Dhaani frees her hand and runs crying. Viplav runs behind her and they reach in a room. Dhaani asks please leave me alone. She says when you came to know that she is your daughter you want her? What happened in these five years?

Viplav asks why didn’t you tell me before? Dhaani says I had come to say this but… Viplav asks but? Dhaani says but I hate you and you don’t deserve me! Viplav is shocked by her words.. He runs behind her and stops her and asks what are you saying Dhaani? You hate me? Dhaani says yes I hate you! Viplav asks but what did I do? Dhaani says you are asking me?! Now where is your Kamini your lady love? Viplav asks what? Dhaani says yes! I saw everything that night. Fb of Kamini hugging Viplav, Viplav saying it was a mistake. Fb ends. Dhaani says I know you love that Kamini get lost!! Viplav says listen to me first, please… Dhaani says never and runs away. Viplav recalls all the moments.

In the evening when all rituals are over, Viplav goes and asks Rahul I saw Dhaani in this party. Rahul asks really? Then where is she? Viplav says I don’t know! But I want to know her address. Rahul says show me her photo if I can guess. He shows the picture. Rahul says oh yes she is our wedding planner but I didn’t know her name. Rahul gives him the address. Dhaani thinks about Viplav and cries… she makes Piya sleep. Viplav calls Kamini and talks to her. Some time later Dhaani’s door knocks. She opens and to her surprise it’s Viplav. Viplav without saying anything comes inside. Dhaani asks why have you come here, get out! Viplav says Dhaani you are misunderstanding me! I love you only, you are my first and last love!? It was all Kamini’s plan to separate us because she loved me! Dhaani asjs do you think I will believe you. You have broken my trust! Kamini comes and says Viplav is right Dhaani.

It was all because of me! Dhaani is shocked to see her. Kamini says I loved Viplav that’s why I wanted to separate you both. That night Viplav was not saying that marrying you was a mistake! He said slapping you was a big mistake. And I saw you through the mirror and told lies. I am sorry am really very sorry, she cries and runs out leaving Dhaani in a shock. She thought I doubted my love, she cries and sits on the bed. Viplav goes to her and says Dhaani, and he hugs her very tight! Dhaani hugs him back and cries saying I am so sorry Viplav please forgive me! Viplav says I am sorry you don’t be sorry! They both cry in each other’s embrace.. ??? Viplav kisses her and they go to see Piya, she is sleeping both smile seeing her. They both sleep in each other’s arms! Next morning?

Three of them wake up, Dhaani tells Piya that Viplav is her father. She gets happy to finally have found her father. She hugs Viplav and Dhaani also hugs him. The scene freezes!
So here was the last one! Tell me if you liked it or not through your comments! I also write a ff named It was not my fault (IKRS). Do read it and drop your comments.. Till then bye.. Keep smiling love you all??

Credit to: Maria

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  3. It was very senti. Kash they meet and get together like this but we all know it will never happen so because of Kamini.?
    But fantastic short story girl! Really nice one. Please make more like this if able 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Shruthy, I also want they meet soon… I will try to come up with new ones!! 🙂

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  7. This is awesome. U’re such a great writer I love all ur ff and u. Barakah lahu feeh and Ramadan kareem in advance

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