The reason of my heartbeat (new version) Prologue + CS

Prolog + CS

AM’s pov
“Why are you doing this to me Sam?” “Why did you play with my feelings?” “You pranked me and I fell in love with you!” “I thought you had an great heart, but all this was a joke!” “You just wanted fame and that’s all!” “I hate you and this hate will remain forever!”
End of his pov
Sam’s pov
“Yes, I pranked you AM, cause I love to prank people, but I didn’t know that I will fall for my next victim!” “Why can’t I just move on and forget him like my friend Nidhi nidz_055  told me to do!” “All my groupmembers the Crazy pranksters are telling me to forget him and I will do it as well!” “But a part of my heart will always love you!
End of her pov
End of the prolog and now to the cs.
The character sketch

Armaan Malik akka prince AM, he is 21 years old, a singer, he has got many fans, doesn’t reply to all of them, but something or someone is gonna change it!
Sam Kapoor akka Crazy, she is 18 years old, she is sweet,she loves to play pranks and her friends help her in it too, she is naughty, crazy, funloving and caring, she never fell in love, but someone is gonna change it! This character will be played by me.
Nidhi Sighania akka Nidhu, she is 18 years old, she is shy, a prankster, has a secret crush Namish Taneja, but won’t admit it! She will be played by our sweet princess Nidhi (nidz_055)
Namish Taneja, he is 20 years old, sweet, caring,a prankster, friends with Nidhi and Sam. He has an secret crush on Nidhi, but he won’t tell her, but Crazy knows about it!
So guys these are our four main characters!
This story will have lots of fun moments, heartbreaks, fights, pranks, love and hate too!
So guys do enjoy this story and I hope you guys will like and enjoy the story plus the characters and the storyline.
Author’s note
“Crazy Ladkiyoon ki gazab kahani will be put on hold for a few weeks, because I don’t have any ideas for it right now, until then you guys can enjoy the stories: The reason of my heartbeat, Loving you was a mistake, Meri Zindagi tum ho and Sun saathiya, I hope you guys understand.” “The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”
End of Author’s note

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