The reason of my heartbeat Chapter 4: Goodbye!


Chapter 4: Goodbye!

Astha’s pov
“Life always taught me to change myself for the betterment!” “But I loved the way I was.” “After the break up with Varun, I had to change myself to be strong enough for my family to support them.” “I just hate the fact that I fell in love with the Varun Kapoor, the businessman of the year!” I was walking towards the Kapoor mansion, because Sam needs something from me and then I hears something: “My sister won’t marry you Rakesh and you can’t blackmail me!” “…..” I accidentally let a flower vase fall and he disconnected the call. He came towards the hall where I was hiding from him.
End of her pov
VaStha’s scene
“What are you doing here Astha and did you hear the convo between me and Rakesh?” “I’m here to meet Sam and yeah I heard the conversation!” “Sam’s not here!” “Oh!” “Why is that Rakesh blackmailing you?” “Because he knows the truth about us, so I acted as breaking up with you!” “Really?” She asked him and he said: “I love you Astha!” “Will you marry me?” “….” She mumbled. “What does that mean?” He confusingly asked her and she replied back: “again?” “Oh!” “Your such an idiot Varun!” They both were enjoying their moment.
End of their scene
The next day

Jazzy’s pov
“Today we all are going to Australia except for Liya, Zain, Nidhi and Namish!” Sally sadly said. “I’ll miss you twini.” Nidhi sadly said. “Will miss you more!” “Guys we should be happy today, because that Rakesh won’t be able to do anything after our prank!” Sam said, trying to lighten the mood of everyone. “I will help you guys!” Two people said, while they came towards us and they were VaStha. “Bhaiya are you alright?” A confused and concerned Sam asked Varun bhai. “Yeah I’m fine my choti princess.” “Mujhe lagta hai bhai ka dimag satak gaya(I think my brothers brain cracked).” She said. Everyone laughed at her comment except for Varun and Liya. “Mera bhaiyu ka dimag tumhare dimag ke jaise satak nahi gaya hai Sam(The brain of my brother didn’t crack like yours Sam).” “Itna bada dhoka meri judwa bhen Liya se(Such a big cheat frommy twin sister Liya).” Sam said, while she pouted. “When are you going to prank that blackmailing idiot Rakesh!” Astha said. “What?” We all asked her.
End of her pov
Nidhi’s pov
“Rakesh was actually blackmailing me, because he knows about me and Astha!” “He told me that he won’t reveal our truth, if I get him married to Sam!” An upset Varun said. “I won’t leave him alive!” We all said together. “Hey guys Rakesh is over there.” I said and everyone was ready to attack him and MaNaYal.” Sam went towards Rakesh and started to flirt with him for a while, Namish, Zain and Avan respectively went to Maya(P), Payal(Y) and Nayal(K) to flirt with them as well. Then Sam went with Rakesh to an empty classroom and the boys went with my stupid cousins there as well, the boys and Sam came out happily after locking the door, leaving these nut heads in that room with a “snake” in there. They came back and we had a group hug. We smirked at eachother, because we have planned something for our naughty and crazygirl Sam, then we drove to the airport.
End of her pov
The airport scene
Soon the gang reached the airport, none of them were happy, but saying goodbye isn’t forever, because they will be together soon for more adventures. “Bye guys love you and will miss you!” NiMish, ZaiYa(Zain and Liya), VaStha and Sam said, while they had tears in their eyes. “We will be back soon!” The others had to leave or else they would have missed their flight, which would have been a disaster in a good way! The remaining people went back to the university and work.
End of their scene
Meanwhile at the King Cradle University(made up name) in London.

Rakesh’s pov
“Where are you Sam?” “Where are Namish/Zain and Avan!” I walked towards the voice and hugged her, while I said: “finally I found you baby!” “Oh, Nami baby, I’m so happy to be with you here and we are all alone.” “I’m not Namish!” I said and then I realized that we four got tricked by the whole gang. “Maya(P), Nayal(K) and Payal(Y) they tricked us, we have to tell the headmaster about it and they will get suspended.” “No, we can’t!” “Why?” “Because I have an evil plan!” Payal said. “We have to get out from here!” Maya said.
End of his pov
CS of the new characters

Varun Kapoor
He is charming, “stone hearted”, sweet, caring and loving. He loves his sisters Liya and Sam a lot. He is secretly married to Astha. He is 21 years old. A businessman by profession. He is played by the very charming Varun Dhawan.
Astha Rajwanshi oops Kapoor
She is sweet, caring, shy, loving, lived in Australia for a while. She is 21 years old and the fraternal twin sister of Fairy(she will be introduced later). Secretly married to Varun.
Fairy Rajwanshi
Fraternal twin sister of Astha. She is funny, loving, caring, friendly and lives in Australia, but will come back to London soon. She is 21 years old. She will be introduced later to the story and she is an important character in building a love triangle between her and NiMish or she will play the cupid for Nidhi and someone else?
The copyright of this story belongs to me and my brain????no copy pastes or else????????

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  1. Liya

    Yipeeeee????????? I know what’s coming up next and I’m super excited for it??? varun- astha scene It reminded me of old TROMHB as the rest of the scene in the new version was lil diff??superb update jaan ,Iooks like something bad is cooking up in evil rakesh mind and we are soul sisters for life jaan?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you so much Jaana and yeah VaStha is life????

      Armaan ki entry ab hogi, Sam ka dil chura lega??? hai na sweety twin sister❤️❤️❤️❤️

      ZaiYa ka milan hoga???

      Sweet romance hoga???

      1. Liya

        Haay Haay jijju air Teri Milan ka intezaar raheghaa ???

      2. AMkideewani

        Oho paaagal?????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hassi31

    Superb di..??? ..waiting for armaan arrival …and then you meeting him..i mean Sam meeting armaan..?..I also like ZaiYa pair very much..not only them all others are good..? ? jaldi nxt part bhi post kar do ..?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot choti Smiley❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ It means a lot to me

      ArSam ka millan bhohut jald hoga and thanks for liking all the pairsy

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