Am I the reason of their broken friendship???Why me???

Hiiii friends..
Iam Abhi…
Here iam presenting an ff which is gonna show the life of a 10th grade girl. Her emotions…choices…hatred..jealously..friendship…family…sister….crush…love…exams….so on… This ff will not be dramatic.The main character of this ff is Amy.This is her story.Here are the names of some characters whom u guys should get familiar.

Sharad-Amy’s one of the friend with whom she fights always.She likes him alot.They are in same class from the past 8 years.When they were in 8th grade ,Sharad proposed her but she rejected him.Still they were good friends.Sharad always says about different girls to make Amy jealous.But Amy is brilliant,she will not show her jealousy outside.Sharad is very company with Ana’s gang which Amy hates.

Varun-Varun is Sharad’s best friend.From 7th grade onwards Varun is in their class.At first and all Amy didnt knew that there is a guy like Varun in the class.Only In grade 10 they became good friends.Varun is very studious but he is looking handsome.

Ash-Amy’s best friend.

Ana-She hates Ana alot.Because Ana always says bad things about Amy and Ash behind them.And then she will act like she like them.

Ginny-Ana’s bestfriend .But Ginny is better in behaviour.

Maria-Ana and Ginny best friend.Amy like Maria at the same time she dont like her.Its because Marias behaviour is good not like Ana’s ,but Amy has a doubt that Maria loves Varun or vice versa.Since Amy has a crush on Varun,she dont like Maria.

Alice-Amy’s sister.Alice and Amy are like best friends.They share everything.Alice is 7 years elder than Amy.Alice likes Varun more than sharad by behaviour and that is the reason why Amy has a crush on Varun.

All the other characters will be explained with their entry.Hope u guys liked it.Keep reading…love u guys..byebye..tata….♥

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  1. Pls make sharad lead character

  2. Siddhi

    Ye have make sharad lead and you know there is a show on sab TV badi door see a aye hai they are having the pairing of ana and sharad

  3. Abhi142

    Guys…i wish to make Sharad lead…bt….lets see what happens..!!N ha,Amy is lead not Ana…

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