Swaragini – The reason I breathe is U and for U (episode 1)



Hii guys this is dhamini with another ff. Yaah I am the writer of love ishq Kadhal.i have also started another ff back to the future but it is at present halted and I will continue it for sure but after completing this one. I hope u all like this and here the pairs I didn’t decided till now don’t think it is a ragsan or raglak ff bcoz this story is not only about love but caring friendship family emotions all are there. I hope u all will enjoy this. In this all the four swaragsanlak are there.

Episode starts..

Scene :

There is some local bike race. So many are cheering we can only listen to there screams but what are they saying its not audible bcoz there are so many people making so much loud noises. And it late night
And 1..2..3.. The race started.
There are 30 racers. And the race is that a train will be coming after 15 min at the place the race get started and the racers should pass through so many speed breakers high heights and should return and should cross the train before it crosses the red line. That means u should cross the red line before the train crosses.

Now after 10 min all are silent watching who is gonna win the race. They were watching it with so much anxiety.

And now wait is over. All are shouting Michael Michael yaah he is at first place but the race is still on. He was riding his bike with so much speed same as that of the train. And it is only few meters distance for completion of the race.

And after 1 minute all the people are crowded around the person who won the race.
And at some distance. Some gang his consoling someone
Sam: arey yaar don’t wry Michael sometimes happen.
Michael: but who is that man who won the race bcoz I am the champion of the bike racing from 8 yes .
Sam: arey BTW till a minute before u are at the first place and no racer is even nearer to u. What happened suddenly it’s a like a miracle it all happened in just a few seconds
Michael: I was also surprised bcoz I also didn’t did this stunt In my career
Before a minute
It is confirmed that Michale is going to be the winner after all he is the champion. All the crowd are shouting and cheering him

But when he is about to reach the destination another bike which came on top of Michael yaah the bike is in air and that bike crossed Michael and also the train. After crossing the red line before the train reaches the bike suddenly jumped and landed it on the running train by raising the bike the racer is standing on the bike in that position only. All are amused to see such a great stunt.

Fb ends..

Sam: omg really yaar in my life time I didn’t saw such a deadly dare devil stunt. Michael I think u got a competitor.
Michael: OK come let’s see who it is who did such a death defying stunt
They went there to see the amazing racer but the crowd were not allowing them to peep also.
Michael and Sam are trying to see the face.
Sam: I think he removed the helmet Michale…
Michael: no reply
Sam: arey Michael did u able to see the face. Is he new or old racer. Did I see him before
Michael: no response
Sam: arey what happened yaar why are u not even responding and ur mouth…he goes to the place where the crowd is taking selfie s and autographs from the racer. He now goes to the place of Michael he drags him out and sees the racer and he also opened his mouth
After getting out of the shock
Michael: did u get ur answer

Abbey respond yaar
Sam : omg it’s a girl yaar Michael.
All the crowd are now cheering jack.. Jack.. Jack and lifted the girl.
Michael: oh God she is hot
Sam: she is stunning
Michael: great
Sam: stunter
Michale: bike champion
Sam michael: jack

Leap of 5 yrs..

Scene : at Central jail mumbai
Jailer : again u came but why late this time see we are tired of her
Lawyer : Haa now with a proper bail. Call ur acp. I also came to take her from here
Acp: arey prasad u came again
Prasad: Haa she got bail now
Acp: oh wait it’s not bail yaar it’s an act posed to do service for 4 months
Prasad: yaah that only now leave her
Acp: do u really think that she will do service
Prasad: no but can try
Acp: OK ramu get jack out. I am leaving her as u guaranteed remember
Prasad: yaah OK
The same girl who won the race yes jack comes out from the jail
The screen freezes on jack

Episode ends..

Do u know who is the girl??
Why she had been in jail??
What happened in these 5 yrs???.

Guys keep guessing and say how is the beginning through ur lovely comments . and I like bikes very much and I even know riding a bike. But I didn’t described it apt sry for that I am poor in describing anything. And my story is nothing to do with bike racing only just in the introduction and coming episodes u can see the story related to my title. And guys say me if I should upload daily on weekends

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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