The reason I breathe is you raglak os

I love him,my love my life, my laksh.I feel in love with him at first day I saw him.our meet was filmy like

I was walking on the road,it was my 1 st day to college.I was praying to kanhaji to make all right. I was entering college, when a boy hugged me.I don’t know why I didn’t stop him.Don’t look at me like that,I’m a good girl.But something in me said he was my soul.He whisphered that was a dare n not to slap him.I smiled, he moved a little n I saw his face total flat…mmm its OK but don’t do like this,who ragged you.He pointed a guy.I went to him n slapped him for ragging.

Laksh POV

I think that girl is superwoman .I felt different while hugging her.Her beautiful eyes speak something. I heard her saying don’t mess with ragini goenka or her friend.So,beautiful name.She said to me so friends?? I said my pleasure milady n we laughed.

She shared all things with him.she was close to him.He was close to her.they were best friends.

Until that day,a girl wearing chatris came n hugged laksh ,she too hugged him.ragini was burning in jealous.She was shattered when laksh said that she was his fiancé. Ragini controlled her tears n wished them a happy life.Because for her happiness lies in lakshs.

From that day,swara spend most of time with laksh.ragini was left back.all went for the camp in college.

Raglak were in one pair.swakar in another pair.swara was jealous n,ragini stayed with karan .Karan was flirting with ragini. He hugged ragini,when she slapped him.laksh was super angry n bet him.He was confused why was jealous seeing rag…….kar.He pushed his thoughts aside n took ragini in his embrace. It was full moon day,moon was shining bright n raginis face was brightening.Laksh was intoxicated by her beauty n kissed her on lips.ragini was shocked but reciprocated.Laksh pushed her when he came to sense n walked away.

He hit his hand thinking why I did like that??what will Ragini think of me?I was betraying swara.But II don’t feel it wrong..ragini was left with tears.she tried to speak to him but he avoided her.

Ragini was speaking to chain laksh made her wear during her last birthday ,she considered it to be her mangalasutra n was telling it how much she loves laksh.Laksh whp was behind tree heard all these.

Ragini was about to stand up when she saw Laksh rolling down.laksh was hanging to twig.swara was trying to pull him up,when laksh said I love you swara.Ragini gave her hand ,when laksh said I’m sorry ragini,maybe in my next birth I’ll love you.Ragini said hold me tight.swara become unconscious. Ragini was trying with difficulty.but laksh loosened his grip n fell down.ragini shouted lakshhhhhhhh.

Few yes later,

Swara was wearing a blue saree with sindhoor n kumkum on his head,she was married to sanskar kapoor,no1 businessman .she was living happily with him.she has started loving sanskar.

Laksh was seen talking with Dr,they said congrats Laksh u survived.Laksh smiled sir ,my loves love made me survive. He remembered after falling from cliff,he was admitted in hospital by people there. Now,he was perfectly alright.He saw his face on mirror n said not bad laksh,thoda handsome bhi hi.He thought by now,Ragini would have moved on

But his heart said,she’ll be waiting for you.bcos she loves you,you love can’t see her love for you or ur own love to Ber as ur blinded by swara crush.

He put his heart convo aside n moved to bus.

Other side

A lady wearing pink saree with glass bangles tingling n kajal lining her eyes like silver lining of cloud .Her cute plump lips n her red sindhoor n chain on her neck.her chain is shown xxxxx inscribed on it.yes guys,she is our ragini.

Laksh went to his home.all were happy n stunned tears rolled down their eyes. They told him about his wife who was waiting for him believing that he was alive n wearing colour dresses.Laksh was thinking swara n asked about her.

Just then a sound was heard maaa,ragini was coming inside. She saw Laksh n ran to him n hugged him.Laksh looked at her n said well good u moved on.

His heart pained a little .ragini ur wishes payed said ap caressing her head.

Swara is coming Maa,ragini said to ap.she said she wants gulab jamun n I’ll prepare it.Laksh I’ll prepare ur fav palgova.Laksh asked Maa who married Ragini, ap was shocked when laksh asked Maa when will I marry swara??

Swara entered with her sanskar n her junior .Laksh was shattered. He saw swara n swara hugged him Laksh ur alive.raginis prayer paid off !!

Laksh was confused n shattered.he left home.ragini was shattered wen she heard ap saying Laksh asked his n swara marriage .she said Maa I loved him truly maa n cried.swara didn’t know about this n went with sanskar.

Laksh was returning home,when he saw a lady speaking about Ragini. He went to them n asked them.They all said that after lakah died,she went yo trauma.she considered Laksh as her husband n that chain as mangalasutra n told him that only she believrd that he was alive n told that how every yr she does pooja for him n many more.

Laksh was in tears ,when he saw her like that .He remembered how all said ragini prayer paid off.He lobed ragini,yes I luv u he shouted.

He went home n asked ap about Ragini. Ap told she went to do her pooja,as you have returned.Laksh came to the temple n saw Ragini kneeling n walking her yellow saree with blood n she stood up,when priest said ur thankings r over beti.She stood up n served food to all with stumbling knees n finally ate mud food (its a pure thank anyone can give to god for saving beloved).

Laksh had tears in his eyes, he hugged ragini n cut his hand in blade stuck on tree n kept sindhoor on forehead n tied thali from mata rani .Ragini was standing speechless.He kisses her lips showing all his love on her.

Ragini pushed him away n said stay away laksh khurana u want to marry swara na ur next birth I’ll be waiting for ur love.He said ragini am sorry n pouted at her.Ragini was smiling inwards but stopped n said no means no.she started walking when Laksh caught her saree pallu n sang

Konjam ularikottava,konjam nenjai thiranthukattava…..

Ragini pulled her saree wen Laksh bumped on her….

Konjam sirika sonnaen….

Ragini smiled n Laksh hugged her n kissed forehead.
Ragini ran yo room n locked it.

She was closing window when she saw laksh singing

Nee thiraigal marginal
Ul araiya puttinal

In idhaya mulaiyil nane irupen
New thiraigal mattinal
Ul araiya puttinal
In idhaya mulaiyal nane irupen.

Ragini came down n hugged him n said I love u Laksh. Laksh said I love you too jaan.I love u more said Ragini……

Ragini said bur ur punishment is u should stay away from me for 1 month….Laksh said noooooooo……

Ragini said ,”The reason I breathe is you” Laksh hugged her more closer to himself.

Done phew!!!! How is it ????guys .on first of all sorry I’ll post all my stories on Sunday my exams r going guys…. If u like this comment n I’m writing one more story guys not serial based

I loved u only after you left me read it, of u have time n let me know how is it guys.

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