The Reason I Breathe Is You ( Krishnadasi ) epi-2


The Reason I Breathe Is You

Hey people! So I that’s Nisha is back with the 2 Episode of my FF. So here it goes… remember to comment below ??????????


In the class-
The professor is teaching. Aradhya is making notes. Aryan is standing outside the class room n is seeing Aradhya and is just lost in her. The class gets over every one comes out of the class. Aryan is still standing n waiting for Aradhya. Aradhya comes there
Aradhya – so ur name is Aryan. See what happened with you now you have to copy the notes again.
Aryan is just smiling seeing her.
Aradhya- so next time walk with open eyes.
Aradhya smiles at him and leaves. Aryan is still standing there n smiling. Varun comes there.
Varun – hey bro!
Aryan is lost n doesn’t respond.
Varun – (in a louder pitch) Aryaaan
Aryan gets conscious.
Aryan – yeah what happened y r u screaming..?
Varun – because u were lost. By the in whose dream were u..? Did u like Shivani’s friend Aradhya.
Aryan – so her name is Aradhya.
Varun – so u like her.
Aryan – r u mad. Nothing like that.
Varun – really..? I don’t think so.
Aryan – leave all this…give me ur notes I have to copy them.
Varun – yaa just a min.
He gives his notes to Aryan.
Aryan- thnx! Lets leave now.

In the garden –
Shivani n Aradhya r sitting on a bench and chit chatting.
Aradhya – tomorrow is Rakhshabandhan n I hv to go back home to Krishnavati.
Shivani – so when will u come back.
Aradhya – sorry Shivani I know u want me to go for a quite long time so that u can spend time with Varun but I will come tomorrow only cause I have my inter college competition very soon (She laughs)
Shivani – Aaruuuu…(she hits Aradhya slightly)

Outside the college –
Aryan n Varun r talking.
Varun – arrey Aryan tomorrow is Rakshabandhan aren’t you going to Krishnavati.
Aryan – yaa I’m going and I also have to buy a gift for gayu tai but I’ll be back tomorrow only.
Varun – ooh ! Okay Aryan I have to meet Shivani as I have promised her so u wait I’ll be back soon.
Aryan – ooh Shivani! Okay then I’m in the garden u come there only after meeting Shivani. I’ll copy the notes till then.
Varun- alright.
Aryan leaves. Varun calls Shivani

In the garden –
Shivani receives a call from Varun. She picks it up.
She talks to Varun n then after disconnecting the call.
Shivani- Aradhya actually Varun is calling me so I am going to meet him. You stay here only I’ll be back soon.
Aradhya – ooh Varun! Ok I’m waiting for u. Shivani leaves

Aradhya is sitting on the bench in the garden n is reading a book. Aryan comes from the opposite side and sits on the bench that is opposite to that of Aradhya’s. He looks around and his eyes falls on Aradhya. He gets mesmerized seeing her innocence and beauty.
He stands up and moves towards her. Aradhya is reading n then she listens someone whistling. She feels uncomfortable but ignores. The whistling stops and Aradhya gets relived but again after a few seconds the same whistle starts but this time she could not just let it go. She looks up n finds Aryan standing there n smiling at her. She goes n slaps him.
Aradhya – u hv fallen so low. U r whistling at a girl in a college. U don’t have manners. Ooh so now I get it, so that means u intentionally clashed into me today morning. U r so cheap. U looks so innocent but now I know ur real face.
Aryan – have u gone mad. I mean hv u lost it. What are u saying..? What whistling, cheap , fallen so low..? Will u first tell me what I hv done..?
Aradhya- so u don’t know what you have done. I know boys like u and don’t think that I am weak u don’t know me. If I found u around me next time then I’ll surely complain against u. So mind it.
Aryan is confused. Aradhya turns to go to her room n finds Varun and Shivani behind her.
Varun – Aryan what happened. Y is Aradhya so angry y was she shouting..?
Aradhya – so u r Varun’s friend.
Aradhya- Varun how can u have a friend like him who doesn’t have respect for girls.
Aradhya leaves in anger. Shivani tries to stop her.
Shivani – but Aaru….
But Aradhya leaves.

PRECAP – Aradhya is ridding her scooty. She is driving on the road and suddenly a car comes in front and stops. The scooty crashes into the big car n Aaru falls down.

Thanku so much for reading my FF. Plzz guys a request specially for the silent readers, plz guys do do do comment be it positive or negative. Ur negative comments help me to improve and ur positive comments motivates me and so I want all of u who read the FF to surely comment.

Credit to: Nisha Singh

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  1. so lol…l love todayz epi as usual..itz so amaizinggg…Waiting for the next epi..Asap plzz post ua next part dear…???

    1. Thnx for the comment Rebba…the next part wuld be soon uploaded

  2. Amazing yaar
    Keep it up

    1. Thnx Oshie

      1. You’re welcome 🙂

  3. may b first 1 to read it it was really nice keep going

    1. Thnx alot apra

  4. Awesome episode nisha

    1. Thnx Ayushi

  5. silent reader

    who was whisling?
    very goooood….

    1. Thnx for the comment…n the person who whistling, this will soon be shown

  6. Fabulousssssssssss episode Nisha??❤️❤️??……..Aaradhya was so angry???on poor Aryan???…… the next part asap??…….lovelyyyyyyyyy going keep it up????????

    1. Thnx Aribah

  7. superrb …………… episode…..

    1. Thnx harshu

  8. Hello nisha I am sitara I had read your ff and its just amazing and felt bad about Aryan that he always got scold not scold but this time aru slapped him but am waiting for next so update soon yar……….lol………..

    1. Thanx for the comment Sitara …. next part wud be uploaded soon

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