Hi guyz i am srushti and i am back again…i know you all would be ready with your footwears to hit me or kill me as i am so so late…and i a sorry as i was busy….and guyz i would like to wish you belated international dance day….and guyz i want to share something with you on the the occasion of international dance day my sance institute had conducted a workshop with shakti mohan..Yes THE SHAKTI MOHAN…it was such a great experience with her dancing with talking with her..OMG! That is an unforgetable movement and a day too…so now enough of my chatter box and lets get into the epi

Sona comes to dixit house she was going to kitchen when ishwari saw her…ishwari went towards her…
I-aree Sonakshi beta tumhe aaj late ho gaya…
S-ha vo durasl…mai…main late uthi issiliye….
I-koi baat nhi…
Ishwari leaves and sona begins explaning the chart to kicchu bhaiya…
Sona was having free time then she realised she had to call asha so she called her…
A-ha shona bol
S-maa actually mr dixit ne hume aaj hume dinner pe bulaya hai
A-aacha toh jana hai?naughtily

A-ok but at what time…
S-at 8..
Sona disconnects the call
Dev also ingorms ishwari that he has invited sonakshi’s family for dinner…
It’s 8 and sona’s family come…ishwari and dev greet them
Elena-dada kitna alidhan ghar hai…hai main toh mar hi gai..

Saurav-sachi main sona itne bade ghar mau kaam karti hai….uske toh bhaag hi khul gaye?
Asha hears their conversation and hots them so they become quite…
Dev’s family and sona’s family chit chated and had dinner…after having dinner dev signaled sona that it is time ti say…
S-ladies and gentelmen aaj aap sabko maine aur aur dev ne sath main bulaya milvaya uski ek khas vajah hai…
Asha-what is the vajah…

Ishwari-ha kya hai vajah..
D-actually main aur sona ek dusre se bohot pyaar karte hai..true love aur hume ek dusre se shaadi karni hai….
Hearing this everybody get happy eccept radha rani…
I-aree va ye toh bohot achi news hai..bhai mujhe toh sona pasand hai..
Asha and bijoy-hume bhi dev babu pasand hai…
I-toh rishta pakka…kal hi main pandit jee se baat karti hu

Asha-ishwariji aapse ek request hai
Ish-kahiye na
A-agar shaadi bengali tradition sr ho toh…
Ish-hume koi problem nhi hai….shasdi bengali tradition se hi hogi..
Dev and sona look at each other and get happy sona’s family leavez but sona says she will come afterwards and elena teases them
Dev and sona blushes
Sona’s family leave

S-dev finally humari family humare rishte ke liye man hi gai…
D-ik abb sirf kuch din hi tum uss ghar main ho phir tum iss ghar main aaougi iss ghar ki bahu ban kar aur main matlab MERI BIWI BAN KAR MERI WIFE BAN KAR
Sona blushes…
D-and ya kal mere office mai ln 10 baje aana

S-lekin q?
D-i knew it you will forget
S-but what..
D-aree natasha had called us na tomorow
Sona remembered
S-aree ha… Toh main aa joungi..chalo mujhe aabhi ghar chad do…
D-jo hukum
They boh smile and leave..
Next morning sona was leaving for dev’s office she reached dev’s office where natasha was waiting..

D-natasha everything is ok na …i mean you called me and sona
Natasha tell everything
Sona come towards natasha..
S-natasha love is beautiful it happens to every this time it was your turn….tumhe sorry bolne ki bilkul jarurat nhi hai…mujhe pata pyaar ka ahsaas bohot beautiful hota hai…
N-dev u are lucky yoy have got a understanding life partner…
Dev and sona blushes..
N-don’t blush…

Natasha huggs dev and sona…

Precap-pundit jee removes marriage dates of devakshi

So that’s it for today i hope you guyz liked it enjoyed and it wasn’t boring..guyz and i am very happy 1 thing is toh there that i met shakyi mohan but other thing is i have completed 10 epi’s of “THE REASON I BREATHE IS YOU” i am damn happy amd tha’t because of you all taht’s beacause of you live and guyz i don’t want to bore you guyz…i have many thinfs to tell you but i will say that next epi sooo….

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  1. Akshita

    Wow plzzz post next episode soon yr???
    can’t wait???

    1. Srush


    1. Srush


  2. V.V.harshita

    Awesome one…but i hav a doubt tht is…removes marriage Date ka Matlab kya hai ???
    Hmm…anyways Post asap

    1. Srush

      Thanis….it means pundit jee shaadi ki tarik nikalte hai

  3. Awesome episode dear can you please provide me the link of previous episode

  4. Heshine

    Wow…! Srushti….this was a perfect and just perfect chappy…!
    So awesome…!wow. .devakshi’s….marriage is fixed…! Amazing…!all agreed…! Woah…!
    I’m waiting eagerly fa the further epi…..pls post asap….dear ..!
    Love u..!??????❤❤???

    1. Srush

      Thanks…many more to come heshine?
      Love u tooo

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