The reason I breathe is YOU ~8

Recap : kunj and ahana haldi …twinkle suffering from cardiac disorder …
Shot 8 …
The Episode starts with twinj hugging …
Kept a hand on kunj shoulder .. he looked at yuvi and realised it was his imagination and twinkle didn’t came still ….

What happen kunj ??? Tu yaha Kya Kar Raha hai yaar ??? ..and why u are looking so dull hadn’t you slept ?? Yuvi asked ..
Woh..nothing yaar I was just going only he said and left from there before bombarded with more questions still looking at the gate ..
Next scene :::
Twinkle woke up in hospital holding her head ..she was now feeling better soonn Dr Anjali comes there and sat on the table kept there …

So how you are feeling now twinkle ???? She aksed while twinkle said better ..
Twinkle..uhmm we had taken you blood samples and …

And what Dr ???? She aksed ..
Twinkle you have to go for surgery as soon as possible … Anjali said and twinkle looked on ..

So when I have to come here again she asked ..
Uhmm I think you should stay here itself after proper examination we will move on for surgery ..

Can I come after 2 days ..??? Twinkle asked while Anjali looks on ..

I suggest you to stay here and if u want to go can but be here as soon as possible she said while Twinkle nodded soon she was discharged from the hospital …

Next scene :::
Kunj came down after getting fresh up ..still twinkle didn’t came ..he thought and saw her ..coming from her room …he walked towards her while she looked at him ..the worriedness on his face was clearly visible …

Where were you since last night ??? Haan ???? Koi rehta hai Kya saari Raat bahar ??? …bata Nahi Sakti thi kaha jaarahi hai …no why will you say coz you thinks no one cares for you hai na ??he was continuously speaking ..while Twinkle was looking at him blank ..

Hogaya ? ..she aksed while he stands quiet ..and she continued what do you mean ?? I should have informed it’s my life and yes you are right I thinks this only and it’s the truth too no one cares ..for me one cares ..I if stay here or not if I live or not one will even care if I die too ..before she could end ..kunj shouted on her ..

Don’t you dare say this again ..samjhiiiii think what ever you want to but never talks about death not infront of me at least you are my…..he stopped
As you are my what ???? Haan tell na why did you stopped in middle ..tell me she holds his collar should I say what I am to you ??? MERE ATTRACTION hai na ??? ..saying it again don’t show this fake concern ..she left his collar ..

Without saying anything he left and move from there with teard eyes ..while twinkle too was having tears ..

I should have to be as harsh as I can I don’t know what gonna happen after surgery I just wanna see you moving on so that my soul stays in peace …she thought and left too …
Soon the rest day passed by and it was mehendi function in the night …everyone got ready for it ..twinkle too was ready ..met ahana ..

Where were you haan last night ??? You know how much I got worried seeing your message last that ??? Sachi meeting thi na ??? …ahana aksed while twinkle nodded ..

Sachi bata Tu kuch chupa to Nahi rahi hai na ???? ..Teri health to thik hai na?? She aksed again ..

Yess yaar everything is fine even my..he..lth too what will happen to me k am first class ??twinkle said ..
Acha hai ..if it’s true twinkle as I don’t want to loose you too after maa papa …ahana hugged twinkle ..while twinkle sadly looks on …

Abey oye chal …? Aansu apni bidaai k liye bhi bacha k rakh …twinkle said while ahana slightly hits her both have a cute besties moment ..

Promise me twinkle you will not leave me as I consider you as my family as my sister …plzz promise me …

Ahana why u are getting so senti ??? Haan hua Kya hài ??? Twinkle asked ..
Don’t know yaar bus jaise papa k time feeling aayi thi waise hi horaha hai she ended …when they heard knock on door and opened to find chinki and mahi who came to take ahaana ..they all went downstairs …kunj too came there

Soon the function started ahana was applying mehendi while kunj was looking at Twinkle ..who was standing somewhat far …yuvi signals Twinkle something and she nodded they both left from there while kunj looks on confused …

On the other side …yuvi took twinkle to a fully decorated place while she looked on surprise and smiled soon he sat on his knees ..I don’t know when did this happen but yess I have fallen for you yaar ..I wanna be with you In every phase of life hold you till the end ..will you be Mrs Yuvraj luthra he ended while twinkle smiled and nodded …yuvi stands up ..a pair of eyes were watching them who was hell angry till now which was of kunj ….he left from there angrily seeing his love with someone else …
After sometime the function ended everyone to have rest as Sangeet is in night …they have to prepare for it too ..

Twinkle too was moving towards her room when kunj dragged her and took her to his room he was hell angry …

What the hell you are doing leave me kunj she shouted ..while he left her and looked at her with blood red shot eyes ..

What was that twinkle ??? Got someone else in your life haan ??? He shouted ..she looked at him … recalling yuvi and her confession …

Haan toh ??? What happen to you haan ??? ..why u are behaving like a maniac ..she said while he pinned her to pillar holding her hands tightly …

Maniac seriously twinkle …he said ..looking at her …while she pushed him with all her force ..again he holds her hands more tighter ..

Yess kunj ??? You are saying I got someone else in my life ??? Don’t I have the right to move on too haan ??? You are too going to married tomorrow right ..She said while he came back in his senses ..and sees what he was doing he was hurting his love in anger he moved back and sees his hands marks imprinted on her wrists ..he felt really bad ..

I sorry twinkle he said while she looked on tears eye …

Why u are behaving like this kunj ??? When I was just your mere attraction why does it matter to you if I too moves on haan ??? She aksed ..

So sorry I don’t want talk about anything he said and turned …

Okay just answer me one thing ..after that I’ll never show you my face ever .. DO I WAS REALLY YOUR MERE ATTRACTION ??? WHAT THAT WAS TRUE THE MOMENTS WE HAVE SPEND WAS JUST FOR TIME PASS ..she asked tears flowing from her eyes …

I am really an idiot it’s better twinkle should move on in life ..she deserves someone better than me ..thought kunj and turned towards twinkle …YES was the word he told which broke them both badlyyyyy …

Okay said twinkle and turned to leave ..she looks at him …ran towards him and hugged tightly ..just wanted to feel you for the last time ..have a great life ahead be happy always she said ..he badly wanted to respond to her hug ..but controlled himself ..she broke the hug and went from there …

Soon it was 7 in the evening …twinkle packed her stuff as she was leaving back she didn’t wanted to say more as she wasn’t able to handle she convinced ahana too with her words …

Bye meri Jaan have a happy happy life twinkle and hugged her and they went downstairs kunj and others came there too and kunj was shocked seeing twinkle leaving…but he thought it’s better she should leave rather than getting pain again n again ..she went towards yuvi he hugged her..

Thank you soo much twinkle ..because of you only I proposed Mahi and she accepted too thanks for helping me ..

She met everyone looked at kunj ..he badly wanted to hug her ..soon the cab came and twinkle left from there …

After sometime the Sangeet ceremony started kunj was hell sad and ahana was noticing him since the morning when he aksed about twinkle …soon the performances starts all are dancing enjoying having full when kunj ahana was sitting beside each other yuvi mahi chinki Rohan comes there…

To finally yuvi you proposed Mahi haan ahaana said while yuvi nodded kunj got shocked …

But how you got to know ??? I proposed no one knew about it ..except me mahi and ohh twinkle told you ..ahana nodded ..

Yeah she only gave me the courage and idea to propose and we are together he said while mahi smiles kunj got sad how he hurted twinkle ..soon the function
ended …it was already late in night 4am

Ahana went to kunj room to talk to him if he is happy or not she opens the door to find no one in the room …she was going from there when her eyes caught a picture she went towards it and turned it was twinj pic both standing in each other embrace while kunj pecking her forehead she got hell shocked ..
What’s this babaji ?? Kunj twinkle ?? They knew each other from before …that’s why they were behaving different with each other If am not wrong then kunj is the one who ditched twinkle but why he will do this ???? …she sat there .. then recalled the day her papa died ..if it because papa’s promise ????…my both besties are giving away their happiness for me I am so lucky to have them …she was crying n crying recalling how twinkle was bearing the pain alone kunj who was a fun loving guy turned out to be quiet too ..soon she wipes her tears ..
Screen freezes ..
Hope u all like it ..
Ba byeeee ✋✋✋✋..
Will twinj be able to unite ever ???? Or. ?stay tuned to know more ..bye …
Will be back soon ..???miss me ??

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  1. Amazing…hopefully they unite

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    It was awesome pls post soon

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    i hope twinj unite
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    This shot was sooo amazing ??
    Felt very bad for our twinj???

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    sammy di
    I know ki ap mereko vul chuki hay
    n Q naii vulengi v I’m cmntng aftr ages
    sooooooooooooooooo sorrrryyyyy
    n waise v u nvr talked wid me ????
    but I love u n ur articles
    this epi was a total emotional saga
    my eyes turned glassy reading the epi
    luvd evry bit of it
    toooooo painful were twinjn moments
    plz post asap di
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    but loved it very much.
    hope thatvtwinj will reunite soon
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    Awesome Amazing superb
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    Sam!! You are, in true sense, one of the finest writers that I have ever seen!!
    So amazing that I’ll have to renew my vocabulary to find the right words for you!!!
    You made me cry…! Too good!!!
    I’m anxious to know what will happen next!!
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