The reason I breathe is YOU ~6


Happy wala birthdayyyy Shalini Di ???????????…
Shot 6 ::::
The Episode starts with past continues kunj hugged her tightly listening to her beautiful confession he never thought someone will make him so special …they broke the hug kunj cupped her face …

K : thank you sooo much twinkle for completing me …for making me realise what’s is meant to be called someone as yours ????..he gently pecked her forehead …

No kunj I should thank you for saving my life …for caring for me ..I love you she muttered while he joined his forehead with her’s …

I love you too Jaan he said and they both smiled …

But why did u called me here kunj ???? this hour she asked …
Shh look at there twinkle he turned her she was awestruck to see the scenario fireflies scattered all over the lake …making the view more beautiful the cool breeze the sounds of silence ..he kept a hand on her waist pulling her closer to him and signaled her to look upwards to see the moon which is more shining today ..

She smiled …seeing the beauty of nature and hugged him …they were in each other embrace promising to love each other till their last breathe …

They broke the hug sat their for sometimes finding peace in each other embrace soon they returned back to palace as next day was wedding …

Next day …
There was hustle bustle all around the palace guests arrived parents of meera was attending the guest …it was all set priest too came …soon the groom was there comes ayaan with kunj and his other friends …ayaan sat in the mandap …

Sooner the bride too came kunj turned and looked at twinkle smiling she looked at him …she make Meera too sat in the mandap ..

Twinkle went and stand beside kunj …both sees each other and recall their confession …

Looking gorgeous baby kunj said making her turn dark shade of crimson …you are not looking less she said winking at him he smiled …

They shower the flower of the couple priest was explain the vows and twinj was listening it with too much interest …
Soon Ayan and Meera was officially declared as husband n wife they met everyone hugged twinj too ..they congratulate them …the wedding was done finally and twinkle went back to her orphanage …

Kunj too stayed in Jaipur and he joined work and was doing job here ..twinkle was studying fashion desiging …

They both were bzy in settling their careers as to stay with each other forever n ever …

Kunj went with twinkle to her orphanage and met Naina and others everyone praised kunj …twinkle was getting jealous seeing kunj with other girls …
Kunj teased her on that …the cute meetings phone conversations ..cute dates …meeting secretly at night …continued ..for an year …

Kunj was in his flat when he gets usha call …he picked up the call ..

What happen maa ??? Everything is alright nah ??? Papa ???? …kunj asked
Haan kunj everything is fine here didn’t saw you from past one year come back na beta we need you usha said ..

Haan maa I am coming This weekend don’t worry Saturday night we will have family dinner maa …kunj said ..

Okay take usha said and ended the call ..
After sometime kunj called twinkle to nearby coffee shop …

What happen kunj ??? U called me so urgently ??? Twinkle asked ..

I resigned my job twinkle and going back Amritsar ..maa too called me and aksed me to back …I’ll join family business now and will help papa ..kunj said ..

Twinkle smiled sadly thinking he will leave her …kunj holds her hand ..

Heyyyy see here I’ll go back and will talk to maa papa about us …then will come back to take my life …kunj said ..still twinkle wasn’t convinced …

U trust me nah ??? Twinkle ??? Kunj aksed n she nodded …

I trust you more than myself kunj go and come back soon as I can’t leave without you…twinkle said with tears in her eyes ..
Kunj wipes her tears don’t let this come out if your eyes …

Soon he was all set to go back to amritsar ….twinkle helped him in packing …they smiled spending the last memorable moments of their life …they went to the airport …

Bye kunj twinkle said …she was hell sad seeing him leaving as he has became the reason of her breathe now ..

Kunj understands her fear and pulled her in a tight hug ..hey Jaan look at me ..don’t worry yaar ??it’s just for few days …then you and me …she hugged him tightly not wanting to leave him at any cost …

Don’t know why I am feeling like something is gonna happen twinkle said kunj assured her that nothing will go wrong ..he pecked her forehead and went inside while twinkle was just looking at him …soon his flight took off …
Flashback ends

Twinkle wiped her tears coming out of her thought u said u will not leave me kunj but that message ..I can’t forget you ever …??? I can’t live with you too it’s better you should move on before ..???…

Naina came in her room and sees twinkle in tears..she kept her head on nainas lap she was caressing twinkle hairs …

Shh twinkle bacha calm down are my baby u can’t fall weak twinkle Naina said all the while twinkle was crying taking out the pain which she is hiding since 3 years …

Aani he is getting married twinkle said and naina looked on shocked ???
Kunj ??? U came in his wedding …

Yess twinkle said ..and hugged Naina crying harder ..still she wasn’t able to believe what’s wrong went in their story ..
On the other side :::
Kunj got another project for his company he was sitting in his car …closed his eyes let few tears flow …I didn’t knew after going back this will happen or else I would have never ditched you twinkle ..I am so sorry for breaking your trust I can tell you the reason too …after what I have done I can’t be able to meet my eyes with you …
Next scene :::
Twinkle have her dinner and left back to palace as ahana was repeatedly calling her …in the way her cab stoped …
Bhaiya what happen ??? She asked ..
Its not starting I think you should take another cab said the driver …

In this night where I’ll get cab twinkle thought and came out of cab …I think I should walk till palace …she started walking …when she heard horn ..she turned …to find a car stopped there …
Kunj came out of car and sees her here at this time ??? Why u are walking ???? …

Twinkle didn’t answer him turned back and again started walking he pulled her she crashed to him …they could hear each other breathes …

Answer me twinkle ????? Kunj said ..
I don’t need to answer you and leave me what u are doing …twinkle said ..

Ok fine don’t answer come back we will go together at this hour it’s not safe for girls …kunj said …

Is it safe with you then ??? She asked looking in his eyes …his heart pricked badlyyyyy he looked at her with pain…
You are coming or not ??? He aksed again moving towards his car ..

No she replied ..
Ok then I’ll stand here till you get cab and you can’t stop me from doing that …
Huh she said ..he stand there looking at her she turned back and sat in the car ..he smiled …and started driving soon they reached …and went to their rooms ..
Screen freezes …

Precap : haldi
So how was the shot ???
Hope u all like it ..
Thanks to all for likes and comments guys ?????

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  1. Aamu

    Dil pukaare amazing..
    Really loved it..painful and heartbreaking???..
    Twinj becharee?
    I am more sadfor twinkle..

    Post next soon.
    (First cmnt????)

    Love yaa.❤

  2. Kiya1234

    Superb episode as always nailed it ❣️❣️❣️❣️???????post soon

  3. Twinjsidminfan

    Amazingly written down the emotions❤❤
    Plzzz do continue sooner ??
    Unite our twinj faster can’t see them in pain???
    Luv u??

  4. Amazing episode

  5. Presha

    Loved it

  6. bechare TWINJ alag ho gye emotional episode dear
    post soon dear

  7. SidMin23

    Felt bad for twinkle and hope soon twinj will be together.

  8. Unheard-Of

    It was soooooooooooooooooooo fanatastic ????????????
    Omg!!!! The emotions were so wonderfully described?….
    Post soon!!!

  9. Amazing episode dear
    loved it very much
    Plzzz unite our twinj soon….
    plzzz post soon
    love u

  10. fabulous epi
    but feeling bad for twinj
    post next soon
    luv u

  11. Anusha

    Superb episode post soon

  12. Amazing

  13. jb SB kch itna accha chl ra that .. then I wonder what made kunj write that msg to twinki ..
    anyways .. eager to know how u turn the tables upside down.
    loved it so much ?

  14. Twinj2000

    THat was amazing
    Too emotional ??
    Rula diya yaar???
    Bechari twinkle ???
    God knows what must have happened
    Post soon❤️❤️
    Waiting ??

  15. Ananya_DSK

    Sooo wonderfully written…
    Their past is so adorable…
    Such an emotional episode!! Amazing

  16. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing sam
    It S full of suspense Now

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