The reason I breathe is YOU ~5

Shot 5 …
The Episode starts with next day …a new morning ..taking..a new page…of everyone’s life ….twinkle got ready jeans and crop top till her knees …she went to ahana’s room …

Twinkle u are going somewhere ??? Ahana asked looking at her ..

Yeah that’s what I came to inform I am going to my orphanage to meet everyone it had been a long time since I met them after leaving India I came here back only for your wedding thought to meet them too …if u permit dulhan ..twinkle said …

Achaaa ja Tu bhi Kya yaad rakhegi lekin jaldi aana okay she said n twinkle nodded and left for her orphanage the place where she has spent her whole childhood ..

Kunj gets dressed up too as he has to go for an important meeting with the foreign delegates ..he came down …and took ushar blessings …and his eyes were searching for twinkle but he didn’t found her anywhere …disappointed he left for meeting …
@xyz orphanage :::
It was a beautiful place with a big house a garden and some lovely surroundings twinkle tip toes inside and went towards a lady who was in her mid fiftees she went behind her and blindfolded her …

Tw..Inkle …meri bachi Tu aagain the lady and twinkle took her hands back disappointed and lady smiled at her caressed her face …

How do you get to know it’s my only aani ???? Twinkle asked …

(The lady was twinkle caretaker Naina whom she calls aani ..Naina was Leela friend too after lert death she took twinkle with her to Jaipur …soo twinkle had spent her life in Jaipur itself she was more than a daughter to Naina…)

Coz you are my baby na meri bachi she said pecking Twinkle forehead kitni Der laga di meri bachi wapas aane mein ..tujhe aani ki yaad nai aayi haan she said …

Aayi na tabhi to aapse milne aagayi twinkle said and hugged her …soon few girls and boys too ..came out and twinkle hugged them too ..I missed u all so much..she said getting tears in her eyes seeing all of them after 3 years …twinkle talked to Naina for sometime …

Mera room ??? Abhi bhi hai ya nai ?? Twinkle asked and Naina smiled jaa khud dekhle ek ek cheez jaise ki waisi Rakhi hai she smiled twinkle kissed her cheek and ran to her room ….

Finally I am here she said and jumped on her bed …soo peaceful…love you aani you hadn’t given my room to anyone I love my privacy she said and smiled as she looks at her teddy ..ohh my baby u are still here she hugged him tightly …Naina looks at her from the doorstep ..I wish this smile never fades away …
On the other side ::::
Kunj was done with the meeting and was waiting for their answer …when he went towards the balcony…he smiles …seeing the orphanage it was somewhat far from the hotel he came …

Fb shows …
Mehendi and some others rituals happen twinj was getting closer to each other with the each passing seconds …twinkle was standing infront to the table fan to dry of her mehendi kunj was smiling seeing her …

So finally my buddy has fallen in love ayaan said and kunj looked at him he was sitting beside kunj …

Hmm ..yep kunj said and ayaan shouted whattttttt ??? Are you serious ..woah man ..u have a great choice he ended…
Thanks ..kunj smiled ..since when you know twinkle..he aksed …ayaan …

Since childhood kunj …you know na I am an orphan too ..I used to stay in orphanage ..that’s when twinkle was 5 years old ..she came there she was soo cute that time her parents died in car accident and Naina aunty brought her here she used to stay calm only in the beginning but after some days she got mixed up in all of us that’s when I used to call her my sister …soon we all grown up playing with each other with lost of masti ….but you know one thing kunj she is not like what she seems he said as looked at twinkle ..

What do you mean ??? Kunj asked ..
I mean like she stays carefree loveble and emotionless girl infront of everyone but she had a hidden girl behind who wants love …who wants someone to care for her love her …she is so Good kunj a beautiful soul who helps everyone takes cares of them without even thinking for her ..plzz promise me kunj you will never hurt her …ayaan ended getting teard eye ..kunj was in same condition …after listening his lady love past …

I promise kunj said …and Ayan hugged him …then kunj decided to propose twinkle …he did all the arrangements and called twinkle near the lake ..(same lake in 1 shot kunj thinked about twinkle ) …
She was not getting why he called her there away from palace wedding is next day only she decided to go and check it was all dark …there just the cool surroundings …silence filled atmosphere she looked here n there for kunj when found him …ohh you are here …why u called me here ??? She was asking repeated questions …kunj keeps his finger on her lips …shhh how much you will talk …come with me he said and she held his hand and he smiled .and took her to shack ….they both sat on the edge of it ..water was down …

Now tell me she said ..when kunj turned and held her hand …I don’t you what to say …but ..Woh..calm kunj calm ….I am in love with you …I wanna be with you at every phase of life …no matter what I would be …will u be my life ? For the rest of life ..he asked …closing his eyes ..when she felt weight on his body he found twinkle hugging him tightly and cryng …he caressed her hair …
I love you too kunj ..she whispered slowly he broke the hug and smiled at her pecked her forehead …she was still crying …

Shh no more tears twinkle it’s time to be happy always I will love you till my last breathe no one can replace you from my heart that’s my promise …kunj said twinkle smiled …and looked at them ..then continued …THE REASON I BREATHE IS YOU ?? …

I never thought I’ll get someone who will love me deeply ?madly? unconditionally? ..but after getting you I feel so special to have this life …??
You are my everything? now I promise ..I’ll do anything for you ?…for your happiness..because ..The reason I breathe is YOU ??…
just love me ??the way I do …and I’ll never let you regret ?about having me in your life ..because The reason I breathe is YOU….
And this is my promise to you ..that I’ll always love you …till the rest breathe of mine till my soul decides to leave my body ..till this heart stops beating … because The reason I breathe is YOU ?????….

..kunj was hell shocked to listen to her poetry he feels so special he hugged her tightly to express his happiness …

Hah finally done …
Bye ✋…..
Do comment soon gonna end this ss few more left ???…

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