The reason I breathe is YOU ~3

Shot 3 ::::
Everyone sat down to have breakfast all the while yuvi was staring at twinkle while kunj was seeing him burning in jealousy …twinkle sees kunj and wondered what happen to him soon they all had their breakfast…

(wedding was after a week and still wedding rituals had not started …they all had been came before to enjoy with each other …leaving their hectic schedules behind …)

Twinkle was going towards the pool side when her leg slipped due to watery floor she lost her balance and was going to fall when kunj sees her before he could reach her she was already in yuvi arms he was holding her waist ..and was admiring twinkle …kunj closes his fist tightly …seeing them …yuvi made twinkle stand …

Thank u soo much twinkle said ..
My pleasure miss beautiful yuvi said and twinkle laughed ….seeing him flirting with her …

Well I am yuvi Yuvraj luthra ahana childhood buddy yuvi said …and smiled ..
Ohh I am twinkle …twinkle taneja she said and they shake hands …

So will u be my friend twinkle ? Yuvi asked forwarding his hand while twinkle looks on …

Kunj sees them and thinks huh she will never accept a stranger as friend without even knowing him he said but got shocked when twinkle shakes hands with yuvi …

Yeah Friends ..she said and both smiled ..while kunj was shell shocked …
When did she changed so much ???? …

After sometime twinkle n ahana went for shopping as Twinkle wants to gift her what she wants …they sees everything still ahana didnt liked anything there …
Offo ahana kuch to pasand karle meri maa …twinkle said as she was badly irrated from past 4 hours they are roaming …

Hah twinkle there is nothing good ..chal let’s go back to palace I am tired now she said …

But what about your gift ?? Twinkle aksed ..glaring at her ??

Arey yar it’s still 8 days for wedding I’ll ask you when I want she said while twinkle said ok and both left for palace …

They reached got freshen up and came down where all the youngsters are present with a bonfire in middle and they all sat making a round….

twinkle got mingled up with almost everyone there …even she didn’t knew anyone except kunj and ahana …she had friendship with rohan and Karan too they all were standing having fun …laughing together when kunj came too …and ahana entangled her arms with his taking him near the bonfire …they settled down …ahana twinkle chinki (kunj friend) yuvi Rohan Karan kunj and others …twinj was opposite to each other …

So what we should play ??? …yuvi said ..
Passing the parcel plzz ahana said cutely and all nodded okay then …we will play kunj said ..and here they goes …

The song started and they were passing the pillow ….when it stopped on Rohan first ….

So ? What I have to do ?? He asked ..while all shouted …dance with your crush he said and Rohan looked at chinki and asked her hand all hooted for them twinkle smiled while kunj was staring at her lovingly she didn’t looked at him…was avoiding him all the while …

Soon the game proceeds and it came on many people Karan bubbly …then it came on twinkle …she smiled sheepishly …

So so now twinkle’s turn ahana said ..

Haan tell me what I have to do ??? Twinkle asked …while ahana and yuvi looks on thinking what should they give twinkle …

Poetry twinkle said ahana and twinkle nodded in no …

Plzz plzz twinklee plzz you have to do she said finally twinkle eyes turned glassy when she started saying …

I wish I could go back in my life and change the things which has become posion for me ???
(Kunj looks at twinkle she was continuously gazing the fire as to avoid everyone else ….)

The expectations the failures the lessons the teachings I got …I WISH I COULD CHANGE THEM ???
Now there is no way except those sleepless nights? those deep thinkings about the things which is never gonna happen …I WISH I COULD CHANGE THEM…
How i should stop my heart ??? How do I control myself …after getting again n again hurt but still I expects and gets disappointment and pain in return? I WISH I COULD CHANGE THEM….
?winkle ended while all the others were shell shocked seeing her …the most shocked person was kunj as he can understand the pain she is going through his eyes turned glassy too …twinj looks at each other with painful eye lock…

Ahana knew about twinkle past but she didn’t knew who the guy was …she knew her bestie painful condition ..she saw everyone shocked face ..then decided to change the topic ..

Uffo twinkle itni ache se kaha tune wah ???she said while twinkle smiled ..

Let’s continue yuvi said while all nodded then it came on ahana …

Romance kunj Karan said while ahana looked at kunj …while he gave her hand … trembling …and stand up …

She holds his hand and continued thanks for being there in my life kunj …thank you so much for supporting each n everytime and mostly after Papa’s death no boy could be like you are the best I know this is not romance but I just wanted to thank you since long she said ..while kunj smiled all cheers twinkle too smiled …they all sat back …
then next turn was of yuvi …he did shayari making everyone laugh….his shayari was …
Maine kaha dilruba usne Kaha paise dikha ..
Maine kaha paise Nahi usne Kaha kaise Nahi …
Maine kaha mehangayi hai usne Kaha jaa Tu Mera Bhai hai yuvi ended with a fake cry …all laughed …
(Taken from Google Baba ???)
next turn ..was of Kunj …
To finally dulhe raja ki baari aagayi Rohan and Karan said while all smirks …

Now tell me what I have to do …he said and knew that something big was coming up …

Share the best thing of your life yuvi said ..while kunj looked at twinkle and said …THE BEST THING IN MY LIFE WAS WHEN I MET HER ..he said and went into flashback ….

3 years before ???
Same palace was shown with the same hustle bustle it was the haldi ritual of the couple ayaan and Meera …the whole palace was decorated and the function started …kunj was outside the palace with his luggage …

Ohh shit I am late I hope ki function started na hua ho he said and ran inside ..kept his luggage in one room there and went where the function was held …Ayan and Meera was already bathed in the haldi …kunj was moving towards them when twinkle threw haldi powder at kunj …he rubbed his face and looked at the beauty infront of him ..was totally lost in her …she laughed seeing his face ..while he moved towards her ..
Ohh hello miss ? Why u throw haldi on my face …kunj said looking at her laughing badly …

So what ??? Mr sadu’s haldi function today ? and there is no enjoyment without playing with it she said …bura na maano haldi hai she said ..and was going from there when kunj caught a wrist of her …and looked at her while she struggles to come out of his grip ..

Ohh miss beauty u are so cute he said and lifted Twinkle threw her in the pool which was already yellow due to haldi present in it …twinkle was shocked …

Bura na maano haldi hai he winked at twinkle while she was shocked them smirked she pulled his leg he lost his balance and fall in the pool too …

‌Same to you twinkle said and both looks at each other with tashan ….
Screen freezes …
Precap : continuation of past …
So how was the shot ??? …
Twinj first meet …??????
Don’t bash me for twiraj aur kuhana scenes ????….as it is needed for story …
How was the poetry ? I wrote it ? I WISH I COULD CHANGE THEM …tried something new ???
Note : twinkle is an orphan she lost her parents when she was 5 years old ..
Ahana lost her mother in her childhood and lost her father recently …
Bye ??????????

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