my dear friends this is my first one shot it is about mad one sided love which can be ……………..[read below]

a girl was doodling something on her notebook suddenly a man jerked her and yelled on her swara gadodia for this you come is really pathetic that instead of listening to me you are scribbling.your parents hard money has made you stand here in this coaching centre and you are wasting it i am really feeling pity for them

swara[innocently] : sorry sir i will not repeat this sir but please forgive me

teacher : btw what were you drawing show me [snatching the nb] what is this heart and all and what does this l means

swara[stammering] ; s… si…r l means lo…ve and hea….rt is hum…an heart

teacher : you are unbelievable

everybody stared her laughed on her she was hell embraced but smile of one face made her feel delighted
swara in her heart : l stands for you laksh maheshwari and it will stand for you only and you are only mine

at this time swara was in 9th standard and was mad about him from the moment she saw him .they were friends from childhood and swara was mad about him. she pressurised her parents to make her in same tuitions were laksh went. laksh just liked her as a friend but her feelings were above explanation .laksh just used her for his purposes but one person was their who really cared about her whom she never noticed .he was sanskar laksh’s elder step brother .laksh hated him but he hated most was coming second .in his whole life only one person ranked above him in a quiz that was our swara but for this he ignored her for one whole day which was like living in hell for her .from that day though a genius swara never dared to compete with him he was a ultimate winner as swara even not let anyone compete with her by hook or crook .she was his armour but he used as a tissue .swara was highly pampered daughter of gadodia’s she was life of her elder brother sameer and younger sister ragini
no one dared to even annoy swara but laksh was used to the ways hurt her but she always forgave him without his any apology and her feelings never mattered to him

years passed swara remained similar a polite and cute girl and laksh t became more arrogant total spoilt brat and big casanova but swara’s love for him never changed and finally on their graduation day swara proposed him in a grand style and he accepted but his reasons were diplomatic
1 swara was beautiful and belonged to a rich family a
2 swara was highly educated and career oriented
3 he could easily dominate her

swara’s family knew what laksh meant for her so they happily agreed moreover maheshwaries were their family friends

but before their engagement the things changed laksh in drunk state demanded division of maheshwari group which made his father furious and he shouted on him after which he bad mouthed sanskar and his mother and sanskar slapped him after which he left his home without even bothering about what he goona do in future without his surname as he had never earned a penny of his own

but swara even after this did not left him instead she said to manage with whatever laksh could give to her .they married without laksh’s families presence which did not effected them a bit as what swara wanted was laksh and what laksh wanted was his old lifestyle .laksh being a highly educated genius easily got a job and swara was already working and .laksh was alotted a nice flat by his company their salary was enough for their stability. swara was happy but laksh wanted his royal life back so he blackmailed sameer to make him the owner of his well established business group .sameer was hell shocked by his demand so he insulted him a bit though sameer wanted to kill him but he was his sister’s life so he controlled himself

after which laksh confronted swara actually manhandled her and then dropped her at gadodia mansions doorstep in a devastated state which made sameer hold laksh’s collar to confront him and her father was about to file a police complain but still she sided laksh and stopped her brother and warned to break all links with him and her family if they did anything to laksh and even held laksh’s feet and begged him not to leave her and after this in front of her family laksh just dragged her in his car and they left leaving a deep impact in gadodia’s mind and laksh won again and got sameer’s business because of swar’s madness for him .laksh never changed he always treated swara as his slave but swara always beared him he occasionally insulted her .after a year of their marriage swara became pregnant and bearing her laksh’s baby after this news maheshwari’s approached them and laksh again for a mean motive rejoined his family actually by emotional blackmailing he made his child owner of whole maheshwari group

he thought everything will go smoothly but his behaviour towards swara irked sanskar a lot he couldn’t bear the insult of a lady even in such a crucial state .soon his love for swara enriched but swara’s mad love for laksh ans laksh’s ignorance made him feel death every second .but that day changed everything it was swara’s birthday there was a grand party for this occasion but on this day laksh gifted her divorce papers he was having affair with a model named kavya . swara was thunderstruck she begged him her father offered him their everything even sanskar also begged to him but he was adamant .then swara just asked him is this what he wants and she signed that papers and just ran towards her room and locked it and laksh instead of following him sat in his car .sanskar and sameer broke the door and they swara in pool of blood yes she tried to commit suicide .next moment they rushed her to hospital they tried to inform laksh but he did not responded .

though doctors saved her but warned them to take care of her and her child and months passed swara became silent though sanskar took every care of her but she was just living for their child . on one day a news came which again devastated swara . swara was in hospital for her routine checkup then she got to know laksh was cheated by kavya and he was drinking and driving because of which he was in icu .suddenly swara felt unbearable pain .her child was coming in this world she was rushed to operation theatre and she delivered a boy but laksh was still in icu .swara opened eyes after an hour and just her mother about laksh ‘her mother gave a stern look and said forget him and care about your child then she gave swara her boy

swara’s mom : me and our dad ahas decided to keep that beast laksh away from you and we want you to marry laksh and your son needs a father and you to need a life partner to live with
and she left and two hours news of lakshs death came and they headed towards swara but what what they found was a sucide not with a lifeless body .swara with the knife cut her vein and suicide note bore

” sorry mom i can’t love anyone except my laksh he was my everything and sanskar i am guilty for hurting you but i can’t
destroy your life . sanskar if you ever loved me marry ragini she had always loved you but suppressed her feelings for my sake and ragini i give our son to you and plz name our son swalaksh he is swara and laksh’s ansh[part] and plz take care of him

sanskar and ragini did same and moved on but this was not what we call happy ending and neither swalak nor ragsan could achieve true love

love is most pure feeling but madness destroys it and it leads to destruction

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  1. Your story is heart touching

  2. It is really nice and very emotional one …swara love was true but laksh is not that lucky that he wasted his life by not respecting swara ………really a good job …kushagra

  3. AWESOME YAAR ……superbbbb……..the last line …’s damn good

  4. Awsm.. really heart touching

  5. Soory friends in dialogue of swara´s mom there is laksh written by mistake after marry actually it was marry sanskar
    Really sorry and thanx for reading

  6. I loved it…its mind blowing,outstanding and really heart touching……every story doesn’t get a happy ending…..i loved the last line….awesome…:) 🙂 🙂

  7. Heart thouching story yar…..

  8. Heart touching love story ? ❤

  9. Yes. Tha’s it. U were superb dear. Lovely story n thnks a lot fr d message

  10. How u all write such a great things yard it was awsome yar loved it a lot

  11. It was awesome, outstanding, mind blowing and heart touching story . loved it di.

  12. really heart touching

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  14. Superb 🙂

  15. I am felling nostalgic awesome

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