hi friends it’s kushagra hope you all enjoy this ff .plz do comment .it’s a story of selfless love beyond imagination

let’s start

he was charming bright star of the sky
i was a jerk on whom he wished to rely
he gave me his heart too delicate to keep
but i was never that much gentle and meek
because of me he broke very harshly
yes i handled him and his love worstly
i tried to claim him still he loved me
his selfless is what most hurts me
that why today i am ending my mistakes and myself
so that he could give another chance to himself

i deeply loved you laksh
but i never deserved you
plz i was never yours

these words echoed in the ears handsome boy standing on road drenched in rain with lot of policemen ,guards lot of cars and ambulance which taking away the body of his soulmate ,his wife his love his life who was now lying lifeless and these words were read i aloud by one of the constable who told that that piece of paper was his love’s suicide note and these were her last words she wanted to say to him .these words made him numb he was lost in his own world when some media persons breaking the security came inside that area

reporter one[he turned the camera towards the car harshly crashed with a tree ] ; people like you all can see this is the spot yes this the spot were famous singer and actress ragini maheshwari and wife of one the richest business tycoon and owner of raglak enterpries the laksh maheshwari committed suicide by crashing her car .it is a shocking news as just a day ago one of the board member of raglak enterpries alleged her of selling confidential files to a rival company because of which mr maheswari had kicked that man out of his company .but this suicide is clearly showing that mrs ragini maheshwari was the culprit that’s why she ended her life .she actually betrayed her husband

laksh couldn’t bear it anymore and he yelled in top of his voice just shut your mouths and after this his vision got blurred and he fainted and went in his world of her’s yes of her’s as she was his everything .she was his reason to succeed to achieve even to breathe in this world

he remembered their first meet .she diva of the collage was ragging some random freshers then suddenly a boy with specs on nose and books in hands bumped her .that boy was none other than him and from that day she became his angel for whom he could do anything .she in front of the whole campus slapped him yes him the topper of the entire batch and son of the head trustee of the collage .everybody laughed at him but he just looked back on the angelic face which have makeup of arrogance and those mesmerising eyes which have thirst of power and fame and muttered a sorry without any mistake .yes this was his selfless eternal love

he used dream everyday about her for him she was ultimate goddess ,he used worship her .he was ready to anything for for her but one used to irk him his used to ask “is she really mine “.yes his heart used to answer as ‘” i love her more than anything ” .she used to take his notes ,make him do her assignments ,he without any shame carried her sandals when she broke it while dancing during collage party.
slave , sycophant insane and mad lover ,many names people gave to him .but he was just her worshiper and she was his angel

days went and one fine day he proposed her with diamond ring and she accepted but was it him or the diamond or his elite family background or love no no she could never love him ..

suddenly laksh’s brain got jerked due to memory of his grand proposal and he opened his eyes and realized he was on hospital bed .he smiled and closed his eyes and went back to his world of hers .he remembered how ragini used to demand lot of things and he used to fulfil them without any hesitation .people said she was using him but he never gave any heed to them ,he was always ready to bear any pain given by her that’s why he even forgot her betrayal .yes ragini during last year of their collage left him for dating a actors son named sahil and came into the lime light .but her career flopped with her first .she broke and her so called sahil left her breaking her

seeing her that condition laksh came to her yes he came to her and apologised of not being that much capable of fulfilling her wish .he didn’t even asked one question from her nor wished her to apologise to him .he accepted her with all her flaws .he made himself such a big name that he could make her get the limelight

for lasksh it was always ragini who was doing a favour my being with him .he was nothing in front of her .they got married and laksh became a rich tycoon and ragini got whatever she wanted but still she couldn’t love him

their life was still going smoothly as atleast ragini was with laksh and he thought his love will be enough for both until last month a business man aryan harshal entered their lives [played by ashwini kaul once a supporting actor or villian in sadda haq 2.he is the character i loath the most ]

he was cunning businessman who was a good hacker also .he with his sweet talks impressed ragini .she became his obsession and he attracted her and made her believe that he loves her more than anything .ragini fell for him and they even intimated as he lusted ragini and ragini for him backstabed laksh by giving important files to aryan .but that jerk used her left her .

the media got news of transfer of files becaause of which ragini was completely broken and confessed her crimes to laksh a in the moring and expected laksh to slap her or abuse her but instead laksh forgave her and insulted those who alleged her .this selflessness of laksh made finally her fall in love with him but she knew she can’t be so selfish and she left him forever and ever

laksh was just enjoying being lost in her world when he heard someone .this was a honey coated voice of his angel

ragini : laksh i am sorry and now plz wake up

laksk opened his eyes and saw ragini their and he was happy beyond imagination

laksh : you here

ragini ; yes i have came here to take you with me .i know that your mind used to ask that ‘” is she really mine or not ” .now

laksh : yes now

ragini : now i am taking you with me forever so that we could be one not in this world but in another world

laksh’s heart last time beat and “said she is really mine “and his soul left this hypocrite world as what will he do being in this world when his reason to breath was not their

newspapers and news channels were filled with news of sudden death of the laksh maheshwari and controversial suicide of ragini
but no one payed heed to publish the eternal love .some called laksh stupid to love ragini so much and some badmouthed ragini ,selfless love of laksh was ignored as they all were in search of breaking news not a unbelievable love story and a insane lover who worshiped his love

his love never asked for anything
but his love made her his everything

the end

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  1. Very heart touching

  2. emotional one, please write more on raglak

  3. Sindhura

    Awesome i am searching words to appreciate you

  4. Isabel

    Amazing and different, loved it

  5. Amazing so different it’s just superb

  6. It made me cry so much.I feel like questioning myself is that selfless love still exist in this world.If it exists those are the lucky one who will get it.I Wish everybody do get that selfless love but the other Person needs to understand that love.God must be crazy he will give that love to one who doesn’t deserve that Love

  7. Nami

    No words to express. Haats off. Loved it


    Thanks to all for reading this and I may admit I myself was feeling like crying while writing it

  9. Nita D

    Wow…..awesome……n soo emotional…… Heart touching…..i just loved it….

  10. Crazydreamer

    Such a bful story… No words to describe the pain n happiness this story gave…. Heart touching story of tru love…. Luved it ❤️❤️

  11. It was awsm. Made me engrossed in it for hours. Why always ur heroines are so attudios, selfish somewhere and naive too.

    1. But that is truth. We all are selfish. Sometime for us,sometime for other but we are.


      No even my heroes are like this I hate girls portrayed as sidhi sadhi and decent in indian shows .to be honest I am myself bit arrogant and mean , highly competitive so as r my heroines even I want girls to be headstrong and dominating to make their own way in this so called males world .one more thing this one shot was sequel of my first one shot “ IS HE REALLY MINE” which had a very sad ending .in that I showed a girls plight so in this I did vice versa and thanks for the comment

      1. Yup this truth. But there is very few girls who are like this . I m one like you but l don’t want to lose simplicity too for that.
        I read that one too …..swalak wala…..but l didn’t couldn’t comment as l didn’t have my id that time.

  12. So sad to read this is ff.really heart touching.

  13. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Thanks for this OS

  14. Heart touching one

  15. Akshata

    wow!! outstanding…….. you made me cry. really heart touching os. yes i want to confess that i also dont like Aryan. but coming to ur os, really amazing.

  16. Outstanding dear and loved it


  18. Heart touching story… awesome

  19. Hey dear i read ur ff it was amazing i have been reading ur ff Just because of u too n i think ur jusg gr8 plz do write sum such thing fr SHQ


      For sure I will write like this for sandhir also and thanks for comment

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